Mukut Tioman Island

One of the most remote villages you can visit or stay at on Tioman Island, is none other than Mukut Tioman Island.

The sleepy kampung hardly has any tourists about its untouched slivers of beach!

What’s more, this is where you can find two stunning natural landmarks – the Dragon Horns and Asah Waterfall!

Mukut Village (Kampung Mukut), Tioman

Up until 2019, the only way to get to Mukut was to take a water taxi from Genting Tioman.

As a result, little has changed in Mukut Tioman. The main source of income is still fishing. Tourism is fairly new here with just a handful of basic accommodation available.

Bagus Place Retreat at Mukut, Tioman Island

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And hence, Mukut  has some of the best beaches in Tioman Island!

Jetty Nearby: Mukut Jetty

Find out what the newest mode of transfer to Mukut is in the next section!

How To Get To Mukut Tioman

Before the new ferry service, Cataferry introduced Mukut Jetty as part of their existing drop-off route around Tioman Island:

Cataferry is a Double-hull Catamaran

You could only take a private speedboat from Genting Tioman.

Your resort in Mukut can arrange this. They just need to know your ferry departure time!

Other than this, you take a direct ferry transfer with Cataferry! Mind that the ferry will still make its usual stops round the island.

Getting Around Mukut Tioman

Seeing that there are no actual roads or anything resembling roads at Mukut:

Your best option to get around the village would be to walk.

Walking Around Mukut Village

Walking Around Mukut Village (Photo credits:

To get to another village however will require the use of a water taxi. Or you can pay a small fee to board the ferry service again to get off at another stop.

Note: Not much point in negotiating with the locals for cheaper fares! They know they don’t have much competition! Fares are double at night!

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What To Do At Mukut Tioman

If you really love being outdoors, the number of things you can do in Mukut are enough to keep you busy for the whole day or two days!

1. Diving & Snorkeling

There are some reef gardens to seek out when you are in Mukut. Some of the resorts here have their own house reef and jetty that are great for snorkeling!

Snorkeling among the fish at Tioman Island

Snorkeling among the fish at Renggis Island (Source:

We’ll discuss the possible diving opportunities further down this post!

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2. Swimming & Kayaking

Rent a kayak from your resort if you prefer to stay dry! Else, the waters here are perfectly divine for a swim!

Kayaking at Tioman Island with Dragon Horns

Kayaking at Tioman Island with Dragon Horns – Photo credits to

3. Trek To The Waterfalls - Asah Waterfall

Asah Waterfall is roughly 6km from Mukut Tioman. So if you want to see the most impressive waterfall on Tioman Island, prepare for a ~2 hour trek through the jungle!

Asah Waterfall at the abandoned village of Kampung Asah

Asah Waterfall at Mukut, Tioman Island. (Source:

After which, you can cool yourself off in the pool at the base of the waterfall!

Note: Asah Waterfall has appeared in a movie before! (South Pacific 1958)

4. Jungle Trekking To The Next Village - Genting

If you plan on staying at Japamala Resort, they have a guided trek to Genting through the jungle. Trek takes just under an hour.

Jungle trekking at Tioman Island

Jungle trails at Tioman Island. (Source:

5. Jungle Trekking To Sunset View Point

Just a 10 minutes’ walk from Japamala Resort is a platform that serves as a romantic spot to watch the sunset and sip on an alcoholic beverage!

6. Hiking At The Dragon Horns

There are 2 options:

You can either trek to the saddle point (i.e. halfway point) of the Dragon Horns (3-hour jungle trek) or rock-climb up to the Dragon Horns (695m)!

Rock Climbing At Mukut Tioman Island

Rock Climbing At Mukut Tioman Island (Photo credits:

Note: The latter is only for experienced mountaineers and will require a guide!

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7. Visit The Local Fishing Village Of Kampung Mukut

In the early morning, the men of the village will go out to sea on their daily fishing trips.

Fishing Boats Heading Out From Mukut Tioman

Fishing Boats Heading Out From Mukut Tioman (Photo credits:

You may be able to catch them on their return at around 10am!

8. Fishing Trips

You can try the local’s traditional way of fishing with hand lines! Just inquire at your resort if they offer that sort of trip!

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9. Island-hopping

Ask your resort if they offer island hopping trips to Coral Island, Monkey Bay or Renggis Island.

Bird's Eye View of Pulau Renggis at Tioman Island

Renggis Island at Tioman Island – Photo credits to malaysiatravelresorts

Along these boat trips, you will get to see different angles of Tioman Island from afar!

