Best Weekend Getaways From Singapore

Nothing beats those weekend getaways from Singapore, away from all the hustle and bustle!

There are so many benefits to reap from even a short trip!

Spending time to be present with loved ones, seeing something new or relaxing your mind after a grueling week of work!

So where should you go?

Thankfully, there are many places to explore close to Singapore which do not require a flight!

Beaches and islands top this list as they’re just what you need for some relaxation!

15 Best Weekend Getaways From Singapore

1. Tioman Island Malaysia

Despite the relatively long travel time, Tioman Island remains a popular holiday destination for many Singaporeans.

Bagus Place Retreat at Mukut, Tioman Island

Photo credits to

Its developed infrastructure makes it easy to tour see the diverse scenery around the island! And, there’s that duty-free appeal too!

Things To Do In Tioman Island:

  • Lounge on the beaches (there are many)
  • Do some jungle trekking and see some waterfalls
  • Swim, snorkel or dive! There are multiple dive centres!
  • Visit the Marine Park Centre
  • Play beach volleyball
  • Check out the Juara Turtle Sanctuary
  • Go surfing (during monsoon season – November to February)
  • Visit the local villages
  • See the Twin Dragon Peaks
Kayaking at Tioman Island with Dragon Horns

Kayaking at Tioman Island with Dragon Horns – Photo credits to

Best Time To Visit Tioman Island: May to September

How To Get To Tioman Island:

  1. Take a bus, private car service (recommend SGMYTAXI) or drive to either Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty.
  2. Board the ~2 hour ferry to Tioman Island

Cataferry is a Double-hull Catamaran

Traveling Time To Tioman Island: ~6-7 hours

Top Selling Tioman Island Packages:

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2. Rawa Island Malaysia

Rawa Island comes across as an islet rather than an island and with most of the island covered in rocky cliffs, the gorgeous white sand beach has only room for two resorts!

Jetty And Resorts At Rawa Island

Which is great if you’re seeking to experience true island bliss on a remote island!

Things To Do In Rawa Island:

  • Definitely have a go on the Rawa Island slides!
  • Sip a special island cocktail when the sun goes down
  • Learn how to dive from the PADI certified dive center on the island
  • Go snorkeling right off the beach
  • Lounge in a hammock by the beach
  • Join in a game of beach volleyball
  • Take a hike up to the top of a hill with panoramic views
The Panoramic Views of Rawa Island

Hilltop Walk of Rawa Island – Panoramic views of neighboring islands – Photo credits to Tony Saw

Best Time To Visit Rawa Island: March to September

How To Get To Rawa Island:

  1. Go to Mersing Jetty via bus, self-drive or private car service (recommend SGMYTAXI).
  2. Take a speedboat charter to your resort on Rawa Island (30 minutes)
Speedboat to Rawa Island

Photo credits to phalinn

Traveling Time To Rawa Island: ~4-5 hours

Top Selling Rawa Island Packages:

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3. Sibu Island Malaysia

Sibu Island is another great option if you want to get as far away from civilization as possible!

There are no roads here, just the lovely beaches and the inviting blue water!

Sibu Island At Mersing, Johor

What sets Sibu Island apart are the sea grasses that grow in the waters here.

These attract the elusive marine mammals called dugongs and if you’re really lucky, you may spot one!

Things To Do Sibu Island:

  • Many water-based activities (e.g. snorkeling, diving, canoeing, windsurfing, etc)
  • Hike a jungle trail
  • Take a boat out to the dugong conservation area
  • Island hop to Mentinggi Island
  • Visit a kelong (e.g offshore fishing)
  • Explore the beaches (e.g. Twin beach)

Snorkeling At Sibu Island

Best Time To Visit To Sibu Island: April to September

How To Get To Sibu Island From Singapore:

  1. Arrange transport (e.g. bus, private car, drive) to Tanjung Leman Jetty
  2. Take a 20-minute boat ride from Tanjung Leman Jetty to Sibu Island

Boat Ride to Sibu Island

Traveling Time To Sibu Island: ~2 hours 20 minutes

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4. Tengah Island Malaysia

Pulau Tengah (or Tengah Island) has enough diving sites to rival those of Tioman Island.

