Nipah Tioman Island

Nipah Tioman Island is an isolated bay on the west coast of the island between Genting and Mukut Village so if you want to get away from the crowds, this is the place!

Lounge on the 1km worth of untouched golden sand under the shade of trees and in front of crystal clear water!

You do have to go out of your way to reach this place but it’s well worth getting your own slice of paradise to enjoy!

Nipah Village (Kampung Nipah), Tioman

1. How To Get To Nipah Tioman

With no jetty of its own, the only way is to charter a water taxi to fetch you here.

You can do this from any other village on Tioman Island!

Jetty Nearby: Genting Jetty

Genting Jetty Tioman

Private speedboat from Genting Tioman:

If you depart from the closest jetty (Genting Jetty), it will cost ~RM30 one way!

Hotels at Nipah can arrange this transfer.

2. Getting Around Nipah Tioman

You’ll be absolutely fine just to rely on your own two feet while you are in Nipah Tioman.

Nipah Tioman At Low Tide

Nipah Tioman At Low Tide (Photo credits:

However, if you want to go to another village on the island, the most convenient way is to take a water taxi!

Note: There is one village (Genting Village)  you can reach on foot but it requires jungle trekking!

What To Do At Nipah Tioman

At first glance, the things to do in Nipah Tioman don’t differ much from other villages on Tioman Island.

But there are a couple of things on this list that are unique to this quaint village!

1. Diving & Snorkelling

Diving sites and diving centers are evidently lacking on this side of Tioman Island but snorkelling is still decent right in front of the Nipah beach!

Get Up Close With The Fishes While Snorkeling At Paya Beach Resort

Just rent gear from the resorts do some exploring on your own!

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2. Swimming & Kayaking

Like most beaches on Tioman Island, the inviting waters and hot weather will surely tempt you for a swim! Or to take a kayak out, at least!

3. Island hopping

If you get bored of the village, you can always hire a boat service from the resorts to take you around the island for a day.

Bird's Eye View of Pulau Renggis at Tioman Island

Renggis Island at Tioman Island – Photo credits to malaysiatravelresorts

Tioman Island has many villages and each has their own characteristics.

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4. Jungle Trekking To The Next Village – Genting

A single jungle trail connects Nipah Tioman with Genting Tioman.

5. Trekking Tour Through The Jungle To The Summit Of Gunung Kajang

Check with your Nipah resort if the offer any package for two days’ worth of trekking through the jungle and up to the peak of Gunung Kajang.

Gunung Kajang, the tallest mountain at Tioman Island.

Gunung Kajang, the highest mountain at Tioman Island.

Which is Tioman’s highest peak at 1038m above sea level!

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6. See Bioluminescent Seaweed Glows In The Dark

Staying overnight at Nipah Tioman?

Go for a late evening stroll and see if you can spot the glowing plankton in the shallow waters!

Note: If you plan to go back to your resort in another village after seeing the plankton, you should note that water taxis will charge double at night!

7. Wall Climbing (Slab Climbing)

Climbing enthusiasts who are looking for something different other than the usual vertical or overhanging walls may want to check this out!

Rock Climbing At Nipah Tioman

Rock Climbing At Nipah Tioman (Photo credits:

Rather, these are giant sandstone boulders that will test your strength and balancing skills!

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Beach At Nipah Tioman

Since no ferries stop here, the palm-fringed beach is practically all yours! Just the thing if you want to lay out a mat and work on your tan! Or read a book in peace.

Beach Along Nipah, Tioman Island

Beach Along Nipah, Tioman Island. (Photo credits:

If it gets too hot, you can go for a swim at the river mouth where the beach ends!

Where To Eat At Nipah Tioman

Finding somewhere to eat at Nipah is simple since there are only 3 places you can go to!

Restaurant At Nipah Tioman Island

Restaurant At Nipah Tioman Island (Photo credits:

These restaurants offer seafood prepared in the local fashion. Along with some quintessential Malaysian food!

  1. Restaurant At Bersatu Nipah Chalet
  2. Restaurant At Nipahnema Chalets And Restaurant
  3. The Nipah Chalet Beach Front Airbnb – Friendly host, Abbas cooks simple but delightful meals for his guests!

Where To Buy At Nipah Tioman

Stock up on whatever you need before you get to Nipah because there are no convenient stores here!

Dive Center At Nipah Tioman

If you plan to spend most of your time diving, there are other villages on Tioman Island that you should look into.

Like Salang Tioman that is popular for its ample diving opportunities and facilities.

Diving Centre/Agents:

Still, if you want to dive close to Nipah, the resorts here are able to make the necessary arrangements. With extra charges on top, of course.

And you have to make a booking with the resort before you get to Nipah!

Diving Sites Nearby:

Diving around Nipah is limited to 2 spots essentially but both will require a boat trip out!

Diving with Sea Turtle at Tioman Island

Diving with Sea Turtle at Tioman Island.

1. Batu Sepoi

Lots of variety when it comes to marine life including travellies, sharks and barracuda!

2. Batu Jahat

This is a good spot for macro diving as you’ll see a whole bunch of colorful nudibranchs, pelagics (i.e. reef fish) and other coral critters.

Batu Jahat Diving Site Near Tioman Island

Batu Jahat Diving Site Near Tioman Island (Photo credits: Instagram@mamirfarhan)

Note: These are the same diving sites that you can access from Mukut Tioman.

Where To Stay In Nipah Tioman

Looking at the size of the village, it’s not at all surprising that there are less than a handful of resorts here!

These are more suitable for small groups of budget travelers.

1. Bersatu Nipah Chalet (Recommended)

Bersatu Nipah Chalet is the go-to budget resort for many visitors to Nipah.

Accommodation is as basic as it gets in little chalets along the shore. They do however, have many different room arrangements including dormitory-style lodging.

Bersatu Nipah Chalet

Bersatu Nipah Chalet (Photo credits:

And there is an on-site restaurant that is open 24 hours.

But the real gem here is the private beach and lush surroundings! Rent kayaks or snorkeling equipment and get a closer look of the underwater life!

Note: They do offer a daily speedboat service if you want to get around the island too.

2. Nipahnema Chalets And Restaurant

Stay at any of the 5 chalets at NipahNema. Each of the river view chalets are fitted with a fan and an ensuite bathroom with a maximum capacity of up to 4 people.

Nipahnema Chalets And Restaurant At Nipah

Nipahnema Chalets And Restaurant At Nipah (Photo credits:

Their restaurant faces the sea and serves both local and international food.

Note: Their room prices are based on 2 pax. With charges applicable for extra people.

3. The Nipah Chalet Beach Front 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Recommended)

Booking is through Airbnb for this chalet stay with 4 simple beach huts facing the sunset.

Nipah Chalet Beach Front

Nipah Chalet Beach Front

The friendly host, Abbas will happily show you around (including some jungle trekking) and treat you to some home-cooked meals.

Note: Bring repellent for those pesky sandflies!

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