Salang Tioman Island

Salang Tioman Island is at the northern tip on the west coast of Tioman Island.

The secluded bay typically draws scores of international backpackers for the livelier nightlife, affordable accommodation and its proximity to some of Tioman Island’s best diving sites!

Let’s dive right in!

Salang Village (Kampung Salang), Tioman

At Salang village, you can certainly meet like-minded travellers with a penchant for diving at the numerous pubs and restaurants or string of budget hotels close by.

Occasionally, resorts will host bonfire parties at the beach!

Salang Village At Tioman Island

Salang Village At Tioman Island (Photo credits:

The village serves as the starting point for many diving trips to coral reefs and wrecks in the surrounding waters.

Popular diving sites include:

  1. Chebeh
  2. Batu Malang
  3. Coral Island (Pulau Tulai)
  4. Fan Canyon

Salang village is smaller than ABC village so everything is clustered together which makes exploring on foot tremendously easy!

Jetty Nearby: Salang Jetty

Salang Jetty is often the final stop for both ferry operators from Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty.

Last Ferry Stop From Mersing - Salang Jetty

Last Ferry Stop From Mersing – Salang Jetty (Photo credits:

Getting Around Salang Tioman

Walking around is convenient in Salang Village. You can even walk to ABC Village from here!

Air Batang Beach In Tioman Island

Air Batang Beach In Tioman Island (Photo credits:

But if you want to visit another village (e.g. Genting, Tekek or Juara), you can pay a water taxi to take you there!

Note: Water taxis charge double during the night!

Most hotels do have the option for guests to charter a boat for the whole day as well.

There’s no direct way to get to Juara from Salang by land. You can however, start at Tekek village first, then pay a local to fetch you to Juara Village via scooter or taxi!

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What To Do At Salang Tioman

It’s back to nature at Salang Village as there will be no duty-free shops here! You can spend your entire day outdoors!

  1. Relax on the soft sand at the beach
  2. Snorkel straight off the beach
  3. Go on a diving trip
  4. Try local food
  5. Get a beer and enjoy the sunset
  6. Take on a jungle trek to Monkey Bay or ABC Village
Monkey Beach at Tioman Island

Monkey Beach. (Source:

Beach At Salang Tioman

Salang Beach is gorgeous!

Salang Bay At Salang, Tioman Island

Salang Bay At Salang, Tioman Island. (Photo credits:

Situated in a secluded crescent-shaped bay fringed by thick jungle:

The shallow waters of the lagoon are absolutely delightful for snorkeling or scuba diving!

It’s possible to shore dive from here too!

Or you can bask in the sun on the beach in peace!


  • The southern end of the bay is good for snorkeling
  • If you go snorkeling by the jetty, you’ll find plenty of fish living by the house reef as well as Salang Wreck.

Where To Eat At Salang Tioman

Compared to the other villages on Tioman Island:

Salang Village has an astounding number of restaurants. You can easily find Western or Asian cuisine!

Seafood barbeques are a must-try!

Outdoor Dining at Salang, Tioman Island

Outdoor Dining at Salang, Tioman Island. (Photo credits:

Basic Eateries (Malay Fare):

  • Salang Complex – Small hawker center frequented by locals with cheap Malay food

Good for breakfast:

  • Salang Indah Restaurant – Western and Malay breakfast options

Good for BBQ seafood:

  • Salang Dream Restaurant – Right next to the jetty; They have Thai dishes here too!
  • Salang Pusaka Restaurant – Romantic environment
  • Mini White House Café – Simple sea shack with an affordable couple steamboat set
  • Salang Indah Restaurant – Barbeque by the beach
  • Salang Sayang Restaurant – More expensive but it’s right on the beach!
BBQ Seafood At Salang Village

BBQ Seafood At Salang Village (Photo credits:

Good for western food:

  • Aina’s Bakery at Salang Complex – Affordable pizzas!

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Where To Buy At Salang Tioman

While you will not find any duty-free shops or supermarkets at Salang Village, they do have mini marts around if you need to get some basic necessities!

Mini markets commonly sell the following items:

  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Some beachwear
  • Basic toiletries

And it’s worth asking if they have:

  • Snorkeling gear for rent
  • Water taxi service

Note: Armila Sports Centre – This bright yellow stall by the jetty is one such place where you can rent snorkeling gear and hire a water taxi!

1. Salang Beach Mini Market

If you happen to stay the northernmost resorts like Salang Hut or Ella’s place, this will be the nearest mini market!

Salang Indah Mini Market At Salang Indah Resort

Salang Indah Mini Market At Salang Indah Resort (Photo credits:

Note: If you are staying at Salang Indah Resort, there is a mini market on-site!

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2. Sukry Batek

This is a souvenir shop where you can pick up colorful sarongs, bags and other items.

Sukry Batek At Salang Village Tioman

Sukry Batek At Salang Village Tioman (Photo credits:

3. Ng Cafe

Despite the name, this is actually a stall selling beer – the cheapest you can find on Tioman Island!