As well as snorkeling opportunities for all levels, including children!

Tengah Island At Johor, Malaysia

The luxury resort, Batu Batu will make for a memorable stay! You can jump off the resort’s pier and go snorkeling too! In October, the staff will take you to see turtles nesting!

Things To Do In Tengah Island:

  • Island hop
  • Go scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming
  • Take a canoe or kayak out onto the water
  • Do a jungle trek
  • See rare plants and wildlife (e.g. Blacktip reef sharks, Pacific bottlenose dolphins, and maybe spot a manatee!)
  • Visit the turtle sanctuary – Hawksbill turtles, green turtles and giant leatherback turtles nest here!
  • Take a PADI dive course
  • Join a game of beach volleyball
  • Enjoy a spa session (at Batu Batu resort)
Hawksbill Baby Turtles At Tengah Island

Hawksbill Baby Turtles At Tengah Island (Photo credits:

Best Time To Visit Tengah Island: April to September

Note: October is the best time to see turtles lay eggs on the beach!

How To Get To Tengah Island From Singapore:

  1. Go to Mersing Jetty either by bus, driving or a private car service (recommend SGMYTAXI)
  2. 30-minute boat ride to Tengah Island

Traveling Time To Tengah Island: ~3 hours 30 minutes

5. Dayang Island Malaysia

Along with Aur Island, Dayang Island attracts diving enthusiasts for the amazingly clear water!

The water is said to be clearer because the islands are further away from the coast.

Dayang Island At Johor, Malaysia

Dayang Island At Johor (Photo credits:

With that remoteness, means there are only back-to-basics accommodation and definitely no internet or TV! Which is absolutely fine on such a magnificent island!

Things To Do In Dayang Island:

  • Star gazing
  • Island hop
  • Rock diving/ snorkeling
  • Hike and rock climb up to the peak of Letak Semalu
  • Fishing for Black Marlin
Snorkeling At Dayang Island

Snorkeling At Dayang Island (Photo credits:

Best Time To Visit Dayang Island: April – October

How To Get To Dayang Island From Singapore:

  1. First, get to Mersing Jetty via bus or car
  2. Stay overnight at Mersing if you can
  3. Resort will provide transport from Mersing Jetty (the boat trip takes 5 hours!)

Traveling Time To Dayang Island: ~8 hours

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6. Aur Island Malaysia

Aur Island’s exposure to winds from the South China Sea results in a narrow window to visit the attractive island.

But during that window, you can take advantage of the 20-over diving spots!

Aur Island, Malaysia

There are two fairly simple resorts on the island – Sebukang Bay Resort or Bluewater Holidays Resort. The latter offers 3D2N package that includes snorkeling and island hopping!

Things To Do In Aur Island:

  • Snorkeling and diving are the main activities here (with visibility up to 25m!)
  • Angling
  • Island hop
  • Trekking
  • In durian season, visit a durian orchard (Sebukang Bay Resort)
  • Visit the local village (Kampung Teluk Berhala)
Batu Berhala, Aur Island

Batu Berhala, Aur Island (Photo credits:madzliyana)

Best Time To Visit Aur Island: April – June

How To Get To Aur Island From Singapore:

  1. Leave for Mersing Jetty via bus, private car service (recommened SGMYTAXI) or by driving there
  2. Take the 3-hour ferry from Mersing Jetty to Aur Island

 Traveling Time To Aur Island: ~6 hours

7. Tinggi Island Malaysia

Tinggi means “Peak” in Malay and it’s obvious why the island has the name it does.

You can see the unusual volcano-esque shape of this island from Sibu island!

Tinggi Island, Malaysia

Fun fact: It was an active volcano (Mount Semudu) many many years ago

Besides this, the island has 10 waterfalls and super soft white sand! There are mangrove swamps on this island too!

