Juara Tioman Island

Juara Tioman is in its own little bay with white sand on the east side of Tioman Island, with Tekek Village almost directly opposite.

Being on the east coast means sunrises are especially beautiful here! In fact, this is the only sandy beach on this side of the island.

Depending on the time you choose to go, you can see turtles, dive or surf at Juara Village!

Juara Village (Kampung Juara), Tioman

Jetty Nearby: Juara Jetty

Because Juara Village is out of the way from the other villages, the local taxi services tend to take advantage of this and charge high fares!

Juara Beach at Tioman Island

Beautiful Juara Beach at Tioman Island (Source: tioman.org)

But recently, it is now possible to get to Juara Village by ferry!

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How To Get To Juara Tioman

For a long time, the only way to get to Juara Village was by 4WD through the middle of the island!

Or for the fit and prepared, hiking!

  1. 4WD taxi from Tekek Tioman
Tekek-Juara Land Transfer

Tekek-Juara Land Transfer (Photo credits: tioman.org)

Note: If you’re a solo-traveller, the fare is double!

  1. Private speedboat from Genting Tioman
  2. 3-hour trek through the jungle straight from Tekek Tioman
  3. Direct Ferry Transfer – New drop-off point that only Cataferry offers!

Getting Around Juara Tioman

Juara Tioman doesn’t have any close neighbours. And its accessibility is further hampered by a huge hill that separates it from the west coast of the island!

Juara Tioman Is The Only Village Along The East Coast

Juara Tioman Is The Only Village Along The East Coast (Photo credits: tioman.org)

So if you want to get to the other villages, it’s either the water taxis or 4WD taxi!

However, if you refer to the previous section, it is entirely possible to get to Juara Tioman on foot from Tekek Tioman (Tekek Village) but you need to brace yourself for the journey (and humidity)!

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What To Do At Juara Tioman

Those who like any excuse to stay outdoors will thoroughly appreciate all that Juara Tioman has to offer!

All the land and sea activities will keep you busy from morning to evening!

  1. Watersports: Snorkel and Dive at Juara – Water visibility is optimum during the summer months

Snorkeling With Fishes

  1. Swimming – No explanation needed! The clear water will entice you in!
  2. Surfing – Best during the monsoon season and only for surfers who know what they’re up against
Surfing at Tioman Island

Surfing at Juara, Tioman Island (Source: tioman.org)

  1. Cycling along Juara beach (Bicycle or motorcycle)
  2. Juara Turtle Project – You can visit them during the day and depending on when the eggs hatch, you may be able to see the little turtles being released into the sea at night!
Juara Turtle Project at Tioman Island

Photo credits to juaraturtleproject (Instagram)

  1. Jungle trekking in Juara – The 9km trek along the jungle-covered mountain range between Juara Village and Tekek Village is good if you’re looking for a challenge. Spot wildlife along the way!
  2. Discover a waterfall: Ali’s Waterfall & Lubuk Teja Waterfall – It takes 45-minutes (one-way) to walk from The Barat Perhentian Beach Resort to the Pak Ali Waterfalls. And 1 hour, 40 minutes to reach Lubok Tija Waterfalls.
Ali's Waterfall at Tioman Island

Ali’s Waterfall at Tioman Island (Photo credits: steemit.com)

  1. Rock climbing – There’s a 25ft high wall for rock climbing at The Barat Tioman Beach Resort
  2. Venture over to Mentawak Beach 300m south of Juara Beach. Check if it’s going to be high tide before you go!

Beach At Juara Tioman

The number of visitors to Juara Beach seems to increase every year as more and more people discover its undeniable beauty!

And its popularity will only grow now that there is a ferry service!

The View At The North Side of Juara Beach at Tioman Island

The View At The North Side of Juara Beach at Tioman Island. (Photo credits: steemkr.com)

Compared to the other beaches on the west coast of the island, there is little to no dead coral here! Perfect for a beach stroll to soak up that exquisite sunrise!

Where To Eat At Juara Tioman

Other than the on-site restaurants of the beachfront resorts along Juara Beach, there are a handful of local cafes to try out!

Asian Seafood At Juara Tioman

  1. Restaurant At Santai Bistro Restaurant and Chalet – Quaint wooden veranda by the beach
  2. Restaurant At 1511 Coconut Grove – Has a bar and delicious affordable food
  3. Restaurant At Juara Mutiara Resort – Juara Mutiara Cafe – Western and Asian food are part of the menu here. If you cannot take spicy food, let the staff know!
Juara Mutiara Cafe At Juara Mutiara Resort

Juara Mutiara Cafe At Juara Mutiara Resort (Photo credits: booking.com)

  1. Restaurant At Beach Shack Chalet – No alcohol here but they do have pretty tasty food
  2. Paradise point restaurant – In-house restaurant of Paradise Point Chalet serving yummy local food
Asian Seafood Dishes At Juara Tioman

Asian Seafood Dishes At Juara Tioman (Photo credits: tioman.org)

