Tioman Island Package Review And Comparison - How To Choose Tioman Island Package?

Choosing a Tioman Island Package will take you a lot of time and headache in planning a holiday to Tioman island!

Packages are including accommodation, ferry transport to Tioman Island, activities and etc, so you don’t have to book them separately!

But when it comes to selecting the best package for your travel group, where do you start?

Look no further!

We have done all the hard work for you by analyzing and comparing the various available Tioman Island trip packages!

Find out which packages are the best for honeymooners, students, families and more!


1. Tioman Island Resort & Hotel Package

We’ll start off by first reviewing and comparing the 6 resorts on Tioman Island listed in the Tioman Island packages on GoIslands:

Berjaya Tioman Resort

Berjaya Tioman Resort is a classic choice because of its proximity to the a nice beach and the lively Tekek village with the largest duty free shop on the island!

Top View of Berjaya Tioman Resort - Tioman Island Snorkeling Package

Photo credits to Berjaya Tioman Resort

The resort provides a 5-minute shuttle service to and from Tekek Jetty.

Besides this, the resort boasts abundant facilities like:

  • A gorgeous swimming pool
  • An 18-hole golf course
  • Tennis courts
  • Stand up paddles
  • Babysitting services
  • Massage and spa services
  • And more!

Golf Course at Berjaya Tioman Resort

Even though the rooms are not as new as Barat Tioman Beach Resort or Aman Tioman Beach Resort, you can expect more good foods and Tioman Island activities at this village!

Pier (Tioman Island): Alight at Kampung Tekek (Tekek Village)

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Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort

Affordable prices and a wide selection of different room options attract tourists to this 3-star resort!

Crystal Clear Sea Water And Beautiful Beach In Front of Paya Beach Resort

If you’re a first-time snorkeler, you will appreciate the fact that they start you off at the resort’s pool before heading for the ocean!

Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort has the following facilities:

  • A swimming pool
  • Beach bar
  • Restaurants
  • Pool tables
  • Its own duty free shop
  • Sun deck
  • NEW: Transparent kayaks!
  • And others

Pier (Tioman Island): Alight at Kampung Paya (Paya Village).

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Sun Beach Resort

Sun Beach Resort is another resort with reasonably priced rooms! They even have Malay-style (kampung) chalets you can experience local style living here!

un Beach Resort at Genting Village Tioman Island

Their budget chalet rooms will save your money if you don’t mind the lack of air-conditioning and hot showers. If you are travelling with a small budget, this resort might suit you the most!

Take that money and spend it on a fantastic snorkeling experience in Tioman Island which includes a visit to the duty-free shop after the snorkeling trip!

Swimming Pool at Sun Beach Resort

After a full day exploring the island, you can relish their buffet and grilled satay!

Pier (Tioman Island): Alight at Kampung Genting (Genting Village).

Note: If you take any packages featuring Sun Beach Resort, you will have to take a ferry from Tanjung Gemok Jetty rather than Mersing Jetty!

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Barat Tioman Beach Resort

Barat Tioman Beach Resort is a tempting choice too with well-maintained rooms in a beach setting surrounded by jungle vegetation!

Seaview Hilltop Villa at The Barat Tioman Beach Resort

The resort package includes a free jetty pick up from the nearest jetty, Tekek Village Jetty with 45-minute drive.

Their dining set selections are Western and Chinese Seafood menu instead of buffet style like other Tioman Island resorts.

Swimming Pool at The Barat Tioman Beach Resort

Just in case you’re wondering, they do have a swimming pool and laundry service too! But massage or spa services are not available here.

Pier (Tioman Island): Alight at Kampung Tekek (Tekek Village) & then it’s a 45-minute drive to the resort.

Aman Tioman Beach Resort

Aman Tioman Beach Resort is a 4-star resort and is the newest resort in this list!

You’ll love the new, modern and spacious rooms here.

Reception Building at Aman Tioman Beach Resort - Tioman Island Snorkeling Package

To make up for that, they have snorkeling trips that will take you out to Reggis Island and Coral Island!

After those activities in Tioman Island, you can satisfy your tummy with their substantial range of dining options ranging from Malay, Chinese and Western cuisines!

Aman Kopitiam at Aman Tioman Beach Resort

Pier (Tioman Island): Alight at Kampung Paya (Paya Village).