Things To Do In Tinggi Island:

  • Go on a snorkeling trip to Mentigi Island
  • Hike through the jungle to a waterfall
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Group kayaking
  • Scuba diving
  • Hike up Mount Semudu (3 hours)
  • Visit the turtle hatchery
  • See fireflies

Snorkeling Trip To Mentigi Island

Best Time To Visit Tinggi Island: April to September

How To Get To Tinggi Island From Singapore:

  1. The most convenient way is to take a private car service (recommend SGMYTAXI) all the way to Tanjung Leman Jetty. Because buses do not stop at this jetty!
  2. Next, take your resort’s speedboat transfer to the island. The ride takes ~45 minutes.

Traveling Time To Tinggi Island: ~3 hours

8. Cempedak Private Island Indonesia

Some folks will appreciate the kid-free atmosphere on this heavenly island on the east coast of Indonesia’s Bintan Island.

Cempedak Private Island, Indonesia

Cempedak Private Island, Indonesia (Photo credits:

The sole luxury resort here provides private sea front villas and excellent food!

And unlike the other islands, this resort is open all year round!

Things To Do In Cempedak Private Island:

  • Swim in the sea or your own personal pool
  • Try the resort spa
  • Mountain biking
  • Island hop
  • Watch the sunset
  • Sail, snorkel, windsurf
  • Canoe or try stand-up paddle boarding

View From The Pool At Cempedak Private Island

Best Time To Visit Cempedak Private Island: March to November

How To Get To Cempedak Private Island From Singapore:

  1. Take a taxi or bus to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
  2. Board a 1-hour ferry to Bintan Ferry Terminal
  3. Take another taxi to another jetty (1 hour drive)
  4. Resort will provide transport (via speedboat) to Cempedak Island (30 minutes)

Traveling Time To Cempedak Private Island: ~3 hours

9. Joyo Island Indonesia

Want an entire island to yourself? You can actually book Joyo Island if you have more than 10 adults in your group!

Joyo Island is north of Indonesia in the Natuna Sea.

Joyo Island, Indonesia

Though tiny, this luxury resort island will have you feeling like an island castaway and we mean that in the best way possible!

There are only 7 villas in total here!

Things To Do In Joyo Island:

  • Admire the scenery (both natural and manmade)
  • Relax at the spa
  • Play sports on land (football, table tennis, badminton, and beach volleyball)
  • Try your hand at Indonesian-style fishing
  • Swim in the ocean or the fabulous resort pool
  • Star gaze
  • Snorkel
  • Kayak or take a stand-up paddle board
  • Have a bonfire night
Star Gazing At Joyo Island

Star Gazing At Joyo Island (Photo credits:

Best Time To Visit Joyo Island: March to November

Note: Waters are a little choppy closer to the monsoon months!

How To Get To Joyo Island From Singapore:

  1. Board a taxi or bus to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
  2. And take a ferry to Tanjung Pinang (90 minutes)
  3. Next, hop on a bus to the jetty for Joho Island (45 minutes)
  4. Charter a speedboat to Joho Island (20 minutes)

Traveling Time To Joyo Island: ~3 hours

10. Telunas Private Island Indonesia

Somewhere among Indonesia’s beautiful Riau islands is Telunas Private Island. This island is approximately 50km from Singapore!

Telunas Private Island, Indonesia

Telunas Private Island, Indonesia (Photo credits:

Here, there are two resorts you can stay at – Telunas Resorts or the newer Telunas Private Island villas.

The latter has 15 off-shore villas for absolute luxury!

Things To Do In Telunas Private Island:

  • Jump from a 10m tower into the ocean
  • Laze on the beach
  • Go to a bonfire party
  • Get a massage
  • Learn how to prepare a local dish
  • Stand-up paddle board or kayak
  • Jungle-hike
  • See the Black Pool waterfall
  • Have a traditional Malay lunch in a village
Kayaking At Telunas Private Island

Kayaking At Telunas Private Island (Photo credits:

Best Time To Visit Telunas Private Island: November to April

How To Get To Telunas Private Island From Singapore:

  1. 1-hour ferry from Singapore Harbourfront Ferry Terminal to Sekupang Ferry Terminal in Batam
  2. Another boat ride (70-90 minutes) to the island

Traveling Time To Telunas Private Island: ~2 hours

11. Desaru Malaysia

Desaru sits on the south-east coast of Johor.

