Terms and Conditions

  1. Until payment has been verified by GOISLANDS, all reservations will not be considered confirmed.
  2. If the Tour Fees are not paid according to the exact amount stated in the official quotation or booking confirmation, there will be no refund for the excess amount paid. Nor shall the excess amount be deducted from subsequent bookings.
  3. Alternative payment method by credit card is possible through a request.
  4. There will strictly be no refunds for any partial or unused components (unconsumed food, unused facilities or activities) of any travel packages listed on goislands.com.sg. This includes late arrival or early departure due to transportation delays or changes or any other unforeseen circumstances.
  5. In the event that there is a delay or cancellation that affects the transport arrangement due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances, GOISLANDS will not be held responsible for any additional costs (i.e. meals, accommodation, further transportation, activities) that may be incurred.
  6. GOISLANDS and its respective partners (other tour operators, resorts and hotels) reserve the right to alter the schedule. This includes removal of certain activities due to unexpected matters. No refunds will be given for any partial or unused components of the respective tour package.
  7. GOISLANDS accepts no responsibility for any of the following that may occur to you or anyone else in your group during or resulting from the tour:
    • Damage or loss of personal possessions
    • Accidents and injuries
    • Sickness
    • Death
  8. Bookings will be cancelled automatically without further notice if the respective deposits or balance payments are not paid before the given deadline. The bookings will then be cancelled upon expiry of said deadline.
  9. There will be no refunds for deposits (where applicable) in the event of late payment.
  10. If further tax is imposed (or if there is reductions) on accommodation, meals, tour packages and/or service charge by any Malaysian Government authority, GOISLANDS reserves the right to collect the tax accordingly.
  11. Upon full payment, the invoice will be delivered in an electronic format to the customer.

Cancellation and Travel Date Change Policy

  1. If the customer wishes to cancel or change their initial travel date, a written notice must first be submitted to GOISLANDS.
  2. In case of cancellation, tour fees that have already been paid will not be refundable either partially or completely.
  3. The customer may change their initial travel date but this is first subject to approval by GOISLANDS. The customer must take initiative to inform GOISLANDS as soon as possible if they have decided to change their travel date. The customer acknowledges that this may incur in admin charges.
  4. Any unfulfilled new travel date change request will be considered as a cancellation and the respective tour fees or deposits that have already been paid will be forfeited.

Transportation Policy

  1. Travel times and terms are subject to changes at any time by the transportation operator.
  2. GOISLANDS will inform the customer as soon as possible (within a reasonable timeframe) if there is any change in transportation arrangements. Consecutively, any unused components of the respective tour package resulting from such changes will not be refunded.
  3. Any amendment or cancellation of the tour or departure date by the customer is not allowed without written notice that has already been approved by GOISLANDS. The customer must also notify GOISLANDS of their intention to change or cancel their initial tour date as soon as possible. Such amendment or cancellation of the tour or departure date will result in admin charges.
  4. Customers are to take full responsibility to ensure that their personal travel documents or visas are valid for more than 6 months.
  5. There will be no refunds for any partial or unused transportation.
  6. GOISLANDS’s transportation provider reserves the right to reschedule or cancel without prior notice in the event of adverse weather, safety concerns or any operation or technical changes, or any other unforeseen circumstances beyond reasonable control. This is regardless of any prior reservations made.