10. Night Jungle Walks

Going on a jungle night walk can be an eye-opening experience!

Your guide will point out night creatures (or signs of them) that you wouldn’t otherwise notice during the day time!

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11. Watch Turtles Nesting

This one’s subject to the time that you visit Tioman Island!

hatching release of green turtle at Tioman Island

Hatching release at Tioman Island. (source:

During March to August, you just might see a turtle coming to shore on the beach at night to lay her eggs!

12. Taste Local Mangoes!

Mukut sees a surplus of mangoes every June and July. Your host will likely offer you some if you ask to try some.

Mangoes At Mukut Tioman

Mangoes At Mukut Tioman (Photo credits:

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Beach At Mukut Tioman

Mukut Beach is not a single long stretch of beach as you might imagine but rather pockets of beach instead!

Beach Along Mukut Tioman Island

Beach Along Mukut Tioman Island (Photo credits:

Many of these beaches are pretty much empty so it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one there!

And if you rent snorkels from your resort, you can check out the water too!

Where To Eat At Mukut Tioman

When it comes to food at Mukut Tioman, variety is lacking.

But what they do have are mostly delicious local flavors!

Asian Seafood At Mukut Tioman

  • Restaurant At Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort – Pawana Restaurant – Order ala carte local or international cuisine!
Pawana Restaurant At Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort

Pawana Restaurant At Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort (Photo credits:

  • Restaurant At Bagus Place Retreat – Twin Peaks Restaurant – Open from 8am serving mainly Malaysian dishes though they do have burgers too!
  • Restaurant At Minang Cove Resort & Spa – Minang Cove Restaurant – Has a romantic atmosphere
Restaurant At Minang Cove Resort & Spa

Restaurant At Minang Cove Resort & Spa (Photo credits:

  • Restaurant At Sri Sentosa Chalet
  • Restaurant At Mukut Harmony Chalet – Harmony Cafe – BBQ dinners are their specialty!

Asian Cafe At Mukut Tioman

  • Seaside Cafe – Tasty and affordable local fare by the jetty!
Sea Side Cafe At Mukut Tioman

Sea Side Cafe At Mukut Tioman (Photo credits:

  • Simukut Cafe At Simukut Place – Traditional Malay food
  • Warung Mak Ngah Jemah
  • Warung Masakan Minang Mak Oyah
  • The Bai’s Place
  • Mona Cafe Cafe/Bar

Where To Buy At Mukut Tioman

Ran out of something?

You can find your basic average goods at any of these small convenience stores around Mukut Tioman:

  • Kedai Runcit Tawakal/Pasar Raya Tawakal
  • Sea Side Souvenir Shop
  • Zainal Mini Mart
  • Mini Mart At Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort
Mini Mart At Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort

Mini Mart At Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort (Photo credits:

Dive Center At Mukut Tioman

Planning to get a PADI diving certificate? Or take your open-water diving to the next level?

Or maybe you just want to learn the basics and have some fun!

There are 3 diving centres on Mukut. If you want, you can inquire about night dives too!

Diving Centre/Agents:

  1. Mukut Dive Center (MDC)
  2. Mukut Harmony Dive Center
  3. Minang Cove Dive Centre
Minang Cove Dive Centre

Minang Cove Dive Centre (Photo credits:

Diving Sites Nearby:

Seeing that Mukut is at the southern tip of Tioman Island, it’s only natural that diving is limited to the southernmost dive sites!

1. Batu Sepoi

Other tourists hardly have a chance to visit here because of how far it is from other villages. Spot barracuda, sharks and more!

2. Batu Jahat

Might be just a small rock jutting out of the ocean but you’ll be surprised how much life is around it! There are soft coral and hard coral here!

Batu Jahat Diving Site Near Tioman Island

Batu Jahat Diving Site Near Tioman Island (Photo credits: Instagram@mamirfarhan)

Other dive sites that you can go to include:

  • Chebeh
  • Soyah
  • Marine Park
  • Renggis Island
  • Tiger Reef
  • Malang Rock
  • Labas
  • Salang Bay
  • Fan Canyon
  • Teluk Kador

At Minang Cove Resort, you can dive from the beach too! As there is a wreck site to explore close by!

Note: Water clarity is best during March until October. Even up to 30m during the summer months!

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Nightlife At Mukut Tioman

Just keeping it frank but no one comes to Mukut for the nightlife!

However, there are some bars to get a nightcap in before retiring to your room!

1. Ombak Bar At Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort

Open from 11am right on to midnight, Omback bar has beer and elegant cocktails!