Salang Indah Resort

Salang Indah Resort is owned by Muslim and located at the northern tip of Tioman Island!

Even it is the last jetty stop at Tioman Island but it is convenient that the resort has its own mini mart and restaurant.

Rooms are simple and adequate – they do have family chalets too!

Salang Indah Resort At Tioman Island

Note: Some of the older chalets are a little worn down.

But the trade-off is that you will get to enjoy a beautiful beach fringed by jungle in absolute tranquility without breaking the bank!

Salang Beach at Tioman Island

Crystal clear sea water at Salang Beach. (Source: pulautioman.com.my)

You don’t have to go far for superb diving conditions too!

Pier (Tioman Island): Alight at Kampung Salang (Salang Village).

Good To Know Before You Choose Tioman Island Packages:

  • If having a pleasant beach nearby is your priority, opt for Aman Tioman Beach Resort or Berjaya Tioman Resort.
  • The Barat Tioman Beach Resort has a decent beach and set dining menu with average food rating.

Beach In Front of Barat Tioman Beach Resort

  • Salang Indah Resort has a good beach for leisure and they serve pork-free food.
  • Sun Beach Resort and Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort have moderate food ratings and beaches too.
  • Sun Beach Resort & Salang Indah Resort serve packed lunches.
  • Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort, Aman Tioman Beach Resort or Berjaya Tioman Beach Resort usually have buffet-style dining or the occasional set dinners, it depends on the resort occupancy at the time that you go
  • If you need a clinic close by, you should stay at Berjaya Tioman Beach Resort as it is only a short drive to Tekek village where the sole clinic is!
  • If you worry about the safety of your little ones (between 1-3 years old), request for rooms that are easy to access! Preferably away from the pool and on the ground floor.

In the next section, we will cover the packages offered by GoIslands.

Be aware that all packages do not include:

  1. Mandatory Marine Park Fee (applicable for Mersing Jetty & Tg. Gemok Jetty)
  2. Mandatory Johor National Park Fee (only applicable for Mersing Jetty)
  3. Compulsory tourism tax for non-Malaysians


2. Tioman Snorkeling Package

With Tioman Island being a snorkeling paradise, it’s not surprising that there are so many snorkeling packages to choose from!

Check out the available Tioman Island Snorkeling Package.

4D3N Tioman Sun Beach Resort Snorkeling Package

2.1. 5D4N Tioman Snorkeling Package

Although there are no 5D4N Tioman Snorkeling Packages listed on GoIslands, the itinerary is just an additional day (that’s free & easy) to the 4D3N packages.

2.2. 4D3N Tioman Snorkeling Package


  • From July 1, 2019 and onwards, the 4D3N Berjaya Tioman Resort Snorkeling Package will have Sport & Recreation credits worth MYR200 per room
  • With these credits, you can redeem various land & sea activities.

2.3. 3D2N Tioman Snorkeling Package (Hot Selling)

3D2N Tioman Snorkeling Packages are by far, the most popular packages because it suits a lot of people that they don’t have to apply many leaves to enjoy the trip.

Snorkelling at Salang Reef Tioman Island

Photo credits to syamilmeyl

The activities of the packages offered by different resort are similar:

So check out the activities that you wish to experience and the accommodation before you decide which Tioman Island Package to choose!

If you are planning to come at peak season:

Especially during the public holidays like Good Friday, Hari Raya, Wesak Day or Singapore National Day, book 2 months earlier to avoid the packages being sold out!

2.4. 2D1N Tioman Snorkeling Package

If you can afford it, it’s best to apply for at least the 3-day packages. Especially during the peak season (i.e. during public holidays and school holidays)!

Otherwise, the vacation will be very rush and you might not have enough time to enjoy your snorkeling holiday!

Snorkeling among the fish at Tioman Island

Snorkeling among the fish at Renggis Island (Source: tioman.org)

In fact, most resorts don’t offer 2D1N packages, with the exception of Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort and Salang Indah Resort.


  • 2D1N Paya Beach Resort snorkeling package requires a minimum of 8 people before they can run the snorkeling trip from 2pm to 5pm.
  • It is not possible to book the 2D1N Paya Beach Resort snorkeling package if the selected check-in date (i.e. day of check-in) falls on a Saturday or on a public holiday.
  • 2D1N Salang Indah Resort snorkeling package requires just a minimum 5 people before they can operate the snorkeling trip.