Chinese Seafood At Juara Tioman

  1. Restaurant At The Barat Tioman Beach Resort – Barat Restaurant (Western, Asian, & Chinese) – Open for dinner from 7pm to 11pm
  2. Restaurant At Juara Beach Resort – Chinese restaurant with a spacious open-air deck to enjoy the seaside views
  3. Restaurant At Village Chalet – Seafood barbeques and local food are what you can expect here!
Have Some Seafood Barbeques At Juara

Have Some Seafood Barbeques At Juara

Cafe At Juara Tioman

  1. Mia Café – Stubbornly open for lunch and dinner, even in the monsoon month of January, this cute beach shack serves a small but adequate menu featuring Western cuisine and local fare.
  2. Rasa Permata Cafe – Belongs to Permata Beach Chalet
Rasa Permata Cafe At Juara Tioman

Rasa Permata Cafe At Juara Tioman (Photo credits: tioman.org)

  1. Mazani Mini Café
  2. My Café
  3. Rainbow Cafe Juara
  4. Hasrat Cafe
  5. Sunday Café

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Where To Buy At Juara Tioman

You never know when you need something in a hurry!

Keep these places in mind if you plan to stay at Juara Village!

Mini Market At Juara Mutiara Resort

Mini Market At Juara Mutiara Resort (Photo credits: booking.com)

Mini Market At Juara Village:

  1. Convenience Store at Juara Mutiara Resort
  2. Sundry Shop at Juara Beach Resort
  3. Kamal’s Shop at Mentawak Chalet

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Dive Center At Juara Tioman

In the summer months when the water is at its clearest and the waves are at their calmest:

Diving can be a real pleasure!

Thus, it comes as no big surprise that there are many diving agents at Juara Village!

Diving Sites Nearby:

  1. Amigo House Reef – A macro dive site right in front of the Scuba Amigo dive center
  2. Juara Jetty – You can see plenty of colorful sea slugs here!
Diving Around Juara Jetty

Diving Around Juara Jetty (Photo credits: tioman.org)

  1. Juara House Reef – Shallow reef that offers is home to very small marine life
  2. Batu Mumbang – 5-minute boat trip to a dive site involving a slope and coral reef with potential sightings of barracuda.
  3. Karang Tohor – Another 5-minute boat trip. Huge reef with a lot of fish and macro marine life.
  4. Nayak – 5-minute boat trip to dive on a rocky slope
  5. Berlabuh – Less than 10-minutes’ boat trip where you can drift-dive on a rocky slope. Lots of different nudibranch species!

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Nightlife At Juara Tioman

Nightlife at Juara Tioman does exist to a certain extent but at a much calmer level:

You’ll have to be content with sipping on a beer or cocktail while exchanging stories with other travellers!

1. Skybar At The Barat Tioman Beach Resort

Skybar At Barat Tioman Beach Resort

Skybar At Barat Tioman Beach Resort (Photo credits: tioman.org)

Open-air veranda with many dining chairs and tables. The sheltered deck overlooks the pool and sea!

2. D' Kelapa Bar At 1511 Coconut Grove

1511 Coconut Grove may have just less than 15 rooms on their property but they do have their own bar, D’ Kepala Bar!

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3. Santai Bistro At Santai Bistro Restaurant And Chalet

Santai Bistro At Santai Bistro Restaurant And Chalet

Santai Bistro At Santai Bistro Restaurant And Chalet (Photo credits: tioman.org)

A beautiful spot to enjoy the sunset (or sunrise) at their breezy veranda by the old jetty!

Where To Stay In Juara Tioman

Tiny resorts dot the whole stretch (2km) of Juara Beach!

Finding a beachfront resort to stay at is the least of your worries if you’re thinking about staying at Juara Village! There are so many to choose from!

They do tend to have limited chalets so if you’re really keen on a particular small-scale resort, book way in advance!

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1. Barat Tioman Beach Resort (Recommended)

You get what you pay for at Barat Tioman Beach Resort!

They have about 60 villas, chalets or rooms that you can book. All are spacious and comfortable with air-conditioning.

The Barat Tioman Beach Resort

Even if you don’t book a room here, you can dine at their restaurant and enjoy the hotel’s lovely ambiance! There’s good food and they even cater for vegetarians!

Beach In Front of Barat Tioman Beach Resort

Packages for Barat Tioman Beach Resort:

2. 1511 Coconut Grove (Recommended)

Next to the turtle hatchery, 1511 Coconut Grove offers plenty for the price you have to pay.

Excellent food at their restaurant, clean rooms, bicycle rental and very helpful staff!

1511 Coconut Grove

1511 Coconut Grove (Photo credits: 1511coconutgrove.com)

Their guests get easy access to the beach, surrounding cafes and mini marts. And if you please, they can arrange a snorkelling trip to Coral Island too!

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3. Beach Shack Chalet

More of an inn rather a full blown resort, Beach Shack Chalet is run by an Australian surfer and his wife.

This is simple laid-back living at one of the most quiet and stunning beaches on Tioman Island!

Beach Shack Chalet

You’ll love the beach vibes at the common areas and chalets! And the free breakfast in local or Western style!

Check with the friendly crew if you want to go hiking, diving or snorkelling!

4. Juara Mutiara Resort (Recommended)

Juara Muriara Resort is one of the biggest resorts at Juara Village.