Ombak Bar At Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort

Ombak Bar At Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort (Photo credits:

2. Dragon Bar At Bagus Place Retreat

From 5:30pm onwards, you can get all manner of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from Dragon Bar while you catch the sunset!

Dragon Bar At Bagus Place Retreat

Dragon Bar At Bagus Place Retreat

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3. Bar At Minang Cove Resort & Spa

Minang Cove Resort & Spa has its own simple but cozy beach bar which is open all day!

Bar At Minang Cove Resort & Spa

Bar At Minang Cove Resort & Spa (Photo credits:

Where To Stay In Mukut Tioman

Among the budget options, are some secluded boutique resorts if you care for a little more luxury and privacy!

1. Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort (Recommended)

Stay in beach or garden facing contemporary villas at Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort. You get absolute privacy in a secluded part of the island, north of Mukut.

Beach In Front Of The Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort

Beach In Front Of The Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort – Photo credits to stevenawm

Without having to sacrifice any modern conveniences!

Because the hotel has numerous facilities like:

  • An infinity swimming pool
  • Internet access
  • Private beach
  • A dive center
  • On-site restaurant and bar
  • A spa

Room for lounging and playing games

Note: Family rooms are available too!

2. Bagus Place Retreat (Recommended)

You will find Bagus Place Retreat in a beautiful bay away from the village. Their exclusive chalets are made of natural materials with minimum impact to the environment!

Bagus Place Retreat at Mukut, Tioman Island

Photo credits to

In fact, they make a great deal of effort to run their resort as sustainably as they can!

As for facilities, they have:

  • An on-site spa
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Speedboat transfer
  • Rooms come with a mini fridge, fan and ensuite bathroom (with hot water)

Note: They only have 10 or so chalets so if you want to stay here, book in advance!

3. Minang Cove Resort & Spa (Recommended)

Like the previous two boutique resorts, you will need a private boat service to reach Minang Cove Resort & Spa.

Minang Cove Resort

Photo credits to

Here, they have 12 comfortable chalets and 2 villas done in the traditional Malay style – all of which come with a balcony facing the sea!

With their own house reef, you’ll undoubtedly be spending plenty of time in the clear water in front of the small resort!


  • Restaurant & bar
  • Dive center
  • Spa services

4. Simukut Place

On the beach in front of Mukut Tioman lies Simukut Place. This humble bed and breakfast offers basic rooms with ensuite bathrooms and balconies!

Simukut Place At Mukut Tioman Island

Simukut Place At Mukut Tioman Island (Photo credits:

And if you tire of the on-site restaurant’s menu, there are 3 other restaurants close by!


  • Bicycle rental
  • Restaurant (Malay Cuisine)
  • Garden

Note: Rooms are suitable for couples and solo travelers. No water heater available.

5. Sri Sentosa Chalet

Kind and thoughtful local hosts will ensure that you have everything that you need (besides internet access!) during your stay in their peaceful side of the village!

Standard Room At Sri Sentosa Chalet

Standard Room At Sri Sentosa Chalet (Photo credits:

The simple cabins are clean and well-maintained. They even have powerful air-conditioning and hot water!


  • Restaurant
  • Snorkeling gear rental

6. Mukut Coral Chalet

There’s not much to expect here as the rooms are very basic. But Mukut Coral Chalet is close to the village and the sea which might be all you need in such a scenic location!

Mukut Coral Chalet At Mukut Village

Mukut Coral Chalet At Mukut Village (Photo credits:

And you can experience the generous local hospitality too!


  • Restaurant

7. Mukut Harmony Resort & Chalet

Get a sense of authentic kampung living at Mukut Harmony Resort & Chalet!

Mukut Harmony Resort & Chalet

Mukut Harmony Resort & Chalet (Photo credits:

They have a finite number of chalets facing either the sea or the mountain side. Each room comes with its own bathroom. Others even have a porch with a sitting area!

Facilities include:

  • Gift shop
  • On-site restaurant
  • Karaoke

8. Warisan Eco Asah Camp

This is not a resort but a campsite that allows you to get as far away as possible from civilization!

You can get to know your fellow campers (and the friendly host) through activities like canoeing, hiking, fishing or non-motorized water sports!

Warisan Eco Asah Camp At Mukut Tioman

Warisan Eco Asah Camp At Mukut Tioman (Photo credits:

Facilities are limited to:

  • Shared shower and toilet facilities
  • Linens
  • A mosquito net
  • Coffee/tea making facilities
  • Basic kitchenware
  • Bonfire area