Tioman Ferry Guide (Ticket Price, Schedule, How To Get There)

Seeing that Tioman Island is well, an island – you will definitely need to take the Tioman ferry sooner or later to the southeast coast of Peninsula Malaysia!

Except if you fly there on a private charter plane!

But the subject of this post is the ~2 hour Tioman ferry that most visitors go for in conjunction with overland transport to the ferry terminals!

1. How To Get To Tioman Island From Singapore

Hoping to keep your holiday expenses to a minimum with regards to transport from Singapore to Tioman Island?

Then, a bus is the obvious choice!

Buses take 3 to 3.5 hours if there’s no traffic jam at the border between Johor and Singapore!

Self-driving and hiring a private car service (recommend SGMYTAXI) will take about the same time too (~3 hours). But you’ll have allow some buffer time to find parking when driving up to Mersing!

Singapore to Mersing Tioman

So taking into account the travel time of the ferry (~2 hours) from Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty to Tioman Island, you’re looking at a total journey time of at least 5 hours.

2. Ferry To Tioman Island

2.1 Ferry From Tanah Merah Terminal Singapore To Tioman

Don’t get your hopes up for this one!

There haven’t been any direct services from Singapore to Tioman Island for years since the previous one (Penguin Tioman) stopped!

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2.2 Ferry From Mersing To Tioman Island

You’ll find two ferry operators here at Mersing Jetty now where there only used to be one:

  1. Bluewater Express Ferry – Service employs high speed boats that usually run up to 3 times a day if it’s not the monsoon season!
  2. Cataferry – Runs once a day to selected piers. Check their website for availability and the times!
Mersing Jetty Entrance

Mersing Jetty Entrance.

2.3 Ferry From Tanjung Gemok To Tioman Island

The same two ferry operators are available at Tanjung Gemok Jetty as well.

  1. Bluewater Express Ferry – It’s not at all unusual for Bluewater Express to request passengers who have bought tickets for Mersing Jetty to Tioman Island to transfer to Tanjung Gemok Jetty!
  2. Cataferry – Their service runs 1 to 2 times a day depending on the date! They don’t always have the same route either!
Tanjung Gemok Jetty Entrance

Tanjung Gemok Jetty Entrance

3. Ferry Terminal To Tioman

Keep these two ferry terminals in mind if you plan to take a ferry to Tioman Island!

Mersing Jetty and Tanjung Gemok Jetty.

3.1 Mersing Jetty Ferry Terminal (Mersing Harbour Center)

We’ll begin with the original gateway to Tioman Island, Mersing Jetty.

Mersing Jetty Johor

Mersing Jetty

3.1.1 How To Get To Mersing Ferry Terminal

So how do you get to Mersing Jetty?

Since Tioman Island is a popular island destination among Singaporeans, there is already an established bus route!

As a matter of fact, many bus operators offer daily services to Mersing Jetty from a number of departure points in Singapore!

Bus Operators from Singapore to Tioman Island

The journey takes anywhere between 4 to 6 hours and this duration depends greatly on the traffic!

Other than the bus, you can drive to Mersing Jetty yourself or arrange for a private car service to take you there instead!

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3.1.2 Mersing Jetty Ferry Terminal Parking Area

Thinking to drive to Mersing Jetty?

Prepare for the potential circling around in order to find an overnight parking spot! Parking spots fill up fast during the weekends and public holidays!

Where To Park At Mersing Jetty

It costs roughly RM15/day to leave your car overnight at any of these car parks close to Mersing Jetty:

  1. Car Park A – Guarded car park behind the jetty open in the early morning
  2. Car Park B – Car park just in front of R & R Plaza.
  3. Car Park C – Guarded Mersing Jetty car park open in the early morning
  4. Car Park D – Guarded car park for Rawa Island customers only.

3.2 Tanjung Gemok Ferry Terminal

The next ferry terminal that we have to mention is none other than Tanjung Gemok Jetty!

Tanjung Gemok Jetty

This relatively newer ferry terminal sees many visitors hoping to take advantage of the more reliable ferry departure times due to the structure of the jetty which makes it less susceptible to tide levels!

3.2.1 How To Get To Tanjung Gemok Ferry Terminal

Wondering how to get to Tanjung Gemok Jetty?

