Ferry To Tioman Island, Rawa Island & Johor Islands

To reach the breathtaking islands of Johor (and there are many), there are a couple of jetty options you should consider before you book your ferry tickets.

1. Mersing Jetty

You can consider Mersing Jetty as the original gateway to Tioman islands. It is possible to go to other islands like Rawa Island and Besar Island from this jetty too!

The jetty also happens to be very close to the Mersing bus terminal (a 10 minutes’ walk), making it a popular choice among locals and foreigners alike.

Mersing Jetty location:

Mersing Jetty Entrance
Mersing Jetty Entrance.

Mersing Jetty Ferry Operators to Tioman Island

  1. Bluewater Express Ferry

A one-way journey typically takes less than 2 hours.

The schedule changes frequently, you can see the Mersing Jetty to Tioman ferry schedule by clicking the button below.

Ferry and Speedboat Routes From Mersing Jetty

Here are all the places you can go to from Mersing Jetty:

Note that all the islands (except Tioman Island) are only a short speedboat ride from Mersing Jetty.

  1. Tioman Island
    • Air Batang ( also known as ABC)
    • Genting
    • Paya
    • Salang
    • Tekek
  2. Rawa Island (30 minutes’ speedboat)
    • From Rawa, it’s possible to go on an island-hop trip to Mensirip, Gual and Hujung islands
  3. Besar Island (30 minutes’ speedboat)
  4. Tengah Island or Batu Batu Island (30 minutes’ speedboat)
  5. Tinggi Island (45 minutes’ speedboat)
  6. Harimau Island (1 hour by ferry)
  7. Pemanggil Island (1.5 hours’ speedboat)
  8. Aur Island (4.5 hours with Bluewater Express or 2 hour speedboat)
  9. Dayang Island (2 hour speedboat)
Johor Islands Around South China Sea
Islands location around Johor.
Arrival and Departure Point at Mersing Jetty Johor
The arrival and departure point at Mersing Jetty.

Tips for Mersing Jetty

  • Come as early as 90 minutes before departure. There is a waiting room, toilets, a food court and a supermarket near Mersing Jetty.
  • Double check with your chosen ferry operator on the departure time again at least 1 day before. Schedules are very dependent on the tide and weather.
  • There is a guarded carpark on the left of Mersing Jetty where you can park your car
  • Bring cash to pay an island entrance fee (applicable for Tioman, Rawa and Besar islands) and parking. And extra for use on Tioman Island as well as any emergencies.
  • Try to buy a return ticket instead of a one way. Else you may find it difficult to secure one later when you are on the islands. Especially on public holidays and long weekends!
  • If you happen to miss your ferry, book a room at Riverside Hotel for under RM100/ night for 2 adults.

2. Tanjung Gemok Jetty (Teluk Gading Jetty)

This relatively newer jetty (built in 1994) is only 30-40 minutes away from Mersing Jetty.

Tanjung Gemok Jetty location:

Tanjung Gemok Jetty Ferry Operators:

  1. Bluewater Express
  2. Cataferry

But unlike Mersing Jetty, the tides do not affect the ferry schedules from Tg. Gemok Jetty to Tioman Island too much.

Have a look at the Tanjung Gemok Jetty to Tioman ferry schedule by clicking the button below.

Ferry Routes From Tanjung Gemok Jetty

As of now, there are only boat services to Tioman Island and passengers can alight at any of these 5 villages:

Tioman Island

  • Genting
  • Paya
  • Tekek
  • Air Batang ( also known as ABC)
  • Salang

A one-way journey will take around 2 hours depending on which village you are getting off at on Tioman Island.

Location of Tioman Island Jetties
Location of Tioman Island Jetties.
Tanjung Gemuk Jetty Johor
Tanjung Gemok Jetty

Tips for Tanjung Gemok Jetty

  • Be at the jetty at least 30 minutes before departure
  • Bring cash in ringgit to pay for parking and the Marine Park entrance fee. And enough to last you while you are on the islands!
  • Don’t forget your passport (or IC for Malaysians)!
  • If you need a place to stay, consider Hotel Jeti Tg. Gemok (RM100+/night for 2 adults)

3. Tanjung Leman Jetty

This jetty is 1.5 hours away from Johor and it is south of Mersing Jetty which makes it a more practical departure point for Sibu Island and Tinggi Island.
In fact, this is the only jetty where you can get to Sibu Island!
If you are coming from Singapore, it is less than a 2.5 hour journey to this jetty.
Tanjung Leman Jetty location:

Tanjung Leman Jetty Johor

Boat Routes From Tanjung Leman Jetty

It is a generally a 20 – 45 minutes’ journey to any of these islands from Tanjung Leman Jetty:

  1. Sibu Hujung Island
  2. Sibu Besar Island
  3. Sibu Tengah Island
  4. Tinggi Island
  5. Apil Island
  6. Kukus Island

Tips for Tanjung Leman Jetty

  • Do bring some cash (RM) to buy food and to pay for the entrance fee to Mersing Marine Park; no banks or ATMs here! Or on the islands for that matter so make sure to bring enough!
  • Take your passport (or IC for Malaysians) with you.
  • There is ample parking at this jetty (RM8/day)
  • Food is easily attainable at this jetty
  • You have to pay RM0.30 to use the public toilets and there’s no tissue paper
  • Not too many accommodation options at this jetty, the most convenient is Felda Residence Tanjung Leman at RM160/night for 2 people.