Best Time To Visit Tioman Island

Being a tropical island, Tioman Island Weather is usually warm and sunny all year round!

If you’re thinking of going, there is the dry and infamous monsoon season to consider!

The best time to visit Tioman Island is the dry season which starts from May to September.

Pier at Tioman Island

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The water is as clear is it gets this time – perfect for exploring the underwater world!

Thus, it comes as no surprise that this is also the busiest period for resorts and ferry services!

Monsoon season isn’t all that bad though. There are some perks like the swells that reach up to 4m!

Best Time To Visit Tioman Island

May to September is the best time to visit Tioman Island with plenty of sunshine and tolerable levels of humidity.

In general, Tioman Island has a tropical (i.e. warm) climate throughout the year.

Beach at Tioman Island

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The average temperature doesn’t stray far from 30°C.

The busiest periods are in June to July but if you want to avoid the crowds, come during September before the start of the Monsoon season.

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Tioman Island Weather

There are essentially only two seasons on Tioman Island – the dry and wet season.

Dry Season

The months of April to October are hot with average temperatures of around 30°C.
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As the wet season approaches, you can expect that there will be more rainy days in September and October.

Water clarity is good during the dry season which makes this a good time for snorkeling and diving in Tioman Island.

Rainy/Monsoon Season

Because of the northeast monsoon, November to March is not a popular period to visit Tioman Island as many resorts will close during this period.

Visibility will decrease underwater with currents that will make diving and snorkeling unsafe and not enjoyable.

Surfing at Tioman Island

Surfing at Juara, Tioman Island (Source:

However, there will be fewer tourists this time and experienced surfers can take advantage of this and the bigger waves!

And despite it being monsoon season, it will not be raining constantly!

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Tioman Island Monthly Seasons: Overview

January February March April May June
Monsoon Season Monsoon Season Monsoon Season End High Season Starts Best Time To Travel Best Time To Travel
Rain and strong waves Rain and strong waves Warm with less rain More pleasant Perfect Climate Perfect Climate
July August September October November December
Best Time To Travel Best Time To Travel Best Time To Travel High Season Ends Monsoon Season Start Monsoon Season
Perfect Climate Perfect Climate Perfect Climate Hot with some wind, more rain Hot and wet Rain and strong waves

Tioman Island In January (Monsoon Season)

By this time, monsoon season has well and truly hit Tioman Island but is starting to retreat at this point.

Wet Tioman Island weather won’t stop tourists from coming.

Jetty at Paya, Tioman Island

Jetty at Paya, Tioman Island. (Photo credits:

Especially towards the end of January with Chinese New Year!


  • If you stay longer, you might be able to get a good discount for your accommodation!
  • Surfing is good this time (not for beginners though!)


  • Ferry service is limited

Tioman Island In February (Monsoon Season)

If you plan to go to Tioman Island during early February (Chinese New Year), you might be joining families from Malaysia and Singapore.

The View At The North Side of Juara Beach at Tioman Island

The View At The North Side of Juara Beach at Tioman Island. (Photo credits:


  • Surfing enthusiasts will enjoy the waves
  • Snorkelling or diving are okay but not for remote snorkeling sites!


  • A couple of storms may reduce ferry availability
  • Accommodation and transport sell out fast!

Tips: Book all accommodation and transport early!

Tioman Island In March (End of Monsoon Season)

This month marks the end of the monsoon season.

Outdoor Dining at Salang, Tioman Island

Outdoor Dining at Salang, Tioman Island. (Photo credits:

Resorts and restaurants on the island will start business again as the bad weather lifts.


  • Sunny days more frequent
  • Have the beach to yourself before tourist season!
  • Visibility in the water is clearing closer to the island


  • Some occasional bad weather might mean irregular ferry schedule
  • Surfing season is ending

Tioman Island In April (Start of Dry Season)

Tourist season will start to pick up in April as well as hotel rates!

Salang Bay At Salang, Tioman Island

Salang Bay At Salang, Tioman Island. (Photo credits:

This is when Tioman Island weather is drier! Less rain (and waves) means better water clarity too!


  • Diving and snorkelling conditions are good
  • Mostly sunny days!


  • Chance of rain which may affect the ferry schedule
  • No more big swells for surfing!

Tioman Island In May (Start of high season)

The Best Time To Visit Tioman Island is from May-September.

Diving conditions are perfect by now. With visibility around 30 meters!

4D3N Tioman Salang Indah Resort Snorkeling PackageMay is also a good time to visit Tioman Island with fair weather and fewer tourists around.


  • Excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities in Tioman Island
  • Calmer seas means a more reliable ferry schedule


  • Midday temperatures can reach 32°C!

