Cataferry Tioman Best Ferry To Tioman

For the longest time, the sole ferry operator to Tioman Island was Bluewater Express Ferry.

But now, would-be visitors to Tioman Island have another choice of ferry operator, Cataferry!

Cataferry has the newer ferries between the two ferry operators and these are unique double-hull catamarans.

Their ferry services at Tanjung Gemok Jetty take passengers to and from Tioman Island.

The fact that they are at Tanjung Gemok Jetty is good news too! As tidal conditions do not affect the ferry schedules as much as compared to Mersing Jetty.

Read on to find out more about this impressive ferry operator, their facilities and services!

About Cataferry

Cataferry claim to offer the most comfortable ferry service from Tanjung Gemok to/from Tioman Island, and many passengers are quick to agree!

Cataferry Ferry

The double-hull design of the catamarans allow for a more stable sailing experience!

Cataferry To Tioman Island Route Details

Cataferry runs their services at Tanjung Gemok Jetty – approximately a 35 minutes’ drive north of Mersing Jetty.

The ferry makes up to 5 stops on Tioman Island:

  1. Genting Pier
  2. Paya Pier
  3. Tekek Pier
  4. Air Batang (ABC) Pier
  5. Salang Pier
  6. Mukut Pier (New)
  7. Juara Pier (New)
Ferry Route to Tioman Island

Why You Should Choose Cataferry

Cataferry have been operating their ferry services to Tioman Island from Tanjung Gemok Jetty long enough (since 2017) to polish up any inevitable kinks that come with being a new ferry operator!

Cataferry at the docks

So if you’re still wondering if you should take Cataferry to Tioman Island, let’s clear those doubts!

  • Great service with attentive staff
  • Safety is a priority – staff are trained to handle emergencies and there is a safety briefing
  • Opt for the Premium seats for more cozy experience!
  • Luggage storage space is available on board
  • Easy booking system
  • Reasonable fares
  • Punctual ferry times
  • Clean and modern interior with air-conditioning
  • Food and beverages for sale onboard
  • No shoving for seats! All passengers will get seat number assignment!
  • Onboard entertainment

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Cataferry To/From Tioman Island Ferry Schedule

The Cataferry service from Tanjung Gemok to Tioman Island is typically twice a day.

But ferry schedules are apt to change every month, especially as monsoon months approach!

See the latest Ferry to Tioman Schedule.


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Cataferry Ticketing Office

Bring enough Ringgit with you if you plan to buy your ferry ticket from the counter at Tanjung Gemok Jetty as there is no currency exchange service here!

Cataferry Ferry Ticket Counter at Tanjung Gemok Jetty

Tanjung Gemok Ferry Ticket Counter

Address: Kampung Tanjung Gemok, 26820 Kuala Rompin, Pahang, Malaysia


Contact: +609 – 413 1445


Opening Hours: 6:00am to 10:00pm

3 Methods To Buy Cataferry Ticket To Tioman Island

Besides booking directly from Cataferry’s website, it is possible to buy your tickets straight from the counter at Tanjung Gemok Jetty or even through a tour package that includes accommodation too!

The following sections included all the steps you need to take to get your Cataferry tickets!

1. Buy Cataferry Ticket From Tg. Gemok Jetty To Tioman Island At The Counter

If you are thinking about buying your Cataferry ticket at the counter in Tanjung Gemok Jetty, please take note that the tickets are sold on a first come first serve basis.

Cataferry Ticket Counter

The ferry ticket runs out pretty quickly during public holidays and peak season!

You will need Ringgit Malaysia and your identification (either MyKad for Malaysian or passport for foreigner) to buy your Tioman Island ferry tickets.

2. Buy Cataferry Ticket From Tg. Gemok To Tioman Island Via Online

It is easy to use the online booking system on Cataferry’s official website. The process doesn’t vary much from other travel booking sites:

  1. Head to their website,
  2. The window for the tickets is already there, “Search Tioman Ferry Ticket Online”
  3. Choose your departure location, destination, return/ one-way and the number of people in your travel group and click search.

Cataferry Online Booking
Note that prices are different depending on which day you choose!

  1. Select your preferred time slot for your chosen departure date and return date.

Cataferry Online BookingCataferry Online Booking
Please note that each time slot for the ferry does not necessarily stop at all 5 of the piers (i.e. Some time slots only offer 3 piers instead of 5). 

  1. Pick your seats for the departure and return trip.

Cataferry Online Booking

  1. After you have made your seat selection, you can choose the drop-off and pick up point at Tioman Island at the bottom of the same page. If you don’t see your respective pier, try to choose another time slot.

