Tekek Tioman Island

As the capital village of Tioman Island, Tekek Village is the most developed of all the villages on Tioman.

Geographically-speaking, it’s quite central with land connections to other villages like ABC Village (or Air Batang Village) and Genting Village.

You’ll find loads of places to eat and stay at in this village. Tekek Tioman Island is the place to be if you want more convenience during your stay on Tioman Island! And duty-free shopping!

Tekek Village (Kampung Tekek), Tioman

All ferry services to Tioman Island either from Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty, will stop at Tekek Village.

Jetty Nearby: Tekek Jetty

Tekek Jetty

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Getting Around Tekek Tioman

Tekek Village has a road that starts from the south (i.e. Berjaya Tioman Resort) to the north of the village where Tekek Jetty is.

Local residents use bikes or cars to get around. And you can pay to have someone drive you to Air Batang Village. Walking to Air Batang Village is fairly easy too (3.5km on a flat path, ~30 minutes).

Road Around Tekek Tioman

Road Around Tekek Tioman (Photo credits: tioman.org)

However, you will probably need to hire a 4WD if you wish to take the steep and bumpy ride to Juara Village.

Or you can get there by walking. Which takes 2 hours one way.

The cheapest way to go over to the other villages like Salang village, is to hop back on the ferry service you took to get to Tioman Island because their route will take them around the island anyways!

Other than that, you can always book a water taxi. Split the cost with other travellers!

Note: Rates are double if you want to go at night!

What To Do At Tekek Tioman

Many established resorts here have their own special activities (like renting out an ATV) too so the actual list things you can do at Tekek Tioman is substantial!

We’ll just cover the basics here:

1. Watersports: Snorkel and Dive at Tekek

If you don’t at least swim while you’re at Tioman Island, it would be a crying shame!

Because during the summer, Tioman Island has insane water clarity perfect for snorkeling and diving!

Snorkelling Trip at Renggis Island

Snorkelling at Renggis Island – Photo credits to malenamohta

One of the best snorkeling sites of Tioman Island is accessible by a 5-minute boat:

Marine Park Centre, a coral sanctuary where you can see fish and even turtles!

Snorkelling at Marine Park Centre

Photo credits to tioman.org

There’s also a free-diving center at Tekek at the Swiss Cottage Resort where you can book courses of beginner to advanced levels!

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2. Marine Park Museum

A visit to the Marine Park Museum is free.

Marine Park Information Center at Tioman Island

Marine Park Information Center. (Source: ttnotes.com)

There are three levels to explore and there is air-conditioning here.

You can learn about marine life through a combination of colorful information panels and videos.

The museum is directly opposite the Marine Park at the north end of Tekek Tioman.

3. Picnic at Marine Park

You can bring some food for a picnic to the Marine Park Museum as there are tables, chairs and washing facilities that is free for the public to use.

4. Shopping at Tekek

The whole of Tioman Island is regarded as a duty free zone but the largest duty free shop, Vision Duty Free is in Tekek Village. Alcohol and cigarettes are sold cheap here!

Alcohol in Vision Commerce Duty Free Shop

But if you’re looking for trinkets to take back home, finding a souvenir shop at Tekek Village is a breeze!

5. Golfing at Tekek (Tioman Island Golf Club)

Tioman Island’s only golf course is at Tekek Village, close to Berjaya Tioman Resort (6-minute drive).

Golf Course at Berjaya Tioman Resort

The golf course features 18 holes and presents a challenge with its narrow alleys. Do take time to admire the awesome scenery during your game!

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6. Cycling in Tekek

Rent a bicycle in Tekek Village and go cruising around on the paved roads and other trails.

It’s possible to cycle all the way the north of Tekek Village until the Marine Park, or even on to ABC Village (Air Batang Village).

Cycling around Juara Beach, Tioman Island

Cycling around Tioman Island. (Source: trainsnotplanes.blog)

Take in the sights as you cycle – the beach, the ocean, jungle and a traditional Malay village (kampung)!