Tioman Island In June (High season)

As one of the peak months to visit Tioman Island, June is when the resorts will be at their busiest.

Not to mention, Malaysia school holidays begin this time!

But the weather is at its best here! Plenty of sunny and warm waters that draw the fish!

Get Up Close With The Fishes While Snorkeling At Paya Beach ResortAdvantages:

  • Perfect diving conditions (also good for snorkelling and free diving)
  • More reliable ferry service
  • Sea conditions is cleaner and calmer!


  • Resorts will be crowded (book early!)

Resort prices are higher.

Tioman Island In July (High season)

July is the peak of tourist season in Tioman island.

Less rain makes for calmer and clearer water!

This is excellent Tioman Island Weather for activities like diving, snorkeling, island-hopping and free diving!

Diving with Sea Turtle at Tioman Island

Diving with Sea Turtle at Tioman Island.

Many families will be making their way to Tioman for the summer holidays, so book early!


  • Scores of fish (and many species) to see when you go underwater
  • Frequent ferry service


  • Tioman Island accommodation in high rates
  • Crowded beaches

Tioman Island In August (High season)

The weather in August is still clear with moderate rain.

Which means that the crowds will still be around on Tioman Island!

Bird's Eye View of Paya, Tioman Island

Bird’s Eye View of Paya, Tioman Island. (Photo credits:

Water-bound activities like diving and snorkeling are still highly enjoyable in this month as it was in June or July!


  • Calm weather means less disruption to ferry service and activities
  • Good water visibility


  • Still many tourists on the island
  • Hotel rates are on the high side

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Tioman Island In September (End of High season)

Slightly less crowds in September but Tioman Island weather is still sunny for the most part!

If you prefer a less-crowded beach vacation, September is one of the best month to visit Tioman Island.

Beach Along Tekek's Coast

Beach Along Tekek’s Coast. (Photo credits:

Monsoon winds will start to blow from North-east towards the end of September.


  • Good time to visit if you prefer a quiet island vacation
  • Surfing season begins (at least during high tide)
  • Easier to make hotel bookings


  • Not the optimum time to go diving and snorkeling due to less sea life to be seen!

Tioman Island In October (Start of Monsoon season)

By the end of October, more resorts will start closing up for the monsoon season.

Beach Along Nipah, Tioman Island

Beach Along Nipah, Tioman Island. (Photo credits:

The same goes for pubs and restaurants leading to a less lively atmosphere. Not necessarily a bad thing!


  • Less crowds
  • More breeze around the island
  • Diving and snorkelling opportunities are less but surfing is better!


  • Sea condition generally not good for snorkeling or diving
  • Weather conditions will affect the ferry schedule with longer waiting times!
  • Less resorts to choose from
  • Average rain days is high

Tioman Island In November (Monsoon season)

Tioman Island Weather becomes wetter now with frequent rain (but in short bursts).

And diving season is officially over.

Storms will hinder ferry schedules and reduce services to once a day or none at all. Sometimes for subsequent days!

The Bird's Eye View of Juara Beach at Tioman Island

The Bird’s Eye View of Juara Beach at Tioman Island. (Photo credits:

Go only if you love surfing and if you are prepared to face ferry delays!


  • Not crowded
  • Monsoon promotions
  • Great surfing


  • Unreliable and infrequent ferry service
  • Unfavorable diving conditions
  • Rough sea condition

Tioman Island In December (Monsoon season)

Tioman Island Weather is very windy and wet in December as this is the peak monsoon month.

The island’s usually tranquil waters can rise up 3 to 4 meters!

Monkey Bay For Swimming at Tioman Island

(Photo credits:


  • Beach is empty!
  • Excellent surfing (for the experienced surfers!)


  • Only one ferry to the island per day (likely have to stay overnight in Mersing)
  • Bumpy ferry ride
  • Less food and accommodation options
  • Wettest month of the year

Monthly Tioman Island Perceived Temperature (°C)

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 25 30
February 25 30
March 25 31
April 25 32
May 26 31
June 25 30
July 25 31
August 26 31
September 25 30
October 25 31
November 25 30
December 25 30

Monthly Average Relative Humidity By Month

Month Average Humidity
January 80
February 78
March 82
April 84
May 85
June 82
July 83
August 84
September 83
October 83
November 85
December 85

Monthly Average Rainfall Precipitation In Tioman Island

Month Average Rain Days Average Rainfall (mm)
January 11 180
February 9 130
March 11 100
April 14 180
May 15 240
June 17 270
July 14 270
August 15 270
September 17 310
October 21 340
November 19 320
December 17 350