There’s a lot to include into your Desaru itinerary that you cannot do in a city like Singapore! Like seeing fireflies or visiting an ostrich farm!

And let’s not forget about the bountiful and affordable seafood opportunities to be found all over Desaru! Or the new Desaru water park!

Roller Coaster At Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast

Things To Do In Desaru:

  • Play golf at The Els Club Desaru Coast
  • Visit a rural fishing village (Tanjung Balau)
  • Pick and taste various fruits at Desaru Fruit Farm
  • Try out some unusual water sports with Dash Outdoors
  • See crocodiles up close at Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm
  • Stay at a seaside luxury hotel – There’s a Hard Rock hotel here!
Desaru Fruit Farm

Desaru Fruit Farm (Photo credits:

Recommended Itinerary:

Option 1: Ostrich Farm > Desaru Fruit Farm (and lunch) > Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast> Desaru coast (Seafood Dinner)

Option 2:  Desaru Fruit Farm> Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm > Teluk Sengat (lunch) > Kota Tinggi Waterfall > Kota Tinggi (Dinner) > Kota Tinggi Firefly Park

Desaru Ostrich Farm

How To Get To Desaru From Singapore:

There are few ways to get to Desaru from Singapore, including taking a ferry!

  1. 1-hour ferry to Tanjung Belungkor from Changi Ferry Terminal
  2. Bus
  3. Private car service (recommend SGMYTAXI)
  4. Self-drive

Traveling Time To Desaru: ~2 hours

12. Legoland Malaysia

Kids and Lego enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy themselves at Legoland Malaysia (and the neighboring water park)!

Legoland, Malaysia

Legoland, Malaysia (Photo credits:

There are marvellous giant and mini Lego constructions and a myriad of rides to try!

Do check out their latest attraction, Sea Life while you are there!

Things To Do In Legoland:

  • Stay at the Ninjago themed hotel
  • See a 4D show (more than 1 here!)
  • Try their virtual reality roller coaster
  • Build your own race car
  • Geek out at the Star Wars miniland
  • Ride the Technic Twister (super fast spinning cups)
  • Have a go at all the water slides at the water park
  • Learn about marine life through their interactive displays and aquariums at Sea Life

Legoland Water Park

How To Get To Legoland Malaysia From Singapore:

Keep the journey simple, quick and convenient via a private car service (recommmend SGMYTAXI) that can pick you up from your doorstep in Singapore.

Other modes of transport:

  1. Public bus
  2. Coach
  3. Self-drive

Note: The bus is the most affordable option but can be a hassle and tiring for families with young kids as there are a few transits.

Traveling Time To Legoland: ~45 minutes to 3 hours

13. Pontian Malaysia

Pontian is on the west coast of Johor and there are many things to see along the coast. Like fishing villages, pineapple farms and a large national park!

Pontian Pineapple Farms

Pontian Pineapple Farms (Photo credits:

A road trip (or private car service) is the best way to visit these places!

Things To Do In Pontian:

  • Go on a food hunt in Pontian (e.g. Kedai Mee Sin Kee has wanton noodles with tomato sauce!)
  • Get fresh seafood from the Pontian wholesale fish market
  • Admire the murals in Pontian town
  • Eat fresh seafood at Kukup fishing village
  • Feed the animals at an eco-farm park (Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm)
  • Observe life in a rural fishing village (Kukup)
  • Learn how to fish at a kelong (Kukup has a few kelongs)
  • Watch the sunset from the Pontian dock
  • Walk on a boardwalk through mangroves (Tanjung Piai National Park or Kukup Island National Park)
  • See a pineapple farm (either Nictar or Pekan Nanas)
  • Visit a Buddhist temple (Rumah Berhala Tian Ling Diaan) at Ulu Choh
Tanjung Piai National Park

Tanjung Piai National Park (Photo credits:

Recommended Itinerary:

Option 1: Platform Coffee & Homestay (Breakfast & Pekan Nanas) > Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm > Kukup (Fishing Village & Lunch) > Tanjung Piai Johor National Park > Pontian Town (Dinner)

Option 2: NICTAR Farm (Honey & pineapple farm) > Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm > Kukup (Fishing Village & Lunch) > Tanjung Piai Johor National Park > Pontian Town (Dinner)

Option 3: Pontian Wholesale Fish Market > Kukup (Fishing Village & Lunch) > Tanjung Piai Johor National Park > Pontian Town (Dinner)

Animals Reared At Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm

Animals Reared At Sri Tanjung Leisure Farm

How To Get To Pontian From Singapore:

Take a bus or a private car service (recommend SGMYTAXI) if you don’t want to drive!