Note: It usually costs RM5 per hour or RM30 for the whole day!

7. Jungle trekking in Tekek

The jungle trek from Tekek Village to Juara Village is no walk in the park!

It’s a trail that cuts through the middle of the island for approximately 7km.

Jungle trekking at Tioman Island

Jungle trails at Tioman Island. (Source: tioman.org)

Note: You’ll need 2-3 hours one way depending on your fitness.

Start with a paved path with some staircases, followed by downhill road. This latter presents a challenge when you want to go back the same way!

You can take a 700m detour to Ali’s Waterfall and a natural pool along the way.

Ali's Waterfall at Tioman Island

Ali’s Waterfall at Tioman Island (Photo credits: steemit.com)

A wooden rest stop (i.e. pavilion) marks the path to the waterfall somewhere on your right as the path connects to the road.

Tip: Bring proper shoes and a 1-litre bottle of water!

Beach At Tekek Tioman

There are resorts and casuarinas all along the stretch of Tekek Beach so guests have easy access to the beach!

Beach Along Tekek's Coast

Beach Along Tekek’s Coast. (Photo credits: tioman.org)

It’s a decent beach for sunbathing and swimming, although there are much prettier ones around the island!

Tip: Swimming is safest during low tide!

Where To Eat At Tekek Tioman

Most of the restaurants in Tekek serve seafood and local fare.

There are restaurants by the beach and closer to the jetty in the northern part of the village too.

Seafood, Asian:

1. Delima Tomyam & Seafood Restaurant

Serving Thai food and seafood, this restaurant has a second branch, Delima Tomyam & Sea Food 2 by the jetty.

BBQ Squid Delima Tomyam & Seafood Restaurant

BBQ Squid Delima Tomyam & Seafood Restaurant

But some say the food at the original restaurant by Berjaya Tioman Resort is still better!

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2. Liza Tioman Restaurant

Next to the police station in Tekek Village, Liza Tioman Restaurant looks quite rundown but it’s cosy on the inside! They serve Thai food.

3. Matahari Restaurant at Berjaya Tioman Resort

Berjaya Tioman’s Matahari Restaurant offers authentic Thai food and a romantic dinner setting right on the beach.

Matahari Restaurant at Berjaya Tioman Resort

Matahari Restaurant at Berjaya Tioman Resort

Sit on their balcony or arrange for your own private pavilion.

4. Sri Nelayan Restaurant at Berjaya Tioman Resort

This traditional Malaysian-styled restaurant is a glamorous version of a typical Malaysian food court.

Sri Nelayan Coffee House at Berjaya Tioman Resort

Here, you can order Malaysian food or other international cuisines from around the world!

5. Warong Syahirah

Go for the affordable and sizeable local dishes or choose your own ingredients for the pricier seafood barbeque!

Warong Syahirah BBQ Restaurant at Tekek

Warong Syahirah BBQ Restaurant at Tekek (Photo credits: tioman.org)

6. Restoran Hasbul

Situated close to two dive centers, Restoran Hasbul is often full of people so service can be slow but the tasty Malaysian and Western food here is worth it!

7. Al Jannah Peladang Restaurant

Excellent Malay food not far from the jetty! Plus, the owner speaks sufficient English to be able to explain each dish!

They have a menu just for breakfast too so be sure to check that out!

Seafood, Chinese:

1. Restoran Citra Anugerah

Have views of the sea while you dine on Chinese food. They do have Tom Yam soup on their menu!

Restoran Citra Anugerah at Tekek Village

Restoran Citra Anugerah at Tekek Village (Photo credits: tioman.org)

2. Sarang Seafood Restaurant

Prefer your seafood to be done via Chinese-style cooking?

Sarang Seafood Restaurant serves dishes like Szechuan chicken, mantis shrimp, Kam Heong crab and others!

Sarang Seafood Restaurant at Tekek Village

Sarang Seafood Restaurant at Tekek Village (Photo credits: tioman.org)

Note: You can get wine or beer from the stall just outside!