It’s actually only a 20-30 minutes’ drive up north from Mersing Jetty!

Not many buses will drop passengers off directly at this jetty but there are some coach services that offer a direct service!

Mersing Bus Terminal Near Mersing Jetty

Mersing Bus Terminal

Or you can just take a taxi from Mersing to Tanjung Gemok Jetty after your bus drops you off at Mersing Bus Terminal.

3.2.2 Tanjung Gemok Jetty Ferry Terminal Parking Area

Unlike Mersing Jetty, there is only one car park by Tanjung Gemok Jetty.

Gated Carpark at Tanjung Gemok Jetty

Gated Carpark at Tanjung Gemok Jetty.

The open-air car park costs approximately RM15/ day and it will normally be full during a weekend or public holiday!

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4. Tioman Ferry Operators

You can find the same ferry operators at either Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty.

Note: Previously, Bluewater Express Ferry was the sole ferry operator at Mersing Jetty!

4.1 Cataferry Tioman Ferry

As the newer of the two ferry operators, Cataferry is fast making a reputation for itself!

Cataferry is a Double-hull Catamaran

Their new catamarans offer more stability and are thus, more comfortable for those who get seasick easily!

4.1.1 Cataferry Tioman Price

With Cataferry, you can go for the standard seats or the premium seats for more space!

Prices are different for adults and children but occasionally, their rates are as low as RM5!

4.2 Bluewater Express Tioman Ferry

Bluewater Express Ferry has been running for many years and offers flat rates regardless of low or high season.

Bluewater Express Ferry

Bluewater Express Ferry Bistari2. (Photo credits to 12go.asia)

4.2.1 Bluewater Ferry Tioman Price

Standard fare (one-way):  RM35 (Adult), RM30 (Child)

4.3 Cataferry Or Bluewater

Can’t decide which ferry operator (Bluewater vs Cataferry) to go for?

Ferry Operators to Tioman Island

Here’s an overview of what each operator offers:

Category Bluewater Cataferry
Seating Standard free seating Standard or Premium (with seat assignment)
Air-conditioning Yes Yes
Sun deck Available on some boats Yes
Toilets onboard Yes Yes
Refreshments Not available Available at extra cost
TV Yes Yes
Mobile signal Not available Sometimes
Customer service Only available when there is an ongoing trip Always available

5. Tioman Ferry Route

Both ferry operators will go around Tioman Island so passengers can depart at the island villages closest to their respective resorts!

There is no ticket counter on Tioman Island so you may want to book a return trip at Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty.

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5.1 Ferry From Mersing To Tioman Island Route

This is the usual order of stops that both ferries make from Mersing Jetty to Tioman Island:

  1. Mersing Jetty
  2. Genting Jetty
  3. Paya Jetty
  4. Tekek Jetty
  5. Air Batang Jetty (ABC Jetty)
  6. Salang Jetty
Ferry Route to Tioman Island

5.2 Ferry From Tanjung Gemok To Tioman Island Route

A similar route applies if you’re taking a ferry from Tanjung Gemok Jetty to Tioman Island!

  1. Tanjung Gemok Jetty
  2. Genting Jetty
  3. Paya Jetty
  4. Tekek Jetty
  5. Air Batang Jetty (ABC Jetty)
  6. Salang Jetty

Note that there are two new drop-off locations offered by Cataferry. These are Mukut Jetty & Juara Jetty.

However, the ferry doesn’t stop at these two locations on a daily basis.

Check the Cataferry official website for the actual schedule.

Ferry Route To Tioman Island Map

6. Tioman Ferry Duration

Ferries making the journey across the sea to Tioman Island typically take 2 hours.

And it matters which jetty you disembark from too!

Other than this, the weather and location/ structure of the jetty affect the duration too!

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6.1 Mersing to Tioman ferry Duration

Because of the nature of Mersing Jetty, ferries are prone to delays due to unsuitable water levels or strong winds.

Bluewater Express Ferry to Tioman Island

Hence, it can take 1.5 hour to 2 hours for ferries to travel from Mersing Jetty to Tioman Island.

