Best Resort In Tioman Island

When it comes to planning the perfect Tioman Island vacation, everyone will eventually face the same dilemma.

We’re talking about choosing a resort, of course!

Do you want a luxury resort that is very private – just the thing for a honeymoon?

Or do you want a resort that your whole family can enjoy without having to blow your budget?

While everyone has their own personal taste:

We’ve put together this guide to help you decide the best resort in Tioman Island for you!

1. Which Resorts Has The Best Snorkeling Direct From Beach In Tioman Island?

If you’re not in Tioman Island for snorkelling, then you can move past this section but if you are:

Then, hold on to your snorkel and fins for a minute first! This section is for you!

1.1. Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort

As long as the weather is good, there is superb snorkelling right at your doorstep if you book the sea view rooms.

Snorkelling Right At Your Doorstep With Seaview Room At Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort

Snorkelling Right At Your Doorstep With Seaview Room At Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort – Photo credits to H. Youyi

Where To Snorkel:

  • Right in front of the resort is the edge of a coral reef!
  • Island-hopping for snorkelling


  • It’s cheaper to pay for a snorkelling tour back at Tekek Village before boarding the Tunamaya boat transfer
  • Wear aqua shoes
  • Look for the flag in front of room 105. Green means you can go (i.e. low tide)

1.2. Bagus Place Retreat

Don’t miss the shark feeding sessions in the evenings after dinner if you happen to be staying at this resort!

Bagus Place Retreat at Mukut, Tioman Island

Photo credits to

As a bonus, this resort provides complimentary snorkelling equipment too!

Where To Snorkel:

  • Just off their jetty (low tide or high tide is fine)
  • Or from the beach

Note: If you do decide to enter the sea for snorkelling from the beach, make sure you have aqua shoes on to avoid cutting your feet on dead coral and rocks!

1.3. Melina Beach Resort

This resort has its own house reef and guests get complimentary snorkelling gear!

Sometimes, there’s even a marine biologist present for the snorkelling tours!

Melina Beach Resort Beach

Photo credits to

Where To Snorkel:

  • The coral reef is a few feet from the beach. There are markings underwater to designate different checkpoints.
  • Snorkelling trips (e.g. Renggis island, Malang Rock or Coral Island) – check with the reception for the schedule

Note: Mind that the beach is quite rocky during low tide. Wear aqua shoes!

1.4. Minang Cove Resort & Spa

They have an incredible reef and some of the clearest water in the region!

Minang Cove Resort

Photo credits to

You can rent all sorts of snorkelling gear from this resort – masks, snorkels, fins, floats and rings!

At 9pm every day, the resort will feed fish at the jetty and this will attract some sharks too.

Where To Snorkel:

  • Off the beach
  • Straight off the pier
  • Island-hopping

Tip: Water visibility is best early in the morning around 8am

1.5. Berjaya Tioman Resort

If you have young kids in your travel group, the waters in front of Berjaya Tioman Resort is shallow enough for them to explore.

With adult supervision of course!

Snorkeling trip by Berjaya Tioman Resort

Photo credits to hpility

Where To Snorkel:

  • Right off the beach in front of the resort
  • Snorkelling trip to Renggis Island or Coral Island

Recommended Packages:

Note: Snorkelling from the resort is good either at low tide or high tide. Aqua shoes are a must!

1.6. Japamala Resort

Don’t you just love it when a resort provides complimentary snorkelling gear?

This resort also has its very own house reef that you can explore with ease.

Pier At JapaMala Resort

Photo credits to Chobeng

Where To Snorkel:

  • Off the end of the jetty, preferably at low tide
  • From the beach to the far left, past some rocks
  • Island hop to Coral Island or Renggis Island

Note: Be careful when walking on their beach. Aqua shoes are recommended.

2. Which Resorts In Tioman Island Have Nice Views?

Refer to this nifty table below so you know which rooms and resorts have the best views and best beach in Tioman Island!

