How To Get To Rawa Island From Mersing Jetty

Rawa Island is an idyllic remote tropical island paradise 16 kilometers off the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia.

You definitely need to book accommodation in advance on Rawa Island since there are only 2 resorts!

The Beauty of Rawa Island

It can be quite pricey but you will definitely not regret an overnight stay here!

So how do you get to Rawa island?

Just like Tioman Island, Rawa Island is accessible via Mersing Jetty!

The overland journey from Singapore to Rawa Island takes close to 3 hours while the boat ride takes just 30 minutes!

Easy right?

We’ve got plenty more travel details and tips so keep reading!

1. How To Get To Rawa Island From Mersing Jetty

Once at Mersing Jetty, you have a couple of things to sort out:

  1. Go Mersing Harbour Center and pay the Marine Park Fee and Johor National Park Fee.
  2. Then head for your hotel reception, either Alang’s Rawa Resort or Rawa Island Resort.
  3. Register with your travel voucher.

Outside of Mersing Harbour Center

Note: Bring enough Ringgit with you to pay the Marine Park Fee and Johor National Park Fee.

If you need anything before heading to Rawa Island, there are eateries as well as convenience stores at Mersing Jetty.

Rawa Island Resort Reception At Mersing Jetty

Rawa Island Resort Reception At Mersing Jetty

Mersing town is about 15-20 minutes’ walk from the jetty with other conveniences like banks, hotels, shops, supermarkets, ATMs, and even internet cafes!

Alang's Rawa Office At Mersing Jetty

Alang’s Rawa Office At Mersing Jetty

1.1. How To Book A Speedboat From Mersing Jetty to Rawa Island

You need to arrange your boat transfer with the respective resort in advance:

  1. Get their Rawa Island full board packages as these include the boat transfers between Mersing Jetty and Rawa Island, meals and accommodation.
  2. The respective resort (either Alang’s Rawa Resort or Rawa Island Resort) will provide the schedule of speedboat departure times upon booking confirmation.
  3. From this schedule, select your preferred boat departure time.
Speedboat to Rawa Island

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1.2. If You Miss Your Boat From Mersing Jetty To Rawa Island

If you cannot make it for any of the times listed in the schedule, you can still hire a private boat charter from the resort:

  1. Alang’s Rawa Resort – Speedboats from are available from evening and until midnight on Fridays. But if you need a boat outside of their usual hours, it will cost RM250-350 for a one-way trip.
  2. Rawa Island Resort – A private boat charter can cost RM500 for a one-way trip if you miss their scheduled boat. For safety reasons, they do not run boat trips during the night!
Island Hopping Near Rawa Island

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2. How To Get To Mersing Jetty From Rawa Island

Regardless of whether you’re staying at Alang’s Rawa Resort or Rawa Island Resort:

Make it a point to book your boat back to Mersing Jetty at least a day before your intended departure.

You can do this at the hotel reception.

3. Mersing To Rawa Island Ferry & Speedboat Schedule

Because of Mersing Jetty’s location and construction, there is a high tendency for boat and ferry delays owing to poor tidal conditions or stormy weather.

It’s a good idea to allocate plenty of buffer time before and after the journey over the sea in your travel itinerary.

Swimming Right In Front Of The Rawa Island Beach

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There is no fixed boat schedule. However, there are more boat trips during the peak months of March to September.

Note: Boats do not run during the monsoon season (November to February).

4. Ferry Ticket From Mersing To Rawa Island

Another important detail that you’ll want to know is the Mersing to Rawa Island ferry price!

Speedboats from Mersing Jetty to Rawa Island typically cost RM35-45 for a 30-minute one-way trip.

5. Marine Park Fee & Johor National Park Fee Depart From Mersing Jetty

The 2 mandatory fees you have to pay in Mersing Jetty are the Marine Park Fee and the Johor National Park Fee.

These can be paid at the Marine Park counter (in cash) at Mersing Harbour Centre before you take a boat to Rawa island.

Marine Park Conservation Fee Counter at Mersing Jetty

Marine Park Conservation Fee Counter at Mersing Jetty

5.1. Marine Park Entrance Fee At Mersing Jetty

Age (years) Malaysians (RM) Foreigners (RM)
Child (6-12) 2 15
Adult (13+) 5 30
Senior (60+) 2 15
Disabled Free Free

5.2. Johor National Park Fee At Mersing Jetty

Age (years) Malaysians (RM) Foreigners (RM)
Children 3 10
Adult 5 20

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6. Mersing To Rawa Island Travel Tips

6.1. General Tips

  • There are only 2 resorts on Rawa Island – Alang’s Rawa Resort and Rawa Island Resort
  • Tidal conditions will influence the punctuality of your boat at Mersing Jetty
  • Boats may not run during the monsoon season (November to February)
  • Book your transport and accommodation in advance if your trip is over the weekends and public holidays. That includes Singaporean and Malaysian school holidays!
  • Prepare for the likelihood of spending a night in Mersing if you are taking public transport to Mersing. You can stay at Mersing Hotel or MG Hotel.
  • Take a jacket along if you’re taking the bus – the air-con is turned up high!
  • Buses will generally drop passengers off at Mersing Bus Terminal which is a 13-minute walk to Mersing Jetty.
  • Mersing Harbour Centre is 2 minutes’ walk from Mersing Jetty
  • Don’t bring any outside food to Rawa Island. The exception is baby food.
  • Bring long sleeves and long pants for added sun protection!
  • There’s no clinic on Rawa Island so bring all your usual medicine!
  • Maxis works best on Rawa Island.
  • Bring enough cash – there is no ATM or bank on the island!
  • If you bring alcohol to Rawa Island, either resort will charge you corkage fees
Rawa islands Resort Beach side package

6.2. Rawa Island Resort Tips:

  • Do not arrange boat transfers to and from Pulau Rawa with third party operators.
  • Contact the resort at least one day before your scheduled boat departure to confirm the time
  • Additional costs will apply if you request a boat charter outside of their boat schedule
  • The resort reserves the right to cancel or reschedule boats at any time
  • You must register yourself and your travel members at the Rawa island Booking Office in Mersing at least 30 minutes before the boat departure
Alang's Rawa Resort at Rawa Island

6.3. Alang's Rawa Resort Tips:

  • Weekday boat transfers: 12:00pm – 3:00pm
  • Weekend boat transfers: Fridays (evening to night), Sundays (30pm -6.30pm)
  • Charters outside scheduled boat times: RM250 to 350 per boat, one way depending on group size and availability of boats
  • Extra guests for the boat transfers: If you’re from Rawa Island Resort, your will be charged RM50 for a one-way trip (provided there is space available) before 9pm and at RM60 after 9pm
  • All boat prices are by person.
  • Children under 16 are not allowed at the resort on Saturdays
  • No outside drinks are allowed
  • You can rent a kayak, snorkeling gear and life jackets from the resorts for free with a deposit of RM50.
  • If you want to dive, bring your own gear.

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