Paya Tioman Island

Paya Tioman Island is undeniably one of Tioman Island’s most popular villages despite its small size.

You don’t really lack anything except nightlife if you plan to stay in Paya Village for your island vacation!

There’s plenty to see, do and eat at Paya Village already! Plus, the little beach is one of the prettiest on the island!

Paya Village (Kampung Paya), Tioman

Jetty Nearby: Paya Jetty

All ferry services from Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty will definitely make a stop at Paya Jetty.

Paya Jetty Tioman

Paya Jetty Tioman (Photo credits:

Getting Around Paya Tioman

Paya Village’s nearest neighbor is none other than hilly Genting Village. The walking distance between them is actually by a mere 20 minutes!

Jetty at Paya, Tioman Island

Jetty at Paya, Tioman Island. (Photo credits:

And it is possible to hike up to Tekek Village and even to Juara Village if you are a keen hiker!

But for the most part, water taxis or the ferry service is the best way (in terms of ease) to get around Tioman Island and visit other villages.

Like Salang Village or Air Batang (ABC) Village, for instance!

What To Do At Paya Tioman

You can basically do everything you would be able do in the bigger villages like Tekek Village right here in Paya Village!

So don’t feel that you’re missing out!

  1. Go snorkeling or diving
  2. Stay dry with kayaking or a banana boat
  3. Play beach volleyball
  4. Ride an ATV
Ride An ATV At Paya Tioman

Ride An ATV At Paya Tioman (Photo credits:

  1. Do some beach yoga on your own or join an early morning session (depends on your resort)
  2. Cycle around the village or up to Genting Village
  3. Shop at the duty free store
  4. Jungle trek in Paya:

Jungle Trekking In Paya Tioman

  1. Paya to Tekek Village – This walk takes you over a hill and on to a track behind the beach at the southern end of Tekek.

Note: Go through the golf course until Berjaya Resort. If you’re ready for a 3-hour hike, you can keep going till Juara Village.

Jungle Trekking At Paya Tioman

Jungle Trekking At Paya Tioman (Photo credits:

  1. Paya to Genting Village – It’s a pleasant 20-minute walk through Melina Beach Resort to get to Genting Village from Paya Village.
  2. Short hike to Rock Falls15-minutes trek that takes you behind the Paya Beach Resort.
Roack Falls At Paya Village

Roack Falls At Paya Village (Photo credits:

  1. Gunung Kajang – 1083 meters tall and the highest summit on the island, the total duration is 10 hours! Overnight camping is available.

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Beach At Paya Tioman

Paya Beach is a short stretch (0.5km) of fine sand that gives off a golden hue.

You can snorkel in the deeper water closer to the end point of the jetty.

Paya Beach At Tioman Island

Paya Beach At Tioman Island (Photo credits:

Where To Eat At Paya Tioman

Luckily, you don’t have to wander far too far to find a decent restaurant at Paya Village!

Note: Most restaurants offer seafood prepared and cooked in Asian fashion!

Asian Seafood At Paya Tioman

  1. Restaurant at Sri Paya Tioman Chalet: Sri Paya Restaurant – Malay and Thai style cooking.
  2. Restoran Paya Cafe Corner – Pretty decent Ramly burgers here.
  3. Restaurants at Aman Tioman Resort:
    • Fatty Grill Fish – Only open at dinner from 7pm to 10pm; Malaysia grill style
    • Ocean Bliss Chinese Restaurant
    • Aman Kopitiam – For Malaysian fare; Breakfast and lunch
Restaurants at Aman Tioman Beach Resort

Restaurants at Aman Tioman Beach Resort (Photo credits:

  1. Restaurants at Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort:
    • Rama-Rama Restaurant  
    • Beach Bar & Grill – From 7pm to 1am, the grill is open! Asian/ fusion style.
    • Paya Island Kitchen – Pre-dawn breakfast kitchen
    • Buffet – Daily buffet serving breakfast, lunch and dinner
Rama-Rama Restaurant At Paya Beach Resort

Rama-Rama Restaurant At Paya Beach Resort (Photo credits:

Note: You can book a candlelit dinner by the beach too!

  1. Restaurants at Tioman Paya Resort: They have an on-site Chinese restaurant that is halal and a coffee house.
  2. Restaurant Jeti Paya – Seafood restaurant by the jetty

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Chinese Seafood At Paya Tioman

Chinese Restaurant – a simple restaurant at Paya Debloc Village

Chinese Food At Paya Village

Chinese Food At Paya Village (Photo credits:

Cafe At Paya Tioman

  1. Esmilksso Café – Open from 8am to 11pm with views of the sea, this is a cute glass shack by the jetty with lovely beverages.
  2. Sunrise Cafe –  Their specialty are the Ramli burgers they serve with two beef patties wrapped in egg (Special King Beefs).
Sunrise Cafe At Paya Tioman

Sunrise Cafe At Paya Tioman (Photo credits:

Where To Buy At Tekek Tioman

Surprisingly, you can still do some amount of shopping at this little village!