Cataferry Online Booking

  1. Next, you will be asked to provide passenger details in the column. Fill these in accordingly.

Cataferry Online Booking

  1. Double-check your details and tick the box present in the window.
  2. A summary of all your booking details will be displayed. Please double-check the dates, times and pick-up/ drop off locations!
  3. Almost done! Fill in your contact, billing information and emergency contact number. Do not leave any column blank if it has a red asterisk “*” next to it.
  4. Read the terms and conditions and tick the box to agree.
  5. Choose your payment method – either credit card, online banking, eWallet or PayPal.

Cataferry Online Booking

  1. Once payment has gone through successfully, you will receive the e-booking ticket.

Check out the Cataferry ticket booking tutorial for better understanding.

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3. Buy Cataferry Ticket From Tg. Gemok To Tioman Island By Tour Packages

Even after you buy your Cataferry tickets, you still have to book your transport to Tanjung Gemok Jetty and of course, your accommodation in Tioman Island and Tioman Island activities packages!

Why not save yourself the trouble?

Book an all-inclusive package that includes accommodation, activities, food, and ferry transport between Tioman Island and Tanjung Gemok Jetty!

Tanjung Gemok Jetty Entrance

Some of the packages even include snorkelling trips and the transportation to/from Singapore to Tanjung Gemok Jetty!

See available options for Tioman Island Package.


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How To Collect Tioman Island Ferry Ticket At Tanjung Gemok Jetty

Tanjung Gemok Jetty

If you choose to buy your ferry ticket online, this is how you can claim it at Tanjung Gemok Jetty:

  • Check-in at the counter starts an hour before the ferry departure time.
  • Bring your online booking confirmation as well as your MyKad (for Malaysians) or passport (for foreigners) to the counter to get your boarding pass.
  • Double-check the details on the boarding pass.
  • With your ferry boarding pass in hand, walk over to the ferry checkpoint by the jetty 30 minutes before departure.

Cataferry Ticket Price

Seats for Cataferry are on average, priced as follows:

One way: RM35 (Adults), RM30 (Child)

Two way: RM70 (Adults), RM60 (Child)

Since there are only 28 Premium seats available, these seats cost more during peak season!

Tip: Economy seats can be as cheap as RM5 online depending on the date selection!

Marine Park & Johor National Park Fee Depart From Tanjung Gemok Jetty

While the Marine Park fees are mandatory at Tanjung Gemok Jetty, the Johor National Park Fee does not apply here!

Note: Marine Park fee must be paid in Ringgit before your ferry departure!

Marine Park Entrance Fee At Tanjung Gemok Jetty

Age (years) Malaysians (RM) Foreigners (RM)
Child (6-12) 2 15
Adult (13+) 5 30
Senior (60+) 2 15
Disabled Free Free


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Cataferry Features

You really get your money’s worth with Cataferry!

Cataferry is a Double-hull Catamaran

These are all the main features that you get if you book with Cataferry:

1. Cataferry Seat

When you pay for your ticket, you can choose 2 different seating optionseconomy seating or premium seating.

But as a complimentary bonus, you can also enjoy their outdoor bench on the sun deck!

2. Cataferry Deck

With respect to the seating, there are also 3 decks onboard Cataferry:

2.1 The Main deck with 3-5-3 seating configuration with big windows

Cataferry Main Deck

2.2 The Premium deck has a 2-2-2 seating arrangement with only 28 seats!

Cataferry Premium Deck

2.3 And the Sun deck – which has open seating by means of metal benches and railings all around

Cataferry Sun Deck

Cataferry Sun Deck.

3. Cataferry Safety

Safety is paramount with Cataferry:

  • Life jackets are under every seat
  • There are 4 emergency life rafts and each can sit 64 people
  • A small rescue boat can be dispatched quickly if anyone should fall overboard

4. Cataferry Interior Features

Main ferry features aside, let’s move on to the interior of the ferry:

Including all the bells and whistles that are also part of the Cataferry package!

  • Refreshments are available at the Ocean Snack Bar

Cataferry Ocean Snack Bar

  • LED ambient lighting
  • Overhead luggage compartment
  • Centralized air-conditioning
  • Onboard entertainment – an educational program on marine life and underwater activities will be run during the journey
  • They have a mobile booster system onboard which helps maintain your mobile service, even at sea!

Cataferry Travel Tips & Informations

Keep these in mind for a smooth journey to Tioman Island via Cataferry!

  • Be at the check-in counter at least an hour before the ferry departure!
  • Ready at the jetty 30 minutes before the ferry leaves!
  • At peak season (e.g. school holidays and other public holidays including the eves), it is better if you get your boarding pass 90 minutes before the ferry departs!
  • Double-check that your details are correct when you get your boarding pass
  • Ensure that you have all your documents back with you too after purchasing your tickets and getting your boarding pass.
  • Bring a jacket onboard – the centralized air conditioning can be cold!