Best Time To Visit Rawa Island

Selecting the best time to visit Rawa Island or the Maldives of Johor (also known as Pulau Rawa) is pretty straightforward!

The stunning island may be typically warm and sunny all year round, but you should note that there is a dry season and the much wetter rainy season and monsoon season!

The Beauty of Rawa Island

There are all sorts of pros and cons to expect depending on the season or month that you go.

Thus, it helps to plan your trip according to Rawa Island weather in order to make the most of your trip to Rawa Island.

Rawa Island Weather: Best Time To Visit Rawa Island

Excellent weather and water clarity will inevitably draw all the crowds. There’s more to do on the island when there is less rain!

So you can expect higher accommodation prices too during the peak season!

Best Time To Visit Rawa Island

Rawa Island is at its best during the months between March and September. Temperature-wise, the average temperature throughout the year doesn’t vary much.

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Typical tropical climate prevails here with average daily temperature of 31°C.

Refer to the chart below for a monthly breakdown of Rawa Island weather and what to take note of each month.

You’ll find that you have to compromise between bad weather and how busy (and expensive) the island will be!

January February March April
Monsoon Season Monsoon Season Dry season Rainy season
Warm with showers Warm; Showers getting less Hot with less showers Very hot; more showers
May June July August
Rainy Season Peak Season Peak Season Peak Season
Very hot; more showers Very hot but less showers Very hot but less showers Very hot but less showers
September October November December
Rainy Season Rainy Season Monsoon Season Monsoon Season
Hot; showers increasing Hot; showers increasing Hot with abundant rain Frequent rain; strong waves

Rawa Island Weather: Dry Season

Selecting the best time to visit Rawa Island is either between running the risk of rain during your holiday or dealing with the crowd that has come to enjoy the sunshine too!

Swimming Right In Front Of The Rawa Island Beach

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However, the beach will appear pretty empty because most people will be enjoying the water instead!

The drier months are during March to September. And it is particularly hot towards June and July.

Rawa Island Weather: Rainy/Monsoon Season

Even though you are able to enjoy Rawa Island at any time of year, basically:

There are a few months where you’ll find more instances of less-than-ideal weather.

Rainy Season At Rawa Island

On the other hand, you do get to enjoy off-peak prices!

The wettest months are between November to February. If you want to avoid the summer crowds, it’s better to go in the shoulder months like March and October instead.

Rawa Island Monthly Seasons

Rawa Island In January (Monsoon Season)

As far as Rawa Island weather goes, it’s still monsoon season in January so there will be the usual warm days but with the occasional showers too.

Storm Is Coming To Rawa Island

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  • Less crowds
  • Still some spots of sunny days to enjoy the beach and go on an island walking trail
  • Resorts may offer discount


  • Boat services will possibly be rescheduled if there is rough weather
  • Water clarity isn’t perfect for diving or snorkeling!

Rawa Island In February (Monsoon Season)

Similar to January, the monsoon is still present in February so there will be some showers.


  • Crowds haven’t come in yet


  • If there is a storm, this will disrupt your journey to Rawa Island or any island-hopping trips
  • Bad weather leads to rough seas and hence, poor visibility underwater

Rawa Island In March (Dry Season)

With the monsoon season well behind, the climate is getting steadily drier in March.

Rawa Island Resort 3D2N Snorkeling Package

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  • Sunny days to enjoy the island
  • Crowds are still not here yet
  • Not as hot as in June and July
  • Decent water clarity some days

Rawa Island In April (Rainy Season)

It’s hotter this month with some showers, making it uncomfortably humid. Not the best time to go if you cannot take tropical heat too well.


  • Rawa Island is not crowded yet
  • Land based activities are still fine – lounging or strolling on the beach, beach volleyball, having a go at the water slides, etc.


  • Pretty high rainfall this month

Rawa Island In May (Rainy Season)

Like in April, Rawa Island weather is not very pleasant during this month. It’s very hot with a plausible chance of rain perhaps every day even.

2 Water Slides at Rawa Island

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  • You can still enjoy Rawa Island when the sun is out!
  • Not too many people on the island yet


  • Undercurrents in the sea from storms will result in poor water clarity – not fit for snorkeling or diving

Rawa Island In June (Peak Season)

The hottest and driest of Rawa Island weather is during this month and with it, there’s fantastic water clarity, plenty of sunshine and more visitors on Rawa Island!

Swimming Right In Front Of The Rawa Island Beach

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This is the best time to visit Rawa Island if you plan to spend most of your holiday in the water, snorkeling and diving!


  • Best time to enjoy all possible Rawa Island activities
  • Diving and snorkeling conditions are perfect


  • One of the hottest months to go
  • Peak pricing for the resorts

Rawa Island In July (Peak Season)

July is without a doubt, one of the best times to visit Rawa Island too!

Clear water and copious amounts of sunshine will scream summer is officially here! Don’t forget the inevitable summer crowds too!

Water Sliding At Rawa Island

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  • Many Rawa Island activities available
  • Diving and snorkeling is very satisfying this time of the year


  • Prepare for the heat if you’re not familiar with tropical climates
  • All prices are at their highest

Rawa Island In August (Peak Season)

Rawa Island weather is still hot and dry in August, making this the best time to visit Rawa Island as well. Hence, you should be aware that Rawa Island will get many visitors too.

Kayaking At Rawa Island

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  • Good weather means all Rawa Island activities are doable
  • Great conditions for diving and snorkeling


  • Sometimes, the heat can be unbearable
  • Both Rawa resorts still have their prices up

Rawa Island In September (Rainy Season)

You can still consider September as one of the best times to visit Rawa Island. Most days are sunny but there will be showers too.


  • More sunshine than rain
  • You can still go diving and snorkeling
  • Summer crowds dispersing


  • Hot and humid

Rawa Island In October (Rainy Season)

With the oncoming approach of the monsoon season, Rawa Island weather starts to make a turn for wetter weather.

Chances of rain increase. But crowds are also becoming less.

Sun bathing at the Rawa Island Resort Included in the Rawa Island Resort Full Board Snorkeling Package


  • On sunny days, you can still do many activities
  • Diving and snorkeling still possible
  • Less crowds


  • More rain
  • Not optimum conditions for water activities

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Rawa Island In November (Monsoon Season)

If you’re thinking of coming to Rawa Island during November, think again. This is when the monsoon season has well and truly hit the island.

Frequent storms may force the resorts to close.

And water clarity is at its worse.

Monsoon Season At Rawa Island

Rawa Island in December (Monsoon Season)

The worst of Rawa Island weather is still present during December with storms and rough seas. Rainfall this month is even higher than in November.

So it’s not surprising at all if the resorts keep their decision to stay closed during this time.

Just avoid going to Rawa Island during this month and save yourself the disappointment!

Weekly Rawa Island Weather Forecast