Note: Bus queues can be very long at the immigration point between Johor and Singapore on weekends and public holidays!

Traveling Time To Pontian: ~1 hour 40 minutes to 3 hours

14. Kluang Malaysia

Spend some time in the countryside at Kluang. You can stay overnight at an eco farm if you wish!

Kluang UK Farm

It’s an entirely different environment from what you’re used to in Singapore!

Challenge yourself with a hike up one of Kluang’s hills and see how the original Kluang Coffee is made! Then, indulge your tummy with some delicious food in Kluang!

Kluang Rail Coffee

Things To Do In Kluang:

  • See lots of sheep at Kluang UK Farm
  • Visit the Kluang Coffee Powder Factory
  • Enjoy a cup of Kluang Rail Coffee
  • Try Kluang food (e.g. Yean Kee Beef Noodles, Ah Fu satay, Restoran Ikan Assam Pedas, etc)
  • Hike (Gunung Lambak or Gunung Belumut)
  • Find the Kluang Street Art (Bat Town)
  • Learn about organic farming (Zenxin Organic Park Kluang)
  • Go shopping at Kluang Mall
Zenxin Organic Park Kluang

Zenxin Organic Park Kluang (Photo credits:

Recommended Itinerary:

Kluang Rail Coffee (breakfast) > Gunung Lambak (hike) > Zenxin Organic Park (lunch) > UK Farm (farm tour) > Kluang Street Art > Kluang (dinner)

How To Get To Kluang From Singapore:

A car is the best way to get around Kluang as the attractions are not walking distance from each other!

You can either:

  1. Take a bus (StarMart Express) from Golden Mile Tower, Singapore to Kluang.
  2. Drive there yourself.
  3. Or hire a private car service with SGMYTAXI to take you to Kluang from Singapore as well as ferry you around Kluang!

Traveling Time To Kluang: More than 2.5 hours

15. Malacca Malaysia

Always a favorite among locals and foreigners alike, Malacca has no shortage of historical sights and delicious food!

The historical city center with the Red Square (Stadthuys) is easy to explore on foot (or by trishaw) and you can even get there from Jonker Street!

Jonker Street Malacca

Things To Do In Malacca:

  • Hop on the Malacca River Cruise
  • Wander through the ruins of St Paul’s church
  • See a seaside mosque (Melaka Straits Mosque)
  • Visit the Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum
  • Eat lots of Nyonya food
  • Visit Cheng Hoon Teng Chinese Temple
  • Enjoy the view from Sky Tower Malacca
  • Stop by the A’Famosa Fort
  • See the inside of a traditional Malay house (Villa Sentosa)
  • Visit the Portuguese settlement in Malacca

Malacca River Cruise

Recommended Itinerary:

The following itineraries are good if you don’t have a car and plan to rely on your feet:

Option 1: Jonker Street > Cheng Ho Cultural Museum > Chung Wah Chicken Rice Balls (Lunch) > Stadhuys > St Paul’s Church  > Nyonya dinner > Malacca River Night Cruise

Option 2: Stadhuys > St Paul’s Church > Malacca River Cruise > Chung Wah Chicken Rice Balls (Lunch) > Cheng Ho Cultural Museum > Jonker 88 (Cendol) > San Shu Gong (Shopping) >Jonker Street (Dinner & Night Market)

Sky Tower Malacca

Sky Tower Malacca

How To Get To Malacca From Singapore:

There are a few options available if you’re coming from Singapore:

  1. Board a bus
  2. Hire a private car service (recommend SGMYTAXI)
  3. Drive there
  4. Take the train (1 transit at Johor Bahru Sentral)

Traveling Time To Malacca: ~2.5 hours to 5.5 hours