3. Xuan Chinese Restaurant

Xuan Chinese Restaurant is under Berjaya Tioman Resort.

The environment inside the restaurant is comfortable and perfect for a large gathering.

4. Sea View Chinese Restaurant

Halal and Chinese food is not a very common combination unless it’s part of a resort or large establishment!

But this restaurant close to the jetty happens to be that! Try their salted egg squid and Schezhuan shrimp!

Note: Owner only speaks Chinese. Do specify if you are vegetarian.

Cafe, Asian:

1. Tioman Cabana Beach Bistro (Vegan Options, Vegetarian Friendly)

Food’s not bad! They have both Western and local options.

Tioman Cabana Beach Bistro

The best part is the view from the first floor! And the friendly atmosphere!

Note: They have live music nights here! And vegan food.

2. Sunken Pool Bar at Berjaya Tioman Resort

Not a café but we’re just going to mention it here:

Open until  7pm, the Sunken Pool Bar caters to guests of Berjaya Tioman Resort who crave a beverage while lounging at the pool.

Note: There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

3. Tioman River Side Cafe

It’s easy to pinpoint this simple café as it faces the jetty. The Malay and Thai food here is cheap.


Shady's Bakery

Pick up some savoury or sweet baked goods (including pizza) before starting your Tekek-Juara trek or to take back as some after-dinner snacks because most restaurants will close before 12am.

Shady's Bakery at Tekek Village, Tioman

Shady’s Bakery at Tekek Village, Tioman (Photo credits: guidegecko.com)

Where To Buy At Tekek Tioman

With no supermarket around, locals rely on mini marts scattered around the island.

Besides these, there are duty free shops and souvenir shops in Tekek Village!

1. Vision Commerce Duty Free Shop

For Tioman standards, this is a large shop and you can’t miss it because if you turn left after arriving at Tekek jetty.

Duty-free shop at Tekek - Vision Commerce

Duty-free shop at Tekek. (Source: tioman.org)

Buy all sorts of wares here like mugs, t-shirts, crockery, magnets, snacks and even traditional ointments at the biggest duty free shop in Tekek!

Opening Hours: 7am to 10pm

2. QKS Duty Free Shop

This is another duty free shop in Tekek. The many liquor brands available here draw alcohol drinkers here frequently.

QKS Duty Free Shop at Tekek Village

Opening Hours: 9am to 10pm

3. Peladang Mini Mart at Tioman Peladang Chalet

If you somehow find yourself in a situation where you need stationery, this is the place to go!

They also happen to sell bottles of petrol at RM4 each.

Opening Hours: 7:30am to 11pm

4. Cheers Souvenirs

Cheers Souvenirs may be a mini mart but they also have souvenirs for sale.

Cheers Garden Chalet & Minimart

Other services they offer are laundry service, bicycle rental, motorcycle rental and rental for snorkelling gear.

Opening Hours: 9am to 11pm

Note: Deposit rates are applicable if you rent their stuff.

5. Take Away Shop

This simple convenience store sells snacks (and ice cream!) petrol.

Opening Hours: 8am to 11pm

6. Impian Mini Market

Run out of sunscreen? This mini market has some of the lowest prices for sunscreen.

Impian Mini Market at Tekek

Impian Mini Market at Tekek (Photo credits: guidegecko.com)

Opening Hours: 8am to 11pm

Dive Center At Tekek Tioman

To take advantage of the multiple world-class diving sites around Tioman Island, you’ll need to enlist the services of a dive centre who know the waters best!

There are many diving centres and agents right in Tekek Village!

Diving Sites Nearby:

Tekek Village is blessed to have two stunning dive sites just a short boat ride away!

1. KM Sipadan & Sawadee Wrecks

Three shipwrecks form an artificial reef that is home to many different types of fish including:

  • Snapper
  • Stonefish
  • Lionfish
  • Yellow tail barracuda
  • Fusiliers
  • Frogfish
  • Crocodile fish
  • And more!

