FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Q1: Do I need to have a visa to enter Malaysia?

A1: You usually don’t need a visa if you’re coming to Malaysia just for a holiday but to be sure, you can check this link.

Q2: What are the entry requirements in Malaysia?

A2: Your passport (or travel document) must be valid for at least 6 months after your visit.

Q3: What about business visits?

A3: Do check with your respective embassy.



Q1: What is the average temperature like?

A1: Day temperatures are close to 31 Celsius (88 Fahrenheight) and 24 Celsius (74 Fahrenheit) at night.

Q2: When does monsoon season start?

A2: Mid of November until the mid of February.

Q3: Can I still visit during the monsoon season?

A3: The weather is often still good at this time of the year. Resorts may offer special promotions.

But some resorts will be closed and ferry services may be limited.

Surfing conditions are however, excellent.

Q4: What is the best time to visit Tioman Island for diving?

A4: Diving season begins from March to the end of September. March to June have the best water clarity (I.e. visibility) for diving. Avoid going in November until February as this is monsoon season.

Q5: When is the best time to visit Tioman Island?

A5: To avoid the monsoon season, it is best to visit Tioman from mid-March until mid-October with the peak months being June and July.



Q1: Is there an entry fee for Tioman Island?

A1: Yes, because Tioman Island is part of Mersing Marine Park. Pay your fees in cash (Ringgit) at Mersing or Tanjung Gemok Jetty.

Rates (in RM) are as follows:

Age (years) Malaysians (RM) Foreigners (RM)
Child (6-12) 2 15
Adult (13+) 5 30
Senior (60+) 2 15
Disabled Free Free


Note that for Mersing Jetty, there is additional Johor National Park fee to pay:

Age (years) Malaysians (RM) Foreigners (RM)
Children 3 10
Adult 5 20


RM5 (Adult), RM3 (Child below 18 years old)

Q2: How do I get to Tioman Island?

A2: There are two jetties where you can take a ferry service to Tioman Island – Tanjung Gemok Jetty or Mersing Jetty. It’s possible to drive to them from Singapore, Johor and even Kuala Lumpur.

Q3: Where can I take a private car service in Singapore to Mersing?

A3: There are many private car company provides private car/taxi services between Singapore and Malaysia including Singapore to Mersing.

Q4: Are there any all-inclusive packages available for guests departing from Singapore?

A4: Here on GoIslands, we actually offer such packages.

Q5: Where can I find the ferry schedule for Mersing/ Tg. Gemok to Tioman Island?

A5: Please refer to this link for the Mersing/Tg. Gemok ferry schedule.

Q6: How long does the ferry takes from Mersing Jetty to Tioman Island?

A6: 1.5-2 hours depending on which jetty you land on in Tioman Island.

Q7: How long does the ferry takes from Tg. Gemok Jetty to Tioman Island?

A7: 1.5-2 hours depending on which jetty you land on in Tioman Island.

Q8: Where exactly is the Mersing Jetty?

Q9: Where can I park my car in Mersing Jetty?


Carpark Locations At Mersing Jetty:

  1. Car Park A – Guarded car park behind the jetty. (Open in the early morning)
  2. Car Park B – Car park in front of R & R Plaza.
  3. Car Park C – Guarded Mersing Jetty car park. (Open in the early morning too)
  4. Car Park D – This guarded car park is for Rawa Island Customers only.

Where To Park At Mersing JettyNote: The car park is usually full on a weekend or on public holidays!

Q10: How much is the parking fee per day in Mersing Jetty?

A10: About RM15/day.

Q11: How do I get to Tanjung Gemok Jetty from Mersing?

A11: From Mersing Jetty, drive 38km up north until you reach Endau town. Cross the river and the jetty should be on your right.

Q12: Where is exactly Tg. Gemok Jetty?

Q13: Where to park the car in Tg. Gemok Jetty?

A13: There is an open-air car park at the jetty where you can park your car overnight.

Note: The car park is usually full on a weekend or on public holidays!

Q14: How much is the parking fee per day in Tg. Gemok Jetty?

A14: About RM15/day.



Q1: How can I make a booking with GoIslands?

A1: Reservations are done via Whatsapp. There is no instant confirmation.

Q2: What is the Mode of payment?

A2: We currently only offer online bank transfers. There is no “PayNow” option.

Our banking details are below:

Company: TopFriday Travel & Tour

Bank: DBS

Account Number: 0199 06 3814

Address of Beneficiary Bank: 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore 018982.

