How To Go To Mersing Jetty From Singapore

Most tourists (local or international) essentially make the overland trip to Mersing Jetty simply to take the ferry over to Tioman Island or Rawa Island.

It is a journey that you can undertake from many Malaysian cities like Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Johor Bahru!

You can even get to Mersing Jetty from Singapore!

Which is the topic of this post!

Find out which is the best possible way to reach Mersing Jetty from Singapore!

1. How To Go To Mersing Jetty From Singapore

Mersing Jetty is in the little coastal town called Mersing on the east coast of Johor, close to the border between Johor and Pahang.

Mersing Jetty Johor

Mersing Jetty

From here, you can take the 2-hour ferry from Mersing Jetty to Tioman Island or a speedboat to many other islands like Besar Island, Tengah Island and of course, Mersing Jetty To Rawa Island.

Read on about transport to Mersing Jetty!

Mersing Jetty Location:

1.1. Private Car To Mersing Jetty From Singapore

There are a lot of advantages to taking a private car service from Singapore to Mersing Jetty!

Singapore to Mersing Tioman

For starters, you don’t even have to alight from the vehicle during the immigration clearance between Singapore and Johor!

Which is so much more convenient! Why stress yourself out right at the beginning of your highly anticipated holiday?

Suitable for:

  • Travelers who don’t have time to waste
  • Groups of 4 or more
  • Families with seniors and young children


  • Direct transfer from your home in Singapore and leave at any time you want!
  • No transits or queues
  • Very comfortable – Enough space for everyone and the luggage too!
  • Safe – Travel in well-maintained cars
  • Reliable drivers who are familiar with the route
  • Uncomplicated online booking process
  • Affordable & reasonable pricing rates


  • Expensive for solo travelers


So, which private car service should you book?

Consider SGMYTAXI, a private car service that specializing in providing transfers with maximum comfort & ease between Singapore and Mersing Jetty.

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1.2. Bus To Mersing Jetty From Singapore

Mersing is a popular destination for Singaporeans. More so during school holidays and other long public holidays!

Hence, there’s more than one bus operator offering routes from Singapore to Mersing Jetty (or Mersing Bus Terminal):

  1. KKKL Express
  2. Transnasional
  3. Starmart Express

Bus Operators from Singapore to Tioman Island

Of these, Transnasional has the most daily departures – one in the morning, the second in the evening and another at night!

Note: Times may vary from the times shown here. Do check with the respective bus operator before you book.

Bus Operators KKKL Express Transnasional Starmart Express
Departure 1. Kovan Hub/ Kovan Heartland Mall 1. The Plaza 1. Golden Mile Tower
2. Bugis MRT Exit D taxi stand 2. Boon Lay
Arrival Mersing Jetty Mersing Bus Terminal Mersing Jetty
First Bus 6:00am (Kovan Hub) 9:00am 6:31am (Golden Mile Tower)
Last Bus 6:30am (Bugis MRT Exit D taxi stand) 10:00pm 7:16am (Boon Lay)
Duration ~3 to 5 hours
Price Range SGD $31 SGD $33.90 SGD $35

Tip: It’s better to take an early bus (around 6am) so you can catch Tioman ferry around 11am from Mersing Jetty and reach Tioman in the early afternoon.

How To Book Bus Ticket To Mersing Jetty From Singapore:

It’s not rocket science to book a bus ticket to Mersing Jetty from Singapore!

In fact, you can book a bus from any of the 3 bus operators on busonlineticket! Select your date and pick the departure time and place that is most suitable for you!

1.3. Coach To Mersing Jetty From Singapore

Aside from taking a bus to Mersing Jetty from Singapore:

You can opt to take a coach service from either of these coach operators:

  1. WTS
  2. Discovery Tours

WTS Travel Coach from Singapore to Tioman

Both coaches depart from Singapore Flyer at 6:30am.

So if you live close to Singapore Flyer, this is a viable option for you!

Bus Operators WTS Discovery Tours
Departure Singapore Flyer
Departure time (Singapore) 6:30am 6:30am
Departure time (Mersing) 6:00pm 5:30pm
Duration 4 hours
Price (2-Way) ~SGD $40 ~SGD $50

How To Book Coach Ticket To Mersing Jetty From Singapore:

You can buy coach tickets for Discovery Tours and WTS on their respective websites!


  • Buses/ coaches are generally comfortable but do bring a jacket with you because it can get really cold inside!
  • You don’t have to drive
  • Affordable


  • Frequently stuck in traffic, particularly on weekends!
  • Longer travel time
  • Inconvenient to disembark for immigration and board again afterwards

1.4. Self-Driving To Mersing Jetty From Singapore

If you have your own car and would like to keep your plans as flexible as possible:

Driving up to Mersing Jetty from Singapore is another way to get there, without the stress of relying on public transport!

Self-Drive to Mersing or Tanjung Gemok Jetty

This allows you to go at your own pace and maybe do some sightseeing along the way too!

Route 1 – Via Kota Tinggi:

Singapore (via Laluan Persekutuan 3/AH18) – Johor Bahru – Ulu Tiram –  Kota Tinggi – Jemaluang – Mersing Jetty

Self-Drive from Singapore to Mersing

Mersing Jetty from Singapore Route 1 Details:

Duration: 3-3.5 hours

Route 2 – Via Ayer Hitam:

Singapore (via AH2) – Johor Bahru – Ayer Hitam (via Route 50/Laluan Persekutuan 3/AH18) – Kluang – Kahang – Mersing Jetty

Self-Drive from Singapore to Mersing Route 2

Mersing Jetty from Singapore Route 2 Details:

Duration: ~3.5 hours

Where To Park At Mersing Jetty

There 4 car parks by Mersing Jetty but these are usually full on weekends or on public holidays!

  1. Location A
  2. Location B
  3. Location C
  4. Location D

Where To Park At Mersing Jetty

Location D is just for visitors that are going to Rawa Island!

Price: It costs roughly RM15/day to park your car overnight.


  • Flexible – You decide all the times, routes, stopovers, etc
  • Usually faster than taking the bus!


  • You have to pay for toll, gas and parking
  • It takes considerable mental energy to drive for ~3 hours (More if you’re stuck in a jam!)
  • Your car will be at the mercy of the sun while you’re on holiday!
  • Leaving your car overnight is at your own risk!

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Have a good idea of which transport works best for your travel from Singapore to Mersing Jetty now?

Remember that your travel period plays a crucial role if you want to have the smoothest  journey to Mersing Jetty!