Bluewater Express Ferry to Tioman Island

Want to spend some time at gorgeous Tioman Island? You’ll definitely need a ferry to cross over from the mainland to Tioman Island. And that’s where Cataferry and Bluewater Express Ferry come in!

At Mersing Jetty, Bluewater Express Ferry is the only ferry operator providing daily ferry services from Mersing Jetty to Tioman Island!

They also depart from Tanjung Gemok Jetty further north by a 35 minute-drive!

Bluewater Express Ferry to Tioman Island

Regardless of the ferry departure point you choose to go with, the ride takes roughly 2 hours (or less) to Tioman Island!

Want to know more about Bluewater Express?

Read on to find out!

About Bluewater Express Ferry

Bluewater Express Ferry use high speed air-conditioned boats carry passengers to and from Tioman Island.

Their rates are affordable and the first ferry may depart as early as 6.30am with the last ferry departing at 5pm (usually but not always so).

Bluewater Express Mersing To Tioman Island Route Details

Bluewater Express ferry will drop passengers off at any of the following 5 piers (or villages) on Tioman Island!

Route Details:

Mersing Jetty → Genting Pier → Paya Pier → Tekek Pier → Air Batang Pier (ABC) → Salang Pier


  • The order is reversed for the return trip back to Mersing Jetty!
  • If you want to go to Juara village, you can take a taxi there from Tekek Pier!
Ferry Route to Tioman Island

Why You Should Choose Bluewater Express Ferry

Besides the fact that Bluewater Express Ferry is the sole ferry operator at Mersing Jetty, there are other factors that are in their favour:

  • Equip with life vests
  • Air-conditioning works well
  • They have years of sailing experience
  • Mersing Jetty is closer to Johor and Singapore
  • Easy online booking
  • Affordable fare
  • Additional cost apply for “Extra Trip or Night Trip” pre-booking between 7pm – 7am.

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Bluewater Express Ferry To/From Tioman Island Ferry Schedule

Ferry schedules for Bluewater Express Ferry change on a monthly basis.

Bluewater Express Ferry to Tioman Island

Bluewater Express Ferry. (Photo credits to

And even so, you should keep alert for possible cancellations or changes on the day itself!

This is especially applicable if you depart from Mersing Jetty.

See the latest Tioman Ferry Schedule.

Bluewater Express Ferry Mersing Ticketing Office

New ticket office is located at the opposite Mersing Jetty, which is Mersing Harbour Centre.

Outside of Mersing Harbour Center

This is where you get your boarding pass and pay the Marine Park fee as well as the Johor National Park fee!

Mersing Harbour Centre
Opening Hours: 7:30am to 8:00pm

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3 Methods To Buy Bluewater Express Ferry Ticket From Mersing To Tioman Island

To get to Tioman Island from Mersing Jetty, you will need one of each (for every member in your travel group):

  1. Bluewater Express Ferry ticket
  2. Marine Park Entrance Fee
  3. Johor National Park Fee

The sections below have more detail on how you can buy ferry tickets for Bluewater Express Ferry!

It will be better if you buy round-trip tickets seeing that there are no ticket counters on Tioman Island.

1. Buy Ticket At The Counter

To avoid tickets selling out before you get there, you are encourage to book your tickets online!

Particularly so if you are going during the public holidays or school holidays!

  • Step 1: You can buy tickets for Bluewater Express Ferry at counter 21 Mersing Harbour Centre.
  • Step 2: After you’ve bought your tickets, they will need to validate your ticket and passport at another counter which is to the right of the Bluewater Express Ferry ticket counter.
Bluewater Express Ferry Ticket Counter

Bluewater Express Ferry Ticket Counter.

  • Step 3: Pay the Marine Park Fee and Johor National Park Fee (one for each member of your group) at the Marine Park Permit counter.
  • Step 4: Collect your boarding pass at another separate counter in the same building.

Now all that’s left to do once you have your boarding pass is to wait for the ferry to depart!

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2. Buy Ticket Via Online

Book tickets for Bluewater Express ferry online through &!


 As your date of departure approaches, keep a close look out on your email for any possible changes to the ferry schedule.

 The risk of cancellation is higher during the monsoon months (especially December and January).

3. Buy Ticket From By Tour Packages

Buy your ferry tickets together with your Tioman Island accommodation and maybe even a transfer to and from Singapore!

See options for Tioman Island Package.

If you buy with tour package, you will not need to queue for a ferry ticket (unlike with the counter and online bookings).

You still have to settle the Marine Park and Johor National Park fees yourself though!

How To Collect Bluewater Express Ferry Ticket At Mersing Jetty

The steps are rather similar to buying a ticket straight from the counter at Mersing Harbour Centre.