6.2 Tanjung Gemok To Tioman Ferry Duration

Despite being further away from Singapore, Tanjung Gemok has an advantage over Mersing Jetty simply because water levels pose less of a threat here to ferry departures!

Cataferry at the docks

Expect a duration of ~1.5 hour from Tanjung Gemok Jetty to Tioman Island.

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7. Tioman Ferry Ticket

7.1 Tioman Ferry Ticket Price Comparison

Category Bluewater Cataferry
Price Of Ticket Fixed rates from RM35 Varies starting from RM5
Seat Assignment Free seating only Number given
Booking Process Over the counter or online Over the counter or online
Boarding Pass Collection Complex process involving ticket registration, passport validation and finally, boarding pass collection; Booking receipt, passport and IC (for Malaysians) is needed. Bring your passport or IC (For Malaysians) to the Cataferry ticket counter.

7.2 How To Buy Cataferry Tioman Ferry Ticket

It is highly advisable to book your tickets ahead of time and online to avoid tickets being sold out on your travel dates!

Step 1: Buy Cataferry Ticket To Tioman Island Online

You can buy tickets straight from the Cataferry website.

  1. Go online to the Cataferry website.
  2. Select your departing ferry terminal and destination.
  3. Choose whether you would like a one-way or return trip. As well as the dates!

Cataferry Online Booking

  1. Input the number of adults and children in your group.
  2. Pick the time slot that has the Tioman Island jetty you wish to go to. Do the same thing for the return leg (if you have one).

Cataferry Online Booking
Cataferry Online Booking

  1. Next, you get to choose where you sit.

Cataferry Online Booking

  1. Scroll down and fill your pick-up and drop-off point on Tioman Island.

Cataferry Online Booking

  1. Passenger details are next.

Cataferry Online Booking

  1. You can confirm your booking details based on the summary at the right of the screen.
  2. After confirming your booking, leave your contact details including an emergency contact number.
  3. Read through the terms and conditions. Tick the box to consign your agreement.
  4. Choose from the available payment methods.

Cataferry Online Booking

  1. After successful payment, you will receive an e-booking ticket.

Note: Prices vary according to peak or non-peak days

Step 2: Collect Cataferry Ticket At Counter

Go as early as 90 minutes to the designated Cataferry counter at your respective ferry terminal to collect your boarding pass.

Cataferry Ticket Counter

Cataferry Ticket Counter. (Photo credits to govisittioman.com)

And to pay the compulsory Marine Park Fees (and Johor National Park fees if applicable)!

The extra time is a precautionary but necessary measure to take during the weekends, public holidays, school holidays and even the eve of public holidays.

7.3 How To Buy Bluewater Express Tioman Ferry Ticket

As with Cataferry, you cannot expect tickets to be readily available over the counter during the peak season!

Bluewater Express Ferry to Tioman Island

Bluewater Express Ferry. (Photo credits to pulautioman.com.my)

Step 1: Buy Bluewater Express Ticket To Tioman Island Online

Bluewater Express do not have their own website but you can purchase tickets from either source listed here:

  1. Tiomanferryticket
  2. Easybook

Via Tiomanferryticket:

  1. On the webpage, there is an interactive form on the right (if you are using a PC). Enter your details and the number of tickets you need and pax number.
  2. Select your departure and return dates and times.

Buy Bluewater Express Ticket To Tioman Island Online Via Tiomanferryticket- 1

  1. Pick the jetty you will alight from at Tioman Island from the drop-down list.
  2. Select the payment method you are most comfortable with.
  3. Click the box once you have gone through the terms and conditions.

Buy Bluewater Express Ticket To Tioman Island Online Via Tiomanferryticket- 2

  1. Submit your request to proceed to the E-payment transaction.
  2. You should receive an email confirmation for your payment after successful payment.

Via Easybook:

  1. At the Easybook page, select one way or round trip.
  2. Enter the ferry origin (e.g. Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty) and destination as well as the dates you wish to travel on.

Buy Bluewater Express Ticket To Tioman Island Online Via Easybook - 1

Note: For destination, you can choose  Genting Jetty, Paya Jetty, Tekek Jetty, Air Batang Jetty (ABC Jetty) or Salang Jetty

  1. Choose the available slot that is most convenient for you. You cannot pick you seats but only key in the number of seats you need.