Country: Singapore


Q3: What ages are applicable for child rates?

A3: This depends on the resort as each resort has its own child age policy.

Q4: How do I claim my travel vouchers/receipts from GoIslands?

A4: These will be sent to you through email. Save them to your phone and present them upon request if required. You will need to show these to the person-in-charge at the jetty.



Q1: Is WiFi available on Tioman Island?

A1: Most resorts (especially in Tekek) and some bistros or dive centers offer Wi-Fi but don’t expect it to be fast or reliable. You are on an island after all.

Q2: What is the most reliable telecom provider in Tioman?

A2: Celcom – you can even get a pre-paid card to make phone calls or if you want a personal data plan.

Q3: Where is the nearest clinic on Tioman Island?

A3: Tekek village. You might need to take a short speedboat ride there. The contact number is +609-4191880.

Q4: Is there a shopping mall on Tioman Island?

A4: No, but it is possible to get things like basic toiletries at a duty-free shop.

Q5: Is there a mosque on Tioman Island?

A5: There is a mosque at Kampung Genting (Genting village). You may need to take a boat there.

Q6: What time do restaurants typically open and close on Tioman?

A6: From breakfast to 3-4pm. And they will open again in the evening from 7-10pm.

Q7: Are there supermarkets in the villages?

A7: More like minimarts or small shops, these will sell some basic dry food and toiletries.

Q8: Where can alcoholic drinks be found in Tioman?

A8: There are a couple of bars in ABC beach that sell alcohol. Get cheap alcohol at the duty-free shops. But please be mindful of the local culture.  Some places do not accept alcohol on their premises. And drunk behavior will not be tolerated.

Q9: Are there any laundry services/facilities on Tioman?

A9: Most accommodations offer laundry service. Some minimarts do too. Prices are around RM7-8 per kg.



Q1: Where can I play golf on Tioman?

A1: The one and only golf course is Tioman Island Golf Club at Berjaya Tioman Resort.

Q2: What if I join a snorkelling trip but don’t snorkel?

A2: You will still have to pay the full fees but you are free to explore the island (which island depends on your package) instead.

Q3: Do you have to be a certain age to snorkel?

A3: 6 years old and up. Everyone must wear their life vest and know how to swim though.

Q4: Can I rent a private speedboat?

A4: Ask your accommodation if they have one you can rent.

Q5: How do I prepare for jungle trekking?

A5: A trek can take a couple of hours during the heat of the day. So bring ample drinking water, a towel, an extra t-shirt, breathable clothes, comfortable shoes, your camera, sunscreen and insect repellent!



Q1: How long is the boat ride from Mersing/ Tg Gemok Jetty to Paya Beach Resort?

A1: Close to 1.5 hours.

Q2: Are Paya Beach Resort and Tioman Paya the same resort?

A2: No. Paya Beach Resort is a beach-front accommodation while the latter is close to a river and forest.



Q1: Do Malaysians have to bring their passports to Tioman?

A1: No but have your passport number and IC number ready when you take the ferry to Tioman.

Q2: Is there anything I should bring?

A2: A good sunscreen (can be bought in Tioman) and a jacket. Sometimes the AC on the ferry or bus can be too cold. Bring along some motion sickness pills if you need them.

Q3: Do I need to bring an adapter?

A3: Yes. On Tioman, the sockets are the British-style 3-pin square plugs (a.k.a Type G). The voltage rating is 220-240V. Frequency is at 50Hertz.

Q4: Should I bring cash or pay by credit card?

A4: While some tours take credit cards (with surcharge), it’s best to bring some ringgit (RM) in cash to pay for meals. There is only one ATM (in Tekek) on the island. And try to exchange your money beforehand.



Q1: Are there dangerous animals on Tioman?

A1: No. Just be wary of the large monitor lizards and monkeys. And be prepared to ward off the mosquitoes and sandflies.

Q2: Should I get any vaccination before visiting Malaysia?

A2: No. It’s enough to bring good insect repellent (30% DEET) and some antiseptic cream (to prevent infections) if you get bitten.

Q3: Is there a decompression chamber available on Tioman Island?

A3: No, the closest one is in Singapore (6 hours away).



Q1: What are the common languages are spoken in Malaysia?

A1: Malay (Bahasa Melayu) is the national language and hence spoken widely throughout Malaysia. Most Malaysians know at least basic English though.