4. Money Changers In Salang

In case you need to exchange currency, you can head over to any of these locations:

  1. Salang Indah Resort
  2. Salang Pusaka Resort (or Khalid’s Place)

Note: Of course, the exchange rates are not that good!

Dive Center At Salang Tioman

Salang Village is the diving hub of Tioman Island so you do have plenty of choices when it comes to diving agents and sites!

Diving Centre/Agents:

  1. Malaysia Dive Team
  2. Salang Bay Divers
  3. Marine Monkees
  4. Scuba-Naut Dive Centre
  5. Azmi DIVE
  6. B&J Diving Centre

Diving Centre At Salang Village

Diving Sites nearby:

  1. North Point
  2. Salang Jetty
  3. Terdau
  4. Soyak Island
Snorkeling Near Pulau Soyak-A Small Rocky Island At Salang Bay

Snorkeling Near Pulau Soyak At Salang Bay. (Photo credits:

Nightlife At Salang Tioman

Salang has the most happening nightlife in all of Tioman Island!

As long as you don’t expect anything close to the pace of a nightclub, there are adequate places to enjoy a night out!

1. Four-s Café

Under Tioman standards, this bar by Salang Jetty has an impressive cocktail list! They have some unusual mixes you might care to try like Hell Gates’ or ‘A day at the beach’.

Four's Cafe At Salang Village

Four’s Cafe At Salang Village (Photo credits:

And if you don’t know what to choose from their 60 different cocktails, you can always go for the classics like ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ or even ‘Singapore Sling’.

They do have other beverages here too, including sodas and beer.

It’s a casual place to relax and listen to music after a busy day in the ocean.

2. Ella’s Place

Ella’s Place has something of a backpackers’ lodge feel to it.

Welcome to Ella's Place at Salang Village Tioman

You can make new friends here while exchanging diving adventures!

Or just curl up in one of the hammocks by the patio and enjoy the evening sea breeze!

Where To Stay In Salang Tioman

Salang may be known mostly for budget accommodation but these resorts usually offer more comfortable rooms that you can book too!

With the budget options, you can get a room with a fan, cold showers and basic furnishings for as low as RM30 per night!

1. Salang Indah Resort (Recommended)

Of all the hotels at Salang, Salang Indah Resort is the largest! They have many different room types like basic chalets and family rooms.

Salang Indah Resort At Tioman Island

Tip: Go for the rooms at the south side of the resort for more convenient beach access!

2. Puteri Salang Inn (Recommended)

Puteri Salang Inn offers both budget style rooms with just fans and they also have rooms that are double the rate but have air conditioning.

Puteri Salang Inn At Salang Village

Puteri Salang Inn At Salang Village (Photo credits:

All of their rooms come with an attached bathroom and cold showers!

3. Salang Pusaka Resort Tioman & Segipong Bay Campsite

Choose between bungalows and chalet-style accommodation. Some have air-conditioning, a fridge and hot showers!

Salang Pusaka Resort At Salang Village Tioman

And if you like, you can book a whole “house” complete with 3 rooms and a kitchen!

Or you can stay in a tent at the Segipong Bay Campsite which is under the same management as Salang Pusaka Resort

4. Salang Sayang Resort (Recommended)

Salang Sayang (or Zaid’s Place) is worth considering if you fancy staying closer to the beach south of the jetty.

Salang Sayang Resort Entrance

Photo credits to tripadvisor

They have basic rooms with fans and cold showers and pricier rooms with air-conditioning and hot showers! Hillside or seaside – you choose!

5. Pearl Bay Resort

Pearl Bay Resort faces the ocean and the cheap room rates make up for the old rooms.

The beach is on the rocky side but it is very peaceful here.

Note: You can rent out a BBQ set here!

6. Ella's Place

Ella’s Place is a beachfront resort with warm hosts in a quiet corner of Salang! They do offer rooms with air-conditioning with sea views and cheaper rooms at the back.

Ella's Place Tioman At Salang Village

Ella’s Place Tioman At Salang Village (Photo credits:

Breakfast and WiFi is available at their cosy open-air common spaces.

7. Nora's Chalet

There are only 10 cabins here at Nora’s Chalet behind Salang Pusaka Resort. The accommodation is very simple and the low room rates reflect this!

Nora's Chalet At Salang Village

Nora’s Chalet At Salang Village (Photo credits:

Tip: Opt for the rooms with air con! The rooms with fans get too warm for comfort!

The wooden cabins are not directly in front of the beach but the property is beautiful. Besides the surrounding greenery, they have a lovely garden.

8. Pak Long Chalet

This family-run budget hotel behind Salang Village has a quaint kampung (traditional Malay village) atmosphere. The sole facility here is the on-site restaurant which serves local fare.

Pak Long Chalet at Salang Village

Pak Long Chalet at Salang Village (Photo credits:

Guests can either book the older budget chalets or the new air-conditioned villas. Both only have cold showers in the attached bathrooms.

Note: The beach is not that close. It takes a few minutes to walk to the beach!