3. Tioman Island Package

Aside from snorkeling, there are more specific packages that cater to different travel groups, all depends on what you need!

3.1. Tioman Honeymoon Package

Just got married? Or want to celebrate your anniversary with your significant other? Or maybe you just want to treat your partner with an amazing birthday surprise?

Romantic Getaway Package from Paya Beach Resort

These honeymoon packages are perfect for couples!

3.2. Tioman Student Package

With everyone in your group pitching in, it’s definitely possible to go on an island getaway with these cheaper packages!

Note: These deals are valid for a certain period.

3.3. Tioman Spa Package

Getting a massage on your beach vacation is not a bad idea at all!

Spa at Paya Beach Resort

Tioman Paya Beach Resort happens to have a package that includes a 1 hour massage session as well as a yoga session by the seaside!

3.4. Tioman Free And Easy Package

If the flexibility of daily rates appeal to you, you might want to select these free and easy packages:

The free and easy packages are included ferry transfer between the mainland (either Mersing or Tanjung Gemok Jetty) and Tioman Island!

Note: The default ferry in the package will be Bluewater Express so if you wish to take Cataferry from Tanjung Gemok Jetty, please contact customer service.

4. Tioman Diving Package

What should you consider before you book a Tioman Island diving package?

Everyone can join snorkeling but not everyone can go for diving before you got the diving certificate!

Make sure you check the following first:

  • Diving season is typically between March and October. No diving during monsoon season!
  • The best water visibility (15m to 25m) is between the months of March and June and September to November. Average water visibility is 8m to 12m for the other months.

Diving Package from Paya Beach Resort

  • Diving equipment may not be included.
  • The resort may offer you other recreational activities of the same value if the weather is bad.
  • Certificate is required for leisure diving package.
  • Plan your ferry and resort schedule, you must have enough time to complete the course!
  • Night dives is available at leisure diving package upon request (With a surcharge).

Dive Centre at Berjaya Tioman Resort

  • If you need to take a flight after your Tioman Diving trip, you have to wait a minimum of 12 hours after completing a dive. Or 18 hours if you have done multiple dives that day.
  • New divers (minimum age of 10 years) can start learning the basics at Paya Beach Resort’s swimming pool.
  • Course prerequisites may be tested (e.g. the ability to swim for 200-300m and float for 10 minutes)

Some diving packages come with a PADI Open Water Course. There are beginner and advanced courses.

5. Tioman Fishing Package

Water around Tioman Island and its neighbors have an official marine park reserve status and fishing is prohibited within 2 nautical miles of the Tioman coastline.

However, there are full-day private fishing charters for groups of 4 to 12 people that will take you out further to sea.

Fishing trip around Tioman Island

Fishing trip around Tioman Island. (Source: robalor300.blogspot.com)

For your information, fishing activity is available at the following resorts:

  • Berjaya Tioman Resort
  • Sun Beach Resorts
  • The Barat Tioman Beach Resort
  • Aman Tioman Beach Resort

Otherwise, you can check out more Tioman Island fishing trips information from Magic Billfish Charters.

Tioman Fishing Package

Photo credits to www.rompin-sailfish.com

Angler enthusiasts have the opportunity to fish for the following species of fish such as:

  • Sailfish
  • Dorado
  • Black Marlin
  • King Mackerel
  • Barracuda
  • Bonefish
  • Cobia
  • Groupers
  • Sailfish

Fishing can cost RM 1000 and more per pax, and fishing methods may include game fishing, light jigging and bottom fishing, depending on the target species.

6. Singapore To Tioman Package

You might be wondering if there are Tioman Island packages that include transport from Singapore to Tioman Island?

The answer is YES! The package includes:

  • Pick up service straight from your doorstep in Singapore to either Mersing or Tanjung Gemok Jetty
  • The ferry return ticket to Tioman Island
  • Tioman Island resort accommodation
  • Meals
  • At least one snorkeling trip!

Saving you the trouble and time of booking all of these things by yourself!

Check out the Singapore to Tioman package offer by Goislands now!

6.1. Singapore To Tioman Package By Private Car

We sincerely recommend you choosing SGMYTAXI over the rest because their services are so great & caring that they constantly received compliments from customers.

They also enable you to travel to Tioman Island from Singapore in comfort and with maximum convenience through a private car transfer service!