1. Duty-free Shop At Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort

Among its other facilities, Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort has its own little duty free shop where they sell liquor, cigars, tobacco, perfumes, cosmetics, traditional handicrafts and apparel.

Duty-free shop at Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort

Duty-free shop at Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort (Photo credits:

2. Convenience Store At Aman Tioman Resort

Should you need a snack while at your stay in Aman Tioman Resort, you can have a look at their on-site mini mart!

3. Sundry Shop At Tioman Paya Resort

At Tioman Paya Resort, you can even pick up souvenirs at the sundry shop besides the some basic goods!

Sundry shop at Tioman Paya Resort

Sundry shop at Tioman Paya Resort (Photo credits: tripadvisor)

Dive Center At Paya Tioman

For a small village, Paya Tioman has quite a few diving centres and agents.

Diving Centre/Agents:

  1. Aman Tioman Dive Centre
  2. Udive Tioman
  3. Burger Dive Team
  4. Divers Cove
  5. De Dive Centre
Dive Center At Paya Tioman

Dive Center At Paya Tioman (Photo credits:

Diving Sites Nearby:

The dive sites close to Paya Village are suitable for beginner divers

1. Tumok

This shallow dive site also goes by the name, Tanjung Gemuk. It’s a small island really close to Paya Bay. You may spot a resident turtle if you’re lucky!

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2. Renggis Island

Renggis Island’s central location makes it a favorite for divers and snorkelers from Paya Village, Genting Village and Tekek Village!

Bird's Eye View of Pulau Renggis at Tioman Island

Renggis Island at Tioman Island – Photo credits to malaysiatravelresorts

The reef is host to bountiful hard coral, fish and even black-tip reef sharks!

3. Labas Island

Labas Island makes for an interesting dive with its many caverns that you can swim through!

The dense coral gardens give rise to a huge variety of fish including nurse sharks, stingrays, moray eels and black-tip reef sharks!

Divers And Clownfish At Labas Island

Divers And Clownfish At Labas Island (Photo credits: grahamemassicks)

PS: This is one of the best dive sites of Tioman Island!

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Nightlife At Paya Tioman

Don’t hope for too much when it comes to nightlife at Paya Village!

Nightlife At Paya Tioman

Nightlife At Paya Tioman (Photo credits:

Your best option is to stick with the bars at the resorts!

1. Beach Club Bar At Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort

They serve duty-free alcohol and beer at their bar but close at midnight! Nice place to view the sunset though!

2. Lounge & Bar At Aman Tioman Resort

From 8pm onwards until midnight, the indoor bar will be selling a selection of beer and snacks.

2pai Bar & Lounge At Aman Tioman Beach Resort

2pai Bar & Lounge At Aman Tioman Beach Resort (Photo credits:

3. Bar At Tioman Paya Resort

There is a bar and lounge at this resort too. Might be just the place to unwind after a long day!

Where To Stay In Paya Tioman

Paya Village has mostly budget accommodation but there are a couple of hotels that are pricey but worth noting down!

1. Aman Tioman Beach Resort (Recommended)

Even though it doesn’t have a coral-free beach, Aman Tioman Beach Resort is one of the newest resorts on Tioman Island.

Aman Tioman Beach Resort

Photo credits to

They have well-equipped contemporary rooms, their own dive centre, a beautiful pool and garden and offer island-hopping services!

Packages for Aman Tioman Beach Resort:

2. Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort (Recommended)

Lodgings come in all shapes and sizes (and with different views) at Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort!

Crystal Clear Sea Water And Beautiful Beach In Front of Paya Beach Resort

They have heaps of facilities including a spa and a second pool just for guests learning how to dive for the first time!

Packages for Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort:

3. Tioman Paya Resort

For a budget hotel, Tioman Paya Resort has quite a lot to bring to the table!

Tioman Paya Resort At Paya Village

Tioman Paya Resort At Paya Village (Photo credits: tripadvisor)

A quiet location, rustic wooden chalets with ensuite bathrooms (plus hot showers) and its own restaurant and bar! Not to mention, a dive shop and a cascade (Rock Falls) close by!

4. Paya Debloc Village

Paya Debloc Village enjoys a favorable location at the front of the beach and not too far from the jetty! There are cheap restaurants that you can walk to as well!

Paya Debloc Village At Paya Tioman

Paya Debloc Village At Paya Tioman (Photo credits:

You can forget about having any WiFi here though! People most come here for the beach and snorkeling!

Rooms do the trick and are spacious and clean with air-conditioning and hot water for the shower!

5. Tioman Eagle Resort Group

If you can settle for the basic kampung living, then this might be an experience in itself!

Tioman Eagle Resort Group At Paya Village

Tioman Eagle Resort Group At Paya Village (Photo credits:

They have cabins and chalets in clusters along the beach and on the edges of the encroaching jungle.

Note: They have cabins that can accommodate 5 people!