Buy Bluewater Express Ticket To Tioman Island Online Via Easybook - 2

  1. Enter the details for the person who will be collecting the tickets for the group.

Buy Bluewater Express Ticket To Tioman Island Online Via Easybook - step 3

  1. You can tick the box below if you want to include insurance for an additional RM2 per person.

Buy Bluewater Express Ticket To Tioman Island Online Via Easybook - 4

  1. At the bottom of the page, you can select your preferred payment method.
  2. Read Easybook’s ticketing policy before ticking the box.

Buy Bluewater Express Ticket To Tioman Island Online Via Easybook - 5

  1. The last step is payment!

Buy Bluewater Express Ticket To Tioman Island Online Via Easybook - 6

Keep the booking receipt handy when it’s time to collect your ticket/ boarding pass from your ferry terminal!

Step 2: Collect Bluewater Express Ticket At Counter

To collect your tickets for Bluewater Express:

Head over to the following counters with your Ferry Timing Confirmation and Payment Notification (soft or hard copy) and passport (or IC for Malaysians):

  • Counter R22 at Mersing Harbour Centre
  • Or Gemilang Counter 3 at Tanjung Gemok Ferry Terminal
Bluewater Express Ferry Ticket Counter

Bluewater Express Ferry Ticket Counter.

To be on the safe side, come at least 1.5 hours before the stated ferry departure time.

Since you’ll have to go to separate counters to pay the Marine Park Fee (and Johor National Park Fee if applicable) too!

8. Tioman Ferry Schedule

It’s absolutely essential to consult the Tioman ferry schedule before and after you make your ferry booking!

The frequency of ferry departures to Tioman Island depends on the season you go. In the monsoon months (November to March), there can be as few as only one trip per day!

Cataferry Ferry to Tioman Island

8.1 Mersing To Tioman Ferry Schedule

If you want to see the ferry schedule for the next month, you have to wait until 2 weeks before the end of the current month as this is when the new schedules are published!

Latest Mersing to Tioman ferry schedule.

8.2 Tanjung Gemok To Tioman Ferry Schedule

See the latest Tanjung Gemok to Tioman ferry schedule for ferries departing from Tanjung Gemok Jetty to Tioman Island.

Cataferry Ferry

8.3 Singapore To Tioman Ferry Schedule

There is no ferry service from Singapore to Tioman Island. At least not anymore!

9. Speedboat To Tioman

Speedboat services to Tioman Island are strictly prohibited by the government due to safety concerns in the past.

Island Hopping Near Rawa Island

Photo credits to phalinn

There are a few exceptions among certain resorts that are more remote. Like Japamala Tioman Island Resort!

10. Tioman Jetty

Tioman Island has more than one jetty and these are almost entirely along the west coast of the island with Juara Tioman at the east coast and Salang Tioman at the very north!

10.1 Tioman Ferry To Genting Jetty

Genting Tioman is the very first stop for the Cataferry or Bluewater Express direct ferry service to Tioman Island!

Genting Jetty Tioman

10.2 Tioman Ferry To Paya Jetty

Paya Tioman is one of the fixed stops for the ferry routes by Cataferry and Bluewater Express.

10.3 Tioman Ferry To Tekek Jetty

Tekek Tioman is the main village in Tioman Island so getting here is not a problem!

Tekek Jetty

Just use the direct ferry service from Cataferry or Bluewater Express.

10.4 Tioman Ferry To Air Batang Jetty

You can reach Air Batang Tioman too with the direct ferry service (Cataferry or Bluewater Express).

10.5 Tioman Ferry To Salang Jetty

Salang Tioman is accessible with a direct ferry by Cataferry or Bluewater Express.

Last Ferry Stop From Mersing - Salang Jetty

Last Ferry Stop From Mersing – Salang Jetty (Photo credits: tioman.org)

Note: It is the last stop for Bluewater Express Tioman Ferry

10.6 Tioman Ferry To Juara Jetty

2 options available:

Take a direct ferry (Cataferry or Bluewater Express) to Tekek Village Jetty.

From Tekek Tioman, you will need a taxi (4WD) to reach the other side of the island where Juara Tioman is. The drive takes 30 minutes.