2. Renggis Island

Renowned for its abundant marine life, Renggis Island is easy enough for beginners to explore as the water is quite shallow!

Bird's Eye View of Pulau Renggis at Tioman Island

Renggis Island at Tioman Island – Photo credits to malaysiatravelresorts

While here, you might see a black-tip reef shark or a turtle!

Note: Some dive agents offer night dives here.

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Nightlife At Tekek Tioman

Nothing much happens at night at Tekek Village.

If you do want to get out and meet some people or have a drink, then any of these places will do the trick!

1. Tioman Cabana Beach Bistro

This rustic café and bar in front of the beach comes alive at night (starting at 7pm)!

Enjoy some live music and the atmosphere.

Nightlife at Tioman Cabana Beach Bistro

Nightlife at Tioman Cabana Beach Bistro (Photo credits: tioman.org)

Note: Sometimes, they will have some fire performers come to entertain their customers!

2. Beach Bar at Berjaya Tioman Resort

Berjaya Tioman Resort’s seaside bar serves snacks and beverages from 4pm until 12am.

Beach Bar at Berjaya Tioman Resort

3. Fortune Courtyard at Berjaya Tioman Resort

If you need a comfortable and airy place to celebrate a special occasion, make a booking at Fortune Courtyard at Berjaya Tioman Resort.

Where To Stay In Tekek Tioman

So many places to stay – we’ll just breeze through them so you have an inkling of which to consider for your stay in Tekek Village!

Many of these have their own jungle trekking tour or snorkeling packages too.

1. Tioman Cabana

Tioman Cabana has breezy and basic seafront accommodation (Dormitory, twin, triple or quad rooms) with fans and hot showers that backpackers and large groups can get behind!

Tioman Cabana at Tekek Village

Included with their prices:

  • WiFi
  • Breakfast every day of your stay
  • Use of snorkeling gear, bicycles and stand-up paddleboards

Note: You can book snorkeling trips from here too!

2. Selesa Tioman c/o Tioman Horizon Condotel

“Selesa” means comfortable in Malay. And this hotel achieves that with their apartment-style accommodation which have their own kitchenettes!

Selesa Tioman at Tekek

The hotel is on high ground and you can see your surroundings from the private balcony which comes with each apartment!


  • They have family rooms (quad) and a swimming pool!
  • You can book snorkeling and other packages like fishing
  • 20-minute walk from Bunut Beach

3. Berjaya Tioman Resort (Recommended)

Tioman Island’s largest resort has abundant facilities and activities available that keep guests coming throughout the years!

Berjaya Tioman Resort At Tekek Village

Such facilities/ activities include:

  • Tennis courts
  • Swimming pool
  • Multiple restaurants
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • A dive center
  • And more!

Berjaya Tioman Resort is on the western side of Tekek. They have seafront rooms that are delightfully close to the beach!

Packages for Berjaya Tioman Resort:

4. Swiss Cottage Tioman (Recommended)

Swiss Cottage Tioman is a small family-owned resort with a dive center on the premises and a reef close by!

Swiss Cottage Tioman at Tekek

You can stay in a bungalow, one of the chalets (either seaview or garden view) which are popular with couples, or their terrace rooms!

Their restaurant at the reception area, is only open for breakfast ( free) and lunch and serves Western and some local food.

Note: Rooms here get booked out fast!

5. Persona Island Resort

The family who manage this budget resort are very hospitable.

Their spacious rooms in the 2-storey building all include air-conditioning and hot showers. Triple rooms are available too!

Persona Island Resort at Tekek

There is a common open-air area for having meals but you can also dine inside the restaurant next door.

Note: The beach is 100 metres from this resort.

6. Babura Seaview Resort

Practically beside the Swiss Cottage Tioman south of Tekek, this resort is conveniently close to the beach and offers simple and clean rooms in their main building.

Babura Seaview Resort at Tekek

There are even honeymoon suites and triple rooms!