  • Step 1: With your booking confirmation receipt in hand, head to counter 21 at Mersing Harbour Centre to get your Bluewater Express Ferry ticket(s).
  • Step 2: Next, get your passport and ticket checked at the counter on the right.
  • Step 3: Pay your Marine Park and Johor National Park fee at the Marine Park Permit counter.
  • Step 4: Collect your boarding pass at another separate counter in the same building.
  • Step 5: Ready for boarding and departure!

Bluewater Ferry Ticket Price

One Way – RM40 (Adult), RM35 (Child)

Two Way – RM80 (Adult), RM70 (Child)

Note: Prices are subject to change by Bluewater Express Ferry and can vary differently than what is listed here.

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Marine Park & Johor National Park Fee Depart From Mersing Jetty

Because Tioman Island is in Mersing Marine Park (a private property), it is compulsory for visitors that do not live close to the islands in the Marine Park to pay a small entrance fee.

Marine Park Conservation Fee at Mersing Jetty

And if you take a ferry from Mersing Jetty, you will have to pay the Johor National Park Fee as well.

Both fees are paid at counters in the Mersing Harbour Centre.

These fees also apply to foreigners. You can refer the price list below:

Marine Park Entrance Fee At Mersing Jetty

Age (years) Malaysians (RM) Foreigners (RM)
Child (6-12) 2 15
Adult (13+) 5 30
Senior (60+) 2 15
Disabled Free Free

Johor National Park Fee At Mersing Jetty

Age (years) Malaysians (RM) Foreigners (RM)
Children 3 10
Adult 5 20

Bluewater Express Ferry Features

  • TV onboard serves as entertainment
  • Toilets onboard
  • Life vests stored in the racks above the seats
  • Air conditioning
Bluewater Express Ferry Seating

Bluewater Express Ferry Passenger Cabin. (Photo credits to Tripadvisor)

Bluewater Ferry Travel Tips & Information

Question 1: How do I know which pier I should get off at in Tioman Island?

Answer 1:

The pier you choose depends on where your chosen accommodation in Tioman Island is, check with your accommodation on this.

In the event that your accommodation is not walking distance from any of the 5 piers, then your accommodation may be able to arrange transport between the hotel and the nearest village for you!

Question 2: How much are the ferry tickets for Bluewater Express?

Answer 2:

Tickets cost RM40 (one-way) and RM80 (return) for adults while tickets for children cost RM35 (one-way) and RM70 (return).

Question 3: How much time is needed to get my boarding pass and pay the Marine Park fee?

Answer 3:

Please allow 1 to 1.5 hours before the ferry departure time to get everything sorted!

Question 4: Where can I get tickets for Bluewater Express?

Answer 4:

You can get them at the respective counter at Mersing Harbour Centre, through, Easybook or with an all-inclusive package from a travel agency.

Question 5: Will I be compensated for any accommodation cancellations or charges that result from the ferry being cancelled or postponed?

Answer 5:

Do not expect any refunds or compensation to be given for any room cancellations or charges that arise from a change or cancellation of your ferry departure date.

Question 6: Are there toilets onboard Bluewater Express?

Answer 6: Yes.

Question 7: How frequent are the Bluewater Express ferries in a day? What about the monsoon season?

Answer 7: 

The ferries for Bluewater Express run up to three times daily. This frequency reduces to once a day and only for half of the month during the monsoon months (i.e. November to March). Best time to visit Tioman Island is from May to September.

Question 8: Which jetties do I need to go to in order to take the Bluewater Express ferries?

Answer 8: 

You can board a Bluewater Express ferry at either Mersing Jetty or Tanjung Gemok Jetty.

Question 9: How long is the ferry ride from Mersing Jetty to Tioman Island?

Answer 9: 

The ferry ride usually takes 1.5 hours to 2 hours, depending on which pier you get off at on Tioman Island.

Question 10: Is there insurance for Bluewater Express ferry?

Answer 10: 

Yes. Before making payment online, you have the option of paying an additional RM2 to include Lonpac insurance.

Question 11: What if I miss the ferry?

Answer 11: 

If you miss your ferry, you can stay overnight at Mersing. There are a handful of adequate accommodation choices in Mersing. Like MG Hotel.

Note: If you are taking the bus to Mersing Jetty, choose the early morning slot so you have ample buffer time in case of delays that could make you miss your ferry!

Question 12: Is there any seat assignment for the Bluewater Express ferry?

Answer 12: 

There is no seat assignment for Bluewater Express ferry passengers. But staff will be on hand to ensure everyone gets a seat!

Question 13: Where can I get the latest Bluewater Express ferry schedule from Mersing Jetty to Tioman Island?

Answer 13: 

See the latest Bluewater Express Ferry To Tioman Island Schedule.