They have around 40 rooms of various pricing and sizes to suit all sorts of travellers! Overnight packages are available too.

Juara Mutiara Resort

Juara Mutiara Resort (Photo credits: booking.com)

Guests have the additional convenience of the hotel’s mini market.  And there are 2 beachfront dining options!

5. Juara Beach Resort

Facilities and rooms at Juara Beach Resort have seen their fair share of guests but are still clean and you get great service from the staff.

Juara Beach Resort

Juara Beach Resort (Photo credits: booking.com)

They have a shuttle service for Tekek-Juara!

The budget resort sits on a quiet part of the beach, about 30 minutes’ walk from the turtle sanctuary/ hatchery.

A Chinese restaurant with beach views serves as the main dining area.

Note: They only accept payment in cash! ~25 minutes’ walk to the turtle hatchery!

6. Juara Permai Chalet

Juara Permai Chalet is another budget resort.

Expect rudimentary accommodation in the form of wooden chalets with air conditioning and private bathrooms that come with hot shower!

Juara Permai Chalet

Juara Permai Chalet (Photo credits: booking.com)

You can borrow a motorcycle or bicycle from them to explore the village! Or go on an island tour via speedboat! Or take a kayak out onto the water yourself!

7. Village Chalet

Village Chalet (or Tamara Resort) at Juara Tioman is a compromise between budget and comfort.

They have pleasant rooms, friendly staff and affordable pick up service (via 4WD) from Tekek Village!

Village Chalet At Juara Village

Village Chalet At Juara Village (Photo credits: tioman.org)

It takes 10-15 minutes to walk to The Barat Tioman Resort or the turtle sanctuary from Village Chalet.

8. Santai Bistro Restaurant and Chalet

This is a budget resort that has spacious but basic rooms just beside the beach that are suitable for families.

Santai Bistro Restaurant and Chalet

Santai Bistro Restaurant and Chalet (Photo credits: tioman.org)

Their beachfront restaurant has an open-air deck and above average food! And if you ask for something outside of the menu, they’re happy to oblige!

9. Rainbow Chalet

Rainbow Chalets is much like Juara Permai Chalet.

It’s small and just offers the bare minimum of facilities. Which means air-conditioning, attached bathrooms and hot showers for the rooms!

Rainbow Chalet At Juara Tioman

Rainbow Chalet At Juara Tioman (Photo credits: tioman.org)

You do get your own balcony though! And you can rent motorcycles, bicycles and kayaks to get around!

10. Juara Ocean Chalet

If you have a large travel group and want to keep your expenditures to a low as far as accommodation goes, consider Juara Ocean Chalet.

Juara Ocean Chalet

Juara Ocean Chalet (Photo credits: tioman.org)

Here, there are about 40 wooden chalets with a maximum capacity of 6 people with private bathrooms and balconies.

11. Riverview Resort

As per the name, this resort looks out to Barok River as it flows down to the sea.

The A-frame huts scattered in the garden and along the river offer kampung-style living in the midst of nature!

Riverview Resort Entrance

Riverview Resort Entrance (Photo credits: tioman.org)

Guests are free to help themselves to bug spray, kayaks and snacks!

Note: Rooms only have fans.

12. Mentawak Chalet

Mentawak Chalet is a family-run budget resort with less than 5 chalets right on the beach so if privacy is something you value, you may want to consider this resort.

Mentawak Chalet At Juara Tioman

Mentawak Chalet At Juara Tioman (Photo credits: booking.com)

Not surprisingly, the resort tends to be a favourite among couples and solo travellers! And as a bonus, Mia café is close by if you get hungry!

13. Pondok Tioman

Pondok Tioman has quaint-looking cabins (with fans) that are in need of some love and repair which is a shame since the beach is gorgeous and there is a wholesome village atmosphere here!

Pondok Tioman At Juara Tioman

Pondok Tioman At Juara Tioman (Photo credits: booking.com)

The family who runs the place are usually around for a quick chat and they do prepare some very scrumptious local meals for their guests!

14. Permata Beach Chalets

Want an affordable romantic getaway?

Get a basic and clean room complete with a fridge, air conditioning and your own shower not too far from a quiet beach setting!

Permata Beach Chalets

Permata Beach Chalets (Photo credits: booking.com)

Swimming and snorkelling can be done right in the water in front of your chalet!

And if you wake up early enough, you will have incredible views of the sunrise from your chalet!

Note: There are cafes and shops close by if you should want for anything!

15. Bushman Tioman

With chalets just 20-30 meters from the sea, you’ll truly feel you are at paradise! Much like having your own private beach!

Bushman Tioman

Bushman Tioman (Photo credits: booking.com)

Bushman Tioman has its own open-air restaurant that many say serves the best food at Juara Village!

Note: They only have 6 chalets so book early!

16. Juara Rompin Resort

Juara Rompin Resort is fairly new so if you decide to stay here, be ready for some kinks like water shortage or electricity cuts.

Juara Rompin Resort

Juara Rompin Resort (Photo credits: booking.com)

What they do have going for them is excellent service from their staff and a spectacular location in a cove! Their restaurant is not bad either!