They have their own ferry service which can take you around Tioman Island for sightseeing!

Note: Not all rooms come with sea views!

7. Cheers Garden Chalet & Minimart

Pristine jungle encroaches on the premises of Cheers Garden Chalet which sits somewhere along the road through Tekek Village. With the beach still close enough to walk to!

Cheers Garden Chalet at Tekek Village

Colorful chalets for 2 to 5 people are cheerfully decorated and come with fans or air-conditioning.

The resort has their own minimart where you can rent a motorcycle or bicycle too!

8. Coral Reef Tioman/Coral Reef Holidays

Coral Reef Tioman is a small family-run budget resort on Tekek beach right next to Tioman Cabana.

Coral Reef Tioman at Tekek

You can book rooms closer to the beach or further inland. With or without air-conditioning, but all rooms come with their own bathroom and WiFi access!

Their biggest chalet can accommodate up to 8 people!

9. RN Global Guesthouse

Rather than the conventional beach huts, RN Global Guesthouse is actually a spacious bungalow (quite close to Tioman Cabana) that you can reserve for your whole crew!

There are various  air-conditioned rooms, a lounge, a fully-equipped kitchen and multiple bathrooms with hot showers!

You get free WiFi, bicycle rental and your own cabana!

10. Tioman Peladang Chalet

Close to the Marine Park and a 5 minutes’ walk from Tekek Jetty, the inland wooden chalets here come with WiFi, hot showers, air-conditioning and a porch you can relax on!

Tioman Peladang Chalet at Tekek VillageThey offer fishing and snorkeling trips. And if you get hungry, you can visit their on-site restaurant or mini mart.

11. 1108 Tekek

Stay at their white and simple beach shacks with air conditioning and hot showers. The prices vary according to the views (e.g. garden, sea, or “middle hut”).

1108 Tekek

Newer dormitory-style accommodation is also available here.

Note: WiFi is only limited to the main area of the resort.

12. Go Deeper Tioman

A budget resort right next to the Marine Park! And a diving centre to boot!

Go Deeper Tioman

Go Deeper Tioman – Photo credits to booking.com

The accommodation is rather unique – Concrete containers stacked together. The 16 rooms come with air-conditioning, a queen bed and WiFi access.

Bath facilities are in a separate building and are shared among guests.

Useful Information For Tekek Tioman

Just in case:

1. Tekek Health Clinic (Klinik Kesihatan Tekek)

For any incidents that require immediate medical attention, you’ll have to come to Tekek Village.

As this is the only clinic on Tioman Island!

Clinic at Tekek Tioman

Clinic at Tekek Tioman

If you’re not staying close to Tekek Village, you might have to take a water taxi to Tekek Village.

2. Tioman Airport

While this airport isn’t in operation anymore (at least for commercial flights anyways):

Small Plane at Tekek Airport

Small Plane at Tekek Airport. (Photo credits: tioman.org)

This is where you’ll find the sole ATM machine on the entire island!

Still, don’t count on it to be functional when you’re there! Bring ample cash to last you for your trip!

And if you need it, the island’s post office is opposite the airport!

3. Bank Simpanan Nasional

This is a local Malaysian bank and they happen to have one branch on Tioman Island, right in Tekek Village.

Bank Simpanan Nasional At Tekek, Tioman Island

Bank Simpanan Nasional At Tekek, Tioman Island (Photo credits: pulautioman.com.my)

4. Masjid Kampung Tekek

There are 3 mosques on Tioman Island and one of them is Masjid Kampung Tekek.

Newly updated with facilities and with nice views of the surroundings too!

5. Wildlife on Tioman Island

Cats are prevalent throughout the island. As are monitor lizards and monkeys!

Don’t leave scraps of food lying around and don’t feed the animals!

6. WiFi on Tioman Island

WiFi in most places is poor. Even at the resorts, the WiFi is seldom reliable.

What the locals do instead, is to get a sim card package. You can buy these from the mini marts and the post office at Tekek Village.