Resort Rooms With The Best Views
Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort Beachfront accommodation with private balconies overlooking Paya beach:
● Deluxe Suite Beach Front
● Deluxe Chalet Beach Front
● Beach Villa
Japamala Resort ● Seacliff Chalets – Great views from the cliffside
● Hillside Sarang – These rooms have high windows
● Seaview Sarang – Be surrounded by nature and luxury!
Minang Cove Resort & Spa ● Beachfront Deluxe Chalet – balcony view of the sea
● Beach Front Villa – private balcony facing the sea
● Sea View Villa
● Sea View Deluxe Chalet
The Barat Tioman Beach Resort ● Seafront Chalet – beachfront chalet with view of the sea
● Seafront Room – beachfront room with view of the sea
● Sea view Hilltop Villa – Hilltop views of the sea from a private balcony
Bagus Place Retreat ● Boat House – views of the bay from a unique perspective
● Rock House Chalet – panoramic sea view
● Rumah Laut Chalet – panoramic sea view
● Eagle View Chalet – view of the resort jetty and sea
● Flying Fox Chalet – has a veranda where you can enjoy hillside views of the sea
Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort ● Go for their beachfront villas of varying sizes that overlook the sea:
● Beach cluster villa
● Beach villa
● Beach family villa

3. Which Resorts In Tioman Island Do Singaporeans Love The Most?

You might find it surprising that this is an actual category in this post but:

Singaporeans do seem to have their own favourite resorts! Their reasons and insights may resound with you too!

3.1. Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort

Crystal Clear Sea Water And Beautiful Beach In Front of Paya Beach Resort

What Singaporeans Like About This Resort:

  1. Resort takes effort to upgrade (e.g. new pool, ATV rides, etc)
  2. Exemplary service from their helpful staff
  3. Value for money
  4. Smooth check-in procedure
  5. Clean beachfront rooms

Recommended Packages:

3.2. X Rector Minsu

X Rector Minsu

What Singaporeans Like About This Resort:

  1. Spotless rooms with character
  2. Many entertainment facilities – games, deck areas, TV, DVD player, WiFi,  etc
  3. Ensuite bathrooms
  4. Rain showers for when you emerge from the sea
  5. Drying area for wet clothes and laundry facilities
  6. Excellent service
  7. Amazing snorkelling tour ensuring that guests have the basics of snorkelling first
  8. The flat beach in front of the resort of has areas of soft and smooth sand which is good for swimming

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3.3. Sun Beach Resort

Sun Beach Resort

What Singaporeans Like About This Resort:

  1. Great food (especially the BBQ dinner) and service
  2. Peaceful location with beautiful sunset views
  3. Sun Beach Resort is budget-friendly

Recommended Packages:

3.4. Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort

Beach In Front Of The Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort

What Singaporeans Like About This Resort:

  1. Jungle walk is family-friendly
  2. Pristine waters
  3. Their lovely house reef
  4. Comfortable and clean rooms
  5. Good dining options
  6. Quiet atmosphere
  7. Friendly staff
  8. Well-maintained facilities

3.5. Aman Tioman Beach Resort

Friendly Staff At The Reception Of Aman Tioman Beach Resort

What Singaporeans Like About This Resort:

  1. Very tidy rooms with sufficient amenities
  2. Friendly and helpful staff
  3. Plenty of tasty dining options including seafood and sea views
  4. Has its own diving and snorkelling centre
  5. You can book boats and treks from the front desk
  6. There is a souvenir shop here
  7. The beach is right across the road
  8. 1 minute walk from the jetty
  9. Easy to find the resort

Recommended Packages:

4. Which Resorts In Tioman Island Are Good For Honeymoon Trip?

You cannot go wrong with any of these resorts if you’re looking for absolute privacy and a romantic tropical island atmosphere!

Category Japamala Bagus Place Berjaya Tioman Paya Beach Spa & Dive Tunamaya Beach & Spa Sun Beach Minang Cove Resort  & Spa
Location and ambiance Luxury boutique amidst jungle and beach Rustic island vibes in a quiet location only accessible by boat Easy to take a stroll from your room to the beach Clean, simple rooms  – go for their new Beach Villas with your own Jacuzzi Clean and comfortable rooms – choose jungle or ocean views Basic rooms
Tip: Get the Junior Suite or similar if you can
Deluxe Beachfront Chalet has an amazing ocean view
Private Yes, only 15 rooms Rumah Laut and Rock House chalets –  private outdoor areas with sea views Not that private – this is the largest resort in Tioman Island Quiet in low season Private beach at the Southern tip of Tioman Island This resort is in close to Genting Village in a very quiet area Private beach with house reef
Service Incredible Very welcoming; outstanding Warm and friendly Warm hospitality Friendly and helpful staff Amazing Polite, friendly and helpful
Bonus Complimentary daily cocktails at sunset Prices include almost everything except alcohol Décor in the room to set the mood; They can accommodate weddings too The romantic-dinner-for-two deal features a delicious 4-course meal Can cater for special occasions (e.g. Weddings,  ROM, etc) Great sunset views; sand that is safe to walk on with bare feet Glorious sunsets here
Honeymoon package n/a Yes, listed on their website Yes, listed on their website 3D2N Paya Beach Spa & Dive honeymoon package   – accommodation, 2-way ferry transport, meals, a candlelit dinner and more! Yes, listed on their website 3D2N Sun Beach honeymoon package – 1 snorkelling trip, a romantic candlelit dinner, picnic lunch, accommodation and a 2-way ferry transfer n/a
Candlelit dinner by the beach No, but they have beautiful dining options No, but they do have a bar above the water Available Available Available Available Available
Massage services Yes Yes but subject to availability Yes Yes, with many different kinds Yes – they have a couple spa experience available Yes, and they have a Honeymoon spa package Yes