Tekek-Juara Land Transfer

Tekek-Juara Land Transfer (Photo credits: tioman.org)

Or just straightaway go to Juara Tioman with the direct ferry route by Cataferry!

10.7 Tioman Ferry To Mukut Jetty

There are two ways to get to Mukut Tioman.

The former way was to take either Cataferry or Bluewater Express Tioman Ferry to Genting Village Jetty on Tioman Island.

Followed by a private speedboat from Genting Tioman to Mukut Tioman.

Bagus Place Retreat at Mukut, Tioman Island

Photo credits to tioman.org

However, you can now reach Mukut through the direct ferry service by Cataferry!

10.8 Tioman Ferry To Nipah jetty

There’s no direct ferry service to Nipah Jetty.

Nipah Tioman At Low Tide

Nipah Tioman At Low Tide (Photo credits: tioman.org)

So you will first have to hop onto either Cataferry or Bluewater Express to Genting Village Jetty on Tioman Island.

After that, you must enlist a private speedboat from Genting Tioman to Nipah Tioman.

Note: Your resort on Nipah may offer the speedboat transfer service!

11. Tioman Ferry FAQs

Question 1: In case I miss the Tioman Ferry, what should I do?

Answer 1: You can stay overnight in Mersing as there are hotels, banks and shops in close proximity (15 minutes’ walk) to the jetty.

Question 2: How far is Mersing Jetty from Mersing Bus Terminal?

Answer 2:  About 13 minutes’ walk.

Question 3: Should I book my Tioman ferry tickets in advance?

Answer 3: You should book everything in advance if you can (ferry tickets, bus tickets and accommodation) especially for public holidays, weekends and school holidays!

Note: Make sure you book accordingly so that you have ample time in between different transport modes as a buffer for potential delays!

Question 4: When is the Tioman ferry departure schedule available?

Answer 4:  Ferry schedules are published two weeks before the end of the month. It’s a good idea to call your ferry operator the day before to make sure the ferry will be on time!

Question 5: How early should I arrive at the jetty before the ferry departure?

Answer 5: At least 1.5 hours before.

Question 6: Where can I get one-way Tioman ferry tickets?

Answer 6: One-way tickets can be purchased from Mersing Jetty to Tioman island through this link (for Bluewater Express) or here (for Cataferry).

Note: There are more one-way options available for Cataferry!

Question 7: Can I take my car onboard the ferry to Tioman Island?

Answer 7: No.

Question 8: If I arrive before the departure time, can I board the Tioman ferry early?

Answer 8: No. However, passengers with babies, younger children, elders or disabled members may be an exception.

Question 9: How do I know which jetty to alight at on Tioman Island?

Answer 9: Choose the jetty that’s closest to your chosen resort on Tioman Island. If you do not know, you can ask your resort.

Question 10: If I get seasick easily, is there another way to reach Tioman?

Answer 10: No, unless you pay for a chartered flight.

Question 11: Are there toilets onboard the ferries?

Answer 11: Yes.

Question 12: Can I depart to Tioman from Tanjung Gemok after I booked for Mersing?

Answer 12: This might only be possible during non-peak months. Call the ferry operator ahead to see if this can be done for your travel dates!

Question 13: Do I have to pay any fees to get into Tioman Island?

Answer 13: Yes.

At Mersing Jetty, you have to pay the Mersing Marine Park Fee & Johor National Park Fee.

At Tanjung Gemok Jetty, you just have to pay the Mersing Marine Park Fee.

Question 14: When is the monsoon season & best time to visit Tioman Island?

Answer 14: Monsoon season begins in November and ends in March. The best time to visit Tioman Island is from May to September.

Question 15: Are there any ATM facilities on Tioman Island?

Answer 15: There is an ATM machine right outside a small bank (BSN) in front of the airport at Tekek Village.

Question 16: Is there a clinic at Tioman Island?

Answer 16: The main clinic is at Tekek Village (+609-419 1880). It is not open on weekends! An alternative would be the clinic at Berjaya Hotel in Tekek Village.

Question 17: How do I get from Mersing to Tanjung Gemok Jetty?

Answer 17: You can self-drive, take a direct bus or hire a taxi/private car service.