Singapore to Mersing Tioman

Suitable for:

  • All groups of people looking for a convenient and relaxing trip to Mersing or Tanjung Gemok Jetty

Why You Should Choose Singapore To Tioman Private Car Package:

  • All-in-one package comes with transport, ferry ticket to and from Tioman Island, and meals and accommodation at a Tioman Island Resort!
  • Choose your own pick-up point and time from Singapore!
  • Travel safely and comfortably in a well-maintained car with an experienced driver behind the wheel.
  • Enjoy your holiday without the additional stress of driving (e.g. toll fees, traffic, finding an overnight car park, getting lost,etc) or taking public transport!
  • Ample space for your travel group members and respective luggage
  • Don’t need to queue for public transport
  • The service includes immigration crossover from Singapore to Johor – you will not have to exit the car to go through immigration

6.2. Singapore To Tioman Package By Coach

Another option is to book Singapore To Tioman Package by Coach operators:

Note: Do not get your transport tickets (e.g. bus) until you have a confirmation receipt for your Tioman Island package or if you booked separately, your Tioman Island accommodation and your ferry tickets to and from Tioman Island!

WTS Travel & Tours and Discovery Tours offer coach and ferry tickets from Singapore to and from Tioman Island so you don’t have to buy the ferry tickets separately!

WTS Travel Coach from Singapore to Tioman

Of course, you won’t need this option if you already have a Tioman Island package that includes ferry tickets to and from Tioman island!

Besides, Discover Tours and KKKL Travel & Tours offer coach and ferry ticket & full Tioman Island package.

KKKL Express from Singapore to Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty

Coach Package Suitable For:

  • Travellers looking for a more affordable way to travel
  • People with some allocated buffer time to allow for delays due to traffic so they don’t miss their ferry!

Pros Of Taking Tioman Coach Package:

  • You don’t have to drive!
  • Coaches are comfortable – Just take a jacket because the air-conditioning might be very cold!
  • Affordable way to travel

Mersing Bus Terminal Near Mersing Jetty

Cons Of Taking Tioman Coach Package:

  • An early morning bus means you may have to stay overnight at Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok if you miss your ferry!
  • You have to arrange your own transport to the coach departure point at inconvenient hours of the morning (The earliest coaches leave at 6:30am).
  • Traffic at the Johor-Singapore border will significantly affect the journey duration

KKKL Travel & Tours

Departure Point 1: Kovan Hub (at 6:00am)

Departure Point 2: Bugis MRT Exit D Taxi Stand (at 6:30am)

WTS Travel & Tours

Departure Point: Singapore Flyers (at 6:30am)

Discovery Tours

Departure Point: Bugis MRT Exit D Tan Quee Lan Street Taxi Stand (at 6:30am)


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7. Tioman Island Package From Johor Bahru

Coming from Johor Bahru, you have the option of taking the bus for the approximately 2-hour journey to Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty.

Mersing Jetty Johor

Mersing Jetty

However, there are no direct buses to Tanjung Gemok Jetty:

So if your chosen ferry departs from Tanjung Gemok Jetty, you can take a taxi from Mersing Jetty for 35 minutes to Tanjung Gemok Jetty.

Save all the hassle and hire a private car service in addition to a Tioman Island package with GoIslands:

Note: Do not book any transport until you have a confirmation for your Tioman Island package or if you booked separately, your Tioman Island accommodation and your ferry tickets to and from Tioman Island!

Tanjung Gemok Jetty Entrance

To take you directly from your chosen pick up point and time in Johor Bahru to and from Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty!

For bookings and inquiries, send a message to GoIslands through WhatsApp or Facebook!


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8. Tioman Island Package From Kuala Lumpur

Even though the Tioman Island packages do not include the mainland transport of 5+ hours between Kuala Lumpur and Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty:

You can still directly contact GoIslands through WhatsApp or Facebook and book a private car service for the transfer between Kuala Lumpur and Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty together with a Tioman Island Package!

Fuss-free and comfortable! You will not regret the choice!


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  • It is advisable not to book any mainland transport until your Tioman Island package has been confirmed or if you booked separately, your Tioman Island accommodation and your ferry tickets to and from Tioman Island!
  • If you haven’t bought your ferry tickets yet, be sure to consult the latest Tioman Ferry Schedule first!