Best Beach In Tioman Island

Remember that beautiful beach you’ve been dreaming about?

There’s more than one secluded beach on Tioman Island!

Each of the 11 beaches in this list has their own unique characteristics.

Want to go for a swim or challenge the waves? Certain beaches are better for a stroll or just well-deserved peace and quiet!

Find the best beach in Tioman Island for you!

Top 11 Best Beach In Tioman Island

1. Nipah Beach

On the west coast of Tioman Island, is Nipah Beach.

You may consider this the best beach in Tioman Island if you want to get away from everyone else!

Beach Along Nipah, Tioman Island

Beach Along Nipah, Tioman Island. (Photo credits:

Because the nearest village, Genting Village is 2.5km away! Golden sand and a hidden lagoon await you!

Tip: As night approaches, it’s possible to see bioluminescent seaweed/ plankton in the water close to the shore.

Location: Nipah Village, Tioman Island

Jetty: Nearest is Genting Pier

How to go: Book a speedboat from any village or your resort to get here.

Recommended Resort: No resort nearby

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2. Air Batang Beach

A hike-worthy jungle trail connects this beach to Air Batang village (or ABC village) and Salang village.

Air Batang Beach In Tioman Island

Air Batang Beach In Tioman Island (Photo credits:

And while the rocky shoreline and abundant sand flies make this beach a bit uncomfortable for lounging:

The surroundings are livelier than other places on Tioman Island. Especially during the evenings!

Tip: Bring insect repellent with you!

Location: ABC Village, Tioman Island

Jetty: Air Batang Pier

Recommended Resort:

  • Tioman Dive Resort (Moderate)
  • Bamboo Hill Chalets (Budget)

3. Tekek Beach/ Berjaya Beach

Popular with families and busy with tourists, Tekek Beach (or Berjaya Beach) sits right before a bunch of resorts!

Go for a swim in the clear waters right from the doorstep of your beach front chalet!

Beach Along Tekek's Coast

Beach Along Tekek’s Coast. (Photo credits:

Being closest to Tekek Village where there is an abundance of facilities and duty free shopping, it’s easy to understand its popularity!

Location: Tekek Village, Tioman Island

Jetty: Tekek Pier

Recommended Resort:

4. Salang Beach

Salang Beach is popular with divers and backpackers as there are myriad of diving sites nearby.

And pubs, restaurants and bonfire parties in the evening at Salang Village!

Salang Beachfront At Tioman Island

Salang Beachfront At Tioman Island (Photo credits:

You can come here if you’re looking for the best beach in Tioman Island for snorkelling!

The quieter northern end of this crescent shaped bay is perfect for lounging away from the crowds.

While the southern end hides a fantastic snorkelling spot!

Location: Salang Village, Tioman Island

Jetty: Salang Pier

Recommended Resort: Salang Indah Resort (Budget)

5. Genting Beach

Surrounding jungle vegetation and large boulders at this beach add a distinct look to the hilly landscape.

Genting means “mountain pass” in the local language!

Genting Beach At Tioman Island

Genting Beach At Tioman Island (Photo credits:

Take a stroll from Genting Beach to Paya Village past the many resorts and eateries. Or take on a jungle trail instead! There are a couple of trails close by.

Location: Genting Village, Tioman Island

Jetty: Genting Pier

Recommended Resort:

  • X Rector Minsu (Moderate)
  • Melina Beach Resort (Luxury)

6. Paya Beach

Between Tekek Village and Genting Village is another beach paradise – Paya beach has half a km of fine golden sand and inviting turquoise waters!

Paya Beach At Tioman Island

Paya Beach At Tioman Island (Photo credits:

Many come here for snorkelling and diving:

Either at the further end of the jetty where the water is deeper or, at the nearby Tomok Island that is home to live coral reefs!

Location: Paya Village, Tioman Island

Jetty: Paya Pier

Recommended Resort:

7. Mukut Beach

Visitors can hop on a water taxi from Genting Village to the sleepy fishing village of Mukut.

Mukut Beach At Tioman Island

Mukut Beach At Tioman Island (Photo credits:

The short stretches of beach here are practically deserted. You can rent gear from the resorts to do some snorkelling in the clear waters.

But the main attractions here are the famous twin peaks (Dragon Horns or Gunung Semukut). As well as the stunning Asah waterfall – the highest in Tioman Island!

Tip: At night from March to August, it is possible to see turtles nesting on these beaches!

Location: Mukut Village, Tioman Island

Jetty: Mukut Pier

Recommended Resort:

  • Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort (Moderate)
  • Bagus Place Retreat (Luxury)
  • Minang Cove Resort & Spa (Luxury)

8. Juara Beach

Arguably the best beach in Tioman Island, Juara Beach requires you to take a taxi from Tekek. Which is on the opposite side of the island!

Juara Beach at Tioman Island

Beautiful Juara Beach at Tioman Island (Photo credits:

As for ferries, only Cataferry stops here!

You can do quite a lot in this secluded picturesque bay:

  • Surf (during the monsoon months of November to February) but only for the experienced surfers
  • Swim
  • Snorkel
  • Dive
  • See baby turtles at the Juara Turtle Project hatchery
  • Hike up the hill to see the Juara waterfall
  • Watch the sunrise – Juara is on the east side of the island!

Location: Juara Village, Tioman Island

Jetty: Juara Pier

Recommended Resort:

9. Monkey Beach/ Monkey Bay

An hour’s hike through a jungle trail will take you to Monkey Bay from Salang Village.

Monkey Beach at Tioman Island

Monkey Beach. (Photo credits:

If you start this same winding trail from Air Batang Village, it will take you 2 hours. Conversely, you can just take a speedboat from any village to get here.

Tip: If you want to hike, use the electric poles as markers as the path can sometimes be hidden

This gorgeous beach is a favourite among snorkelers and beginner divers who like to take advantage of the shallow waters.

Or you can just sit down and take in the scenery around you!

Location: Salang Village, Tioman Island

Jetty: No

How to go: Speedboat from any village or jungle trail from Salang or Air Batang Village.

Recommended Resort: No Resort Nearby

10. Lalang Beach

Berjaya Tioman resort actually sits on the northern end of this small beach where the water is quite murky and the sand is coarse.

Lalang Beach In Tioman Island

Lalang Beach In Tioman Island

However, if you head over to the southern end:

The sand and water here are completely different!

Sparkling clear blue water that faces Renggis Island and fine sand that is more white than orange.

Tip: Hungry? There are local eateries just outside Berjaya Tioman resort

Location: Tekek Village, Tioman Island

Jetty: Nearest is Tekek Pier

How to go:

  • Take the free public shuttle run by Berjaya Tioman resort (you don’t have to be a guest!) from Tekek Village.
  • Or walk a sloped path to Berjaya Tioman resort from Tekek Jetty for 30 minutes.

Recommended Resort: No

11. Lanting Beach

Staying at the exclusive Japamala Resort?

Then, you’ll have easy access to Lanting beach on the south west of Tioman Island.

Beach In Front Of JapaMala Resort

Photo credits to

Lanting beach has some of the finest sand on the whole island! And amazingly clear water too that is fantastic for swimming or snorkelling!

The best part? Hardly anyone comes here!

Location: Lanting Village, Tioman Island

Jetty: Nearest is Genting Pier

Recommended Resort: Japamala Resort (Luxury)