5. Which Resorts In Tioman Island Are Good For Families?

Want to keep the little ones busy? Then, it helps to choose a resort with plenty of activities that the whole family can enjoy!

All of these family-friendly resorts are close to the beach too!

5.1. X Rector Minsu Resort

X Rector Minsu Walkway

Why Families Like This Resort:

  1. Plenty of indoor entertainment (e.g. board games, movies, etc)
  2. A designated children’s play area
  3. Soundproofed rooms
  4. Family rooms
  5. Many outdoor activities available (e.g. Hiking, darts, snorkelling, cycling, fishing, etc)

5.2. The Barat Tioman Beach Resort

Juara Turtle Project at Tioman Island

Why Families Like This Resort:

  1. They have a pool just for kids
  2. Close to a turtle sanctuary
  3. Their executive family rooms
  4. Resort has its own restaurant
  5. Tonnes of outdoor activities – Jungle trekking, badminton, kites, archery, ATV, snorkelling beach volleyball, football

Recommended Packages:

5.3. Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort

Sea View Rooms At Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort

Why Families Like This Resort:

  1. Indoor entertainment like board games and TV (with Disney channel)
  2. Go for their Beach Family Villa or Partial Family Villa
  3. Some interesting activities to partake in – Snorkelling, hiking, island tour, batik painting, outdoor movie night, pizza-making
  4. They have an on-site restaurant

5.4. Melina Beach Resort

On-site Restaurant At Melina Beach Resort
On-site Restaurant At Melina Beach Resort - Photo credits to

Why Families Like This Resort:

  1. In case it rains, they do provide board games and DVDs
  2. There is a swing in front of their on-site restaurant that kids will enjoy
  3. This resort has a library
  4. Resort has its own house reef
  5. They have big chalets that can fit a maximum of 6 people
  6. Outdoor activities include frisbee, jungle-trekking and snorkelling
  7. Complimentary snorkelling gear!

5.5. Aman Tioman Beach Resort

Aman Tioman Beach Resort

Why Families Like This Resort:

  1. Aman Tioman Beach Resort rooms have a TV
  2. Their kiddy pool has a waterfall of sorts
  3. Pool tables are available for guest use
  4. Their quad rooms have 2 bathrooms!
  5. On-site restaurant
  6. You can try diving, jungle-trekking, snorkelling and angling/ fishing

Recommended Packages:

5.6. Berjaya Tioman Resort

On-site Restaurant At Berjaya Tioman Resort

Why Families Like This Resort:

  1. You’ll never run out of things to do here! Gym, 18-hole golf course, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, cycling, snorkelling, kayak, etc
  2. Clinic nearby
  3. Kids pool has slides
  4. Triple and quad rooms for families
  5. Restaurant on-site
  6. Baby-sitting services

Recommended Packages:

5.7. Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort

Superior Pool View at Paya Beach Resort

Why Families Like This Resort:

  1. Playground for the kids
  2. Resort has a restaurant
  3. Pool tables, darts and virtual reality games
  4. Chalets (maximum capacity of 6 pax)
  5. You can try snorkelling, diving, kayaking, beach volleyball, Frisbee, banana boat, riding an ATV, archery, cycling, etc

Recommended Packages:

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6. Which Resorts In Tioman Island Are Good For Solo Traveller?

There 4 resorts that are appeal to solo travellers for the sense of security, location and friendly atmospheres:

6.1. Go Deeper Tioman

Go Deeper Tioman
Go Deeper Tioman - Photo credits to

Why Solo Travellers Like This Resort:

  1. Welcoming atmosphere to chat with guests or the staff, including dive instructors
  2. Good accommodation
  3. Adequate WiFi
  4. PADI centre
  5. Plenty of restaurants nearby

6.2. Impian Inn

Impian Inn At Tioman Island

Why Solo Travellers Like This Resort:

  1. Budget-friendly
  2. Friendly staff
  3. Quiet and relaxed setting
  4. Close to the jetty

6.3. Sri Sentosa Chalet

Sri Sentosa Chalet Tioman

Why Solo Travellers Like This Resort:

  1. The owners are the hosts and they are very thoughtful, accommodating and friendly

6.4. Aguna Resort

Clear Sea Water In Front Of Aguna Resort
Clear Sea Water In Front Of Aguna Resort

Why Solo Travellers Like This Resort:

  1. Uncle Phang and team run the resort well
  2. Short walk to the beach
  3. Genting beach is good for swimming

7. Which Resorts Are The Best Ones To Stay In Tioman Island?

If you still can’t decide which resort to go for, any of these will not let you down!

7.1. Japamala Resort

JapaMala Resort
Photo credits to

We Love It For:

  1. Beautiful Malaysian-style wooden chalets that are well-maintained
  2. Eco-resort in a lovely location – all construction of the resort did not involve displacement or cutting down the surrounding trees. Only natural materials are used
  3. Complimentary sunset cocktails and kayak rental
  4. House reef – Great snorkelling just in front of the hotel
  5. Warm and unpretentious service
  6. Good food
  7. Nice and clean (private) beach
  8. Spa

7.2. Minang Cove Resort & Spa Resort:

Private Beach In Front Of Minang Cove Resort
Private Beach In Front Of Minang Cove Resort - Photo credits to

We Love It For:

  1. Attentive and welcoming staff
  2. Welcome drinks and fresh fruit are complimentary
  3. The spotlessly clean rooms have bright interiors with wooden furniture in bungalow style accommodation
  4. Friendly and attentive staff
  5. Exceptional food
  6. Private beach
  7. House reef
  8. On-site spa

7.3. Melina Beach Resort

Melina Beach Resort At Genting Village
Photo credits to

We Love It For:

  1. Simple and clean rooms with wooden interiors
  2. Incredible sea views from the beachfront accommodation
  3. Excellent food – including Italian cuisine
  4. Secluded beach and location overall
  5. Friendly and helpful staff
  6. Resort is run in an eco-friendly manner (e.g. they prioritize on recycling, reusing and reducing, etc)
  7. House reef for good snorkelling
  8. Spa

7.4. Bagus Place Resort

Pier at Bagus Place Retreat Tioman Island
Pier at Bagus Place Retreat Tioman Island - Photo credits to

We Love It For:

  1. Malaysian-style chalets either by the beach or jungle
  2. Attentive and friendly staff
  3. All-inclusive resort – you don’t have to pay for anything except drinks!
  4. Spa services available
  5. Private and beautiful beach
  6. Good food (home cooking)
  7. You can walk to a waterfall in the jungle behind the resort
  8. Picturesque sea views
  9. Good snorkelling scene in front of the resort

7.5. Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort

Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort At Mukut Village
Photo credits to

We Love It For:

  1. Cozy chalets and villas with beautiful furnishings
  2. They can host weddings
  3. Relaxing atmosphere
  4. Clean and comfortable surroundings
  5. Friendly staff
  6. Close to the Twin Peaks
  7. Nice secluded beach at the Southern tip of the island
  8. Can snorkel at their house reef
  9. Spa

7.6. Berjaya Tioman Resort

Berjaya Tioman Resort At Tekek Village

We Love It For:

  1. Heaps of activities available including golf
  2. Relaxing and spacious chalets
  3. Wide range of food available
  4. Spa
  5. Awesome hospitality from the humble staff
  6. Crystal clear water
  7. Good amenities and facilities
  8. Can snorkel off the beach
  9. Family-friendly
  10. Well-maintained

Recommended Packages:

7.7. Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort

Seview Beach Villa at Paya Beach Resort

We Love It For:

  1. Duty free shop
  2. Good service from friendly staff
  3. Delicious food with plenty of variety
  4. Clean chalets that are well-equipped
  5. Rooms next to the clean beach
  6. Hotel bar where you can watch the sunset or sunrise with a cheap beer in hand!
  7. Snorkelling experience starts at the resort’s pool first!

Recommended Packages: