Genting Tioman Island

Fancy staying at a jungle-covered hilltop chalet that overlooks the ocean? Genting Tioman Island is one of the larger villages on the island besides Tekek Village.

The scenery here is a little different from the other villages too!

You’ll find sufficient eateries, dive centers and beautiful secluded resorts to keep you occupied during your stay in Genting Village!

Read on to see what awaits at Genting Village!

Genting Village (Kampung Genting), Tioman

This is the first stop on the ferry routes from Mersing Jetty and Tanjung Gemok Jetty.

Genting Jetty Tioman

Jetty Nearby: Genting Jetty

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Getting Around Genting Tioman

There are no roads in Genting Village, just a concrete path that should take you no more than 30 minutes to walk to the other end!

Genting Village at Tioman

Genting Village at Tioman (Photo credits:

Tip: You can also rent a bicycle!

You can walk to the neighbouring village, Paya Village. But if you want to see the other villages, you will have to rely on water taxis or the ferry service!

Note: It costs around RM50 to hire a water taxi to take you to Tekek Village

What To Do At Genting Tioman

If you like spending time in nature, there’s a lot to do in Genting Village!

1. Have A Hidden Beach All To Yourself (Nipah Beach)

Tucked away in a bay 2.5km south of Genting Village, Nipah Beach is a short stretch (0.5km) of unspoilt golden sand and clear water at Nipah village.

Beach Along Nipah, Tioman Island

Beach Along Nipah, Tioman Island. (Photo credits:

The nearest resort to this beach is Nipah Beach Chalets which caters to backpackers.

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2. Go Snorkeling And Diving In Brilliant Blue Waters

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first time diving or snorkelling:

You can have a wonderful time swimming among the bountiful marine life with a diving instructor to guide you!

4D3N Tioman Sun Beach Resort Snorkeling Package

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3. Get To Know The Local Fishing Community

Village life here is very much still the way it was many years ago before Tioman Island became a tourist hot spot.

Observe and meet the locals as they go about their daily routine.

If you go down to the beach early in the morning, you’ll be in time to see them drawn in their haul of the day!

4. Join A Batik Painting Class

Have a go at one of Malaysia’s oldest art forms! You can make friends and take home your batik painting (or sarong) as a memorable one-of-a-kind souvenir!

Batik Painting at Genting Village

5. Hike Jungle Trails

The hilly terrain of Genting Village provides many interesting and challenging hiking trails through the surrounding jungle.

Spot monkeys, birds and monitor lizards along the way!

6. Explore Nearby Villages

When you have spent enough time in Genting Village, you can check out Paya Village, Juara Village and Salang Village!

Salang Village At Tioman Island

Salang Village At Tioman Island (Photo credits:

Beach At Genting Tioman

Genting Beach may only be 1km long but the smooth golden sand is one of the best on Tioman Island!

Genting Beach At Tioman Island

Genting Beach At Tioman Island (Photo credits:

Dark granite boulders are a unique feature on this beach.

Their presence makes it less than ideal for a swim but they do enhance the beauty of this beach along with the lush greenery all around!

Where To Eat At Genting Tioman

No need to fret about what to eat in Genting Village. There are restaurants serving Malaysian and Western food all along the beach!

Malay Food At Genting Tioman:

  1. Gerai Makan Jeti Kampung Genting – Small and modest food stall serving Malay food with exceptional hospitality!
  2. Riverside Cafe N Food stall – Another simple stall in Genting Village that serves decent local cuisine!
  3. Coral Beach Café – Casual place to hang out late and dine on local dishes.
Local Fried Rice at Genting Village

Local Fried Rice at Genting Village (Photo credits:

Western Food At Genting Tioman:

  1. Coco Western Hut – Check out this restaurant by the jetty!

Chinese Food At Genting Tioman:

  1. Seafood Restaurant
Genting Chinese Cuisine - Moonlight Hor Fun

Genting Chinese Cuisine – Moonlight Hor Fun (Photo credits:

Where To Buy At Genting Tioman

Some resorts their own sundry market or a mini mart close by but if all else fails:

There is one mini market near Genting Jetty that belongs to Sun Beach Resort:

Sun Beach Resort Mini Mart Location:

Sun Beach Resort Mini Mart

Sun Beach Resort Mini Mart (Photo credits:

And another one further north of Sun Beach Resort:


Dive Center At Genting Tioman

Here are the diving centres to acquaint yourself with at Genting Village.

Diving Sites Nearby:

There are 3 diving sites that you can visit from Genting Village!

1. Tumok

The other name for this small islet by Paya Bay is Tanjung Gemok. Shallow water makes it easy for beginners to access the reef here!

2. Tokong Bahara

If you want to see sharks, it may be worth the long boat trip out to this shallow dive site which some say is the best diving site in Tioman Island!

Bahara Rock Diving Site at Tioman

Bahara Rock Diving Site at Tioman (Photo credits:

Hard and soft coral that grow here provide shelter for many fish!

The dive site also goes by the name, Bahara Rocks.

3. Batu Sepoi

Other less spotted marine creatures like barracuda and sharks can be found here at this dive site further south of Genting Village!

Nightlife At Genting Tioman

Bars and pubs are frankly limited in Genting Village.

You will have to rely on the bars at the resorts:

Like at Taman Zaidi which has its own fabulous cocktail bar by the beach.

Bar at Tioman Zaidi Genting Village

Bar at Tioman Zaidi Genting Village (Photo credits:

Or at Sun Beach Resort for their Beach Bar which also sells western food like pizza besides their alcoholic drinks.

Where To Stay In Genting Tioman

The one thing that Genting Village does not have a short supply of is budget accommodation!

There or dozens of beachfront accommodation to choose from in Genting Village too!

1. X Rector Minsu (Recommended)

X Rector Minsu offers air-conditioned rooms with or without private bathrooms.

X Rector Minsu

Photo credits to

They have cozy common spaces (including a small bar) and WiFi access within the hotel.

You can book snorkeling trips with them!

2. Damai Tioman Resort

This budget hotel has its own little section of beach, hillside chalets and a huge total capacity of up to 200 guests!

Damai Tioman Resort at Genting Village

They offer many different packages. These may include 2-way ferry transfer to Tioman Island, meals and snorkeling trips together with the accommodation!

3. Impian Inn Resort

Impian Inn Resort lies in a rural area amidst healthy vegetation quite a distance from the beach. But still accessible on foot!

Their 20 or so rooms are more suited to couples and families than solo travellers. You can dine at their on-site restaurant.

4. Aguna Resort (Recommended)

You get value for money at this budget resort in a kampung (local village) setting!

Aguna Resort at Genting Tioman

The traditional Malay-style chalets have air-conditioning and private bathrooms with hot showers.

Aside from this, they offer spa services and have their own restaurant which serves both local and Western food.

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5. Bayu Tioman Resort

Yet another budget hotel but at the southern end of Genting Village, Bau Tioman Resort has quaint rustic chalets with private porches – some of which have views of the sea!

Bayu Tioman Resort at Genting Village

Bayu Tioman Resort at Genting Village (Photo credits:

They have 2 dining options, karaoke facilities, a dive centre and their own mini market!

6. Marina Bay Resort

Marina Bay Resort is much like Bayu Tioman Resort with its own restaurant, Malay inspired chalets (but on a hilltop with ocean-view balconies) and karaoke facilities!

Marina Bay Resort at Genting Village

If you want, they can arrange island hopping or snorkeling trips for you at their tour counter.

7. Sun Beach Resort (Recommended)

This budget resort is the largest in Genting Village and boasts incredibly soft sand to walk on besides their awesome snorkeling trips!

Sun Beach Resort

Photo credits to

Simple rooms on the beach and hill are fitted with the bare necessities to ensure a budget-friendly stay!

You can also opt for the more comfortable suites on the beach closer to the water.

Sun Beach Resort - Blue Ocean Suite

Note: They have karaoke, spa, a pool, a mini mart, a cafe and a restaurant

8. Melina Beach Resort (Recommended)

Somewhere between Genting & Paya Village is an isolated boutique hotel run by a German family.

Melina Beach Resort At Genting Village

Photo credits to

The resort prioritizes on being eco-friendly to the environment.

Especially since turtles come to nest on their beach and the fact that they have their own house reef!

Note: Occasionally, nature tours are available for booking!

9. Idaman Beach Holiday Resort

This budget hotel has its own outdoor pool, a sun terrace for all guests to share and convenient access to the coral-free beach!

Idaman Beach Holiday Resort at Genting Village

Idaman Beach Holiday Resort at Genting Village (Photo credits:

Their quad rooms are available for families or groups of friends!

Note: The rooms have air-condItioning and a TV.

Get tasty meals at their on-site restaurant!

10. Dumba Bay Resort

Dumba Bay Resort has an excellent private beach where you can snorkel and canoe from!

Dumba Bay Resort at Genting Tioman

Dumba Bay Resort at Genting Tioman (Photo credits:

In addition, there is a restaurant here that serves local dishes.

The beachfront chalets have balconies facing the sea, air-conditioning, cable TV, private bathrooms with hot showers and even tea/ coffee making facilities!

Note: You can ask for sightseeing tours here.

11. Ayer Raja Tioman Resort

The best thing about this budget accommodation is its location! A quick swim from the beach will reveal plenty of coral reefs.

Ayer Raja Tioman Resort at Genting Tioman

Having their own restaurant is another plus for this resort!

On the other hand, you should know that the hilltop huts just have the bare minimum when it comes to amenities.

12. Tioman Zaidi

There’s plenty to love about this budget resort – a bar, 24-hour front desk, air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi, balconies and ensuite bathrooms. And free breakfast!

Room at Tioman Zaidi - Genting Village

Room at Tioman Zaidi – Genting Village (Photo credits:

The host and his wife are very hospitable.

Note: They have an ATM machine here!

13. Genting Bayu Chalet

Take their seaview chalet and partake in the spectacular views while making yourself comfortable on their hammocks or giant tyre swings!

Genting Bayu Chalet at Genting Village

Genting Bayu Chalet at Genting Village (Photo credits:

Rooms are spacious with air-conditioning and hot water available.

They do serve breakfast but there are also eateries along the ~20 minute walk to the jetty.

14. Bungkil Place

Bungkil place is run by very friendly hosts.

Bungkil Place at Genting Tioman

Bungkil Place at Genting Tioman (Photo credits:

And you don’t have to swim far to see coral in front of the private beach using the snorkeling equipment provided (free of charge for their guests).

Rooms include air-conditioning, free Wifi and sea view balconies! You get a daily buffet breakfast (Western) at their restaurant too!