Singapore To Tioman Package

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive package from Singapore to Tioman:

You’ve come to the right place!

GoIslands offers many packages for durations up to 4 days and 3 nights to experience an unforgettable getaway on Tioman Island!

And if you desire, GoIsland can even provide the overland transfer from Singapore to Tioman Island by private car!

Singapore To Tioman Package

Getting a Singapore To Tioman Package is a fuss-free means to booking accommodation and transport all in one go!

Be it snorkeling, hiking, a honeymoon or a trip to the spa, there’ll be a package that will suit your interests!

Genting Beach At Tioman Island

Genting Beach At Tioman Island (Photo credits:

Choose your package according to the resort that you find most favorable!

All packages include accommodation, meals and ferry transfer to and from Tioman Island!

Step 1: Choose A Private Car Or Bus To Mersing Jetty Or Tanjung Gemok Jetty

First, let’s cover the logistics of getting to Tioman Island from Singapore!

You can either go by a private car or with a bus!

1. Singapore To Tioman Package By Private Car

Transport from Singapore to and from Tioman Island can be part of any Tioman Island packages.

Singapore to Mersing Tioman

But let’s get into why you should go for the private car service together with a Tioman package:

Suitable for:

  • Travellers with a lot of baggage
  • Families with young children and elders
  • Anyone who wants to have an easier immigration crossing

Pros Of Taking A Tioman Private Car Package:

  • Convenient – No need to wait as you must for a bus! Or get down for the immigration!
  • Fair prices
  • Reliable drivers that are familiar with the route and well-maintained cars
  • Spacious cars that will ensure a comfortable ride
  • Direct transfer from your doorstep to Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty
  • Booking is easy!

Cons Of Taking A Tioman Private Car Package:

  • Not the cheapest option for a solo traveller!

We highly recommend you to ride with SGMYTAXI from Singapore to Tioman Island!

Note: You can choose either the private car service or a coach to combine with the packages below.

2. Singapore To Tioman Bus Package By Bus

Another option for transport from Singapore to and from Tioman is to take the bus or coach!

This is typically a 3 hour journey if traffic is light.

WTS Travel Coach from Singapore to Tioman

Suitable for:

  • Solo travellers
  • Groups without young children or elders
  • Travellers with light luggage

These are the few bus operators that do offer Tioman Island packages to either Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty as well.

  1. WTS Travel
  2. KKKL Travel & Tours
  3. Discover Tours & Travel

All of the above operators have the following packages:

  • Bus and ferry ticket
  • Bus and ferry ticket as well as accommodation

KKKL Express from Singapore to Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty

Pros Of Taking A Tioman Coach Package:

  • Buses don’t usually have weight limits for luggage – the limit is up to how much you are willing to drag around!
  • Most affordable way to get to Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty

Cons Of Taking A Tioman Coach Package:

  • Don’t forget that you have to alight from the bus (with your luggage) in order to go through immigration at the Singapore-Johor border!
  • Coaches usually leave at 6:30am or even 6:00am in the morning!
  • Tendency to get stuck at the Johor-Singapore Causeway

Unfortunately, there aren’t many different resorts in the packages that are available from these coach operators.

Here are more Singapore to Tioman Island packages that you can check out.

Step 2: Choose A Tioman Island Resort Package

Next up, is the accommodation!

There 6 listed here and they each have their own perks!

1. Berjaya Tioman Resort Package

Berjaya Tioman Resort At Tekek Village

Just 5 minutes’ drive from Tekek Jetty, Berjaya Tioman Resort is one of the more popular resorts on the island:


Good food, an abundance of facilities like the swimming pool and a full massage and spa service!

And it doesn’t hurt that the largest duty free shop is nearby in the lively Tekek Village!

Berjaya Tioman Resort

Photo credits to

If you would prefer newer rooms though, you may want to look elsewhere like Barat Tioman Beach Resort or Aman Tioman Beach Resort – both are in this list too!

Berjaya Tioman Resort Packages:

Note: The first two packages have more value for money!

2. Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort Package

Highly favored among Singaporeans:

Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort is a 3-star resort with a wide selection of different room arrangements, as well as 2 swimming pools!

Crystal Clear Sea Water And Beautiful Beach In Front of Paya Beach Resort

One of these pools is set aside for guests learning how to dive for the first time!

As this resort has its own dive center!

Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort Packages:

3. Aman Tioman Beach Resort Package

Aman Tioman Beach Resort is a new resort on Tioman Island right by the Paya Jetty.

Aman Tioman Beach Resort

Photo credits to

They have large modern rooms that are very comfortable, excellent service and while their beach is not the prettiest:

Their marvelous landscaping makes up for it!

Fun fact: The pool water comes from a natural source.

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4. The Barat Tioman Beach Resort Package

Seeing that The Barat Tioman Beach Resort is 45 minutes’ drive away from Tekek Jetty:

It’s a little quieter on this side of the island!

Beach In Front of Barat Tioman Beach Resort

The logistical inconvenience is worthwhile as you get to have the lovely beach and the pool mostly to yourself!

Rooms are in great condition. And they offer set lunches rather than the usual buffet spread.

Swimming Pool at The Barat Tioman Beach Resort

Note: Forget about WiFi here as it’s not very reliable.

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5. Sun Beach Resort Package From Singapore

It’s perfectly okay to want to save on accommodation but spend a little more on activities!

Sun Beach Resort

Photo credits to

In the middle of Genting Village (Kampung Genting):

Sun Beach Resort is known for their affordably priced rooms and great snorkeling trips! They have a pool too albeit with no frills!

And after your snorkeling session, they will take you to a duty-free shop for a visit.

Note: The budget rooms here do not have air-conditioning or hot showers.

6. Salang Indah Resort Package From Singapore

Planning to do some snorkeling on your own?

Salang Indah Resort has one of the best snorkeling sites and beach on the island! And there’s plenty to eat at Salang village too.

View From Salang Sayang Chalet

Photo credits to tripadvisor

At Salang Indah Resort, there are a wide range of different room types available!

They have their own restaurant and cafe as well.

Note